Phone Book Samba Stomp – Joe Penna

Phone Book Samba Stomp – Joe Penna

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Phone Book Samba Stomp – Joe Penna

  1. JUST4KlLL says:

    slooty dancetard, amarelo

  2. McKenna says:

    Justin beiber

  3. MrPurpledin0 says:

    do a song by poring cereal in to a bole

  4. higgly jiggly says:

    metal scratched against glass try it!

  5. 華怜 says:

    Slooty dancetard red

  6. Miranda JW says:

    I love your smile 😀

  7. luke k says:

    forks scratching plates

  8. Katsukotan says:

    the sound of vuvuzelas…

  9. DielThe says:

    Sua voz de brasileiro e perfeita cara.. usou algum progama ?

  10. Amber Horan says:

    slooty dancetard

  11. Jax Da man says:

    Did anyone eles here the end of the whole vid I got scared

  12. James Freeman says:

    call me maybe
    i hate it!

  13. sakura8112 says:

    anything by justin bieber, kesha, katy perry and so on

  14. carissa says:

    i am not team Andrew Garcia I'm team YTF

  15. blarg324 says:

    cool potatoes

  16. anilsazoglu says:

    When potatoes think that they can sing

  17. Maroth says:

    0:25 5 stars…

  18. Justin Anderson says:

    Anybody else see that green slooty dancetard today? He seems to be going everywhere, and im just concerned for my saftey…

  19. Jason Fraser says:

    Anyone else think the beginning sounded like the drumming of the Master on Doctor Who?

  20. CrepeKemado says:

    Que isso, ele é brasileiro?

  21. Rayan Araujo says:

    não, ele é americano e sabe falar português, é como se a gente falasse: hello pessoal tudo bem? vamos jogar battlefield 3 ? let's go! é uma pouco estranho eu sei rsrsrs

  22. Sabian St. Prix says:

    Cher lloyd want u back

  23. CrepeKemado says:

    Não kkkk Show.

  24. Hans Thomas Persson says:

    Man it's been three years now? Great old classic MGM video!

  25. Pedro Garcia says:

    ele saiu de são paulo com 13 anos

  26. CrepeKemado says:

    Aah, entendi…

  27. ipwnu5742 says:

    slooty dancetard

  28. Eliana Tomista says:

    Its a small World UGGHHHH OMGGGG

  29. Alessandro Oliveira says:

    slooty dancetard – rainbow. lol what is this for?

  30. Sam Sweetland says:

    0:52 Is it me or does that look like maxmoefoe?

  31. kayla shader says:

    Nayn cat!

  32. Alexa Lawson says:

    I hate the sound of bails against paper.

  33. Faith Hess says:

    Any of the guys from 1D.

  34. Leidelin Amaral says:

    Man, what happened? I uses to show you´re very creative videos to my little students (from 3 to 6 years old). I miss that crazy stuff you usde to do like stop motions. Love your videos man!

  35. Josh "Papa" Pacheco says:

    gangdum style played way to much

  36. Xenotama Nai says:

    Slooty Dancetard red .3.

  37. David Alcantar says:

    gangdum style wtf

  38. Kaitlyn Morrison says:

    Play harder, better, faster, stronger by daft punk!

  39. Allex Nori says:

    I hate All songs by Justin bieber and one direction

  40. 14rebecca3 says:

    harlem shake tune I hate 1 d and justin bieber 2

  41. Elly Morgan says:

    alarm clocks

  42. Haley Burns says:

    the drill at the dentist office 🙁

  43. Nathan Vega says:

    i hate gangnam style

  44. McKenzie Mitchell says:

    i hate metal scraping

  45. Michelle Super awesome says:

    the air horn sound everyone puts on their music now days ugh makes me want to just rip my ears off

  46. Summer H says:

    People scratching forks on plates

  47. Stacker Adrian says:

    Justin Bieber

  48. HenriqueLobato says:

    "E ai pessoal tudo bem?" HAHAHAHA tinha esquecido que era brasileiro

  49. Wxterxwxtch says:

    People desperately trying to suck up that last bit of liquid in a bottle and it just makes that annoying sound

  50. Fatherbrain says:

    Slooty dancetard

  51. Zzx.King25 says:

    Easy a baby crying >.<

  52. Dillion Matthews says:

    slooty dancetard


  53. fjust11 says:

    Fingers rubbing against baloons

  54. griefngrim says:

    I have a green basket like that weird

  55. Equine Obsession says:

    Nails on the seatbelt ><

  56. Gracie sasha says:

    Right, because only two of them were ever made in existence. -.-

  57. Amelia Alberici says:

    A sirin

  58. TheBrownPinaple SoPro says:

    i hate you

  59. WarOfWolves52 says:

    nails on the chalk board or justin beber

  60. Justina Morris says:

    nails on a chalk board…. DX

  61. CanuckandCheese says:

    the duck song is the worst

  62. Jazzpah says:

    slooty dancetard

  63. Bert Mon says:

    Dear MGM, I bet you cant find BIGFOOT AND interview him and his loved ones. lol

  64. CM Angel755 says:

    Justin beiber

  65. Abbigayle Diamal says:

    Fork scratching a foam plate.

  66. Suji Pak says:

    chalk screeching on the chalk board really hardcore

  67. Leone Tamaki says:

    gunshots.i hear them regularly.

  68. kurt cobain says:


  69. this dude says:

    if this was supposed to be a sponsor vid, I bet people would buy their book.
    to drop It on the floor of course.

  70. Ender Raccoon says:

    blurred lines

  71. Juli Sol says:

    me encanto!!!!

  72. Bernardo Azevedo says:

    slooty dancecard purple

  73. April Parkins says:

    nails on a chalkboard

  74. amli acosta says:

    i thought he was going to do the cup song in the begginging….and i know it wasnt out and about but idk it just seemed like it. 

  75. McKenzie Mitchell says:

    a sound that only one person I know can make
    I am that one person
    (at least no one can bother me with it :D)

  76. rainbow says:

    Miley Cyrus i adore you 

  77. Jade Gray says:

    markers!!!! EAHHHHH

  78. Sam Salsbury says:

    slooty dancetard neon green

  79. JTK40 says:

    sand paper 

  80. Juli Sol says:


  81. marcos levi says:


  82. Tyler says:

    my sister's insults

  83. Bijou Balth says:

    my computer falling

  84. Logan Goree says:

    Slooty dance tard majestic eagle blue

  85. We're all mad here says:

    i has many disliked songs
    all about that bass
    do you like waffles and a few others :p

  86. Filip Radojkovic says:

    I like these songs so much, the only downside is that they're too short. 🙂

  87. RedNoob5050 says:

    Slooty Dancetard

  88. doodlist says:

    I hate the sound of fingernails scratching against chalkboards. Gaa! Just mentioning it makes me shudder.

  89. ky says:

    Air horn before it was cool

  90. Mads Emil Bach Kristensen says:

    Any Christmas song in any other month than december

  91. Dainis Michel says:

    slooty dancetard with a random color: green.

  92. Kristal Onderdonk says:

    rap music blaring out.UGG

  93. Paul Pham says:

    MysteryGuitarMan using the MLG horn before it was cool!

  94. OTTAVIO Di Grassi says:

    mlg horn

  95. ResHQ Yu-Gi-Oh! says:

    slooty dancetard

  96. Chris Madison says:

    Damn I miss this guy

  97. PXL squad says:

    the sound I hate the most, is my brother talking too much, or just talking

  98. osuushiza8 says:

    Roflmao 😂

  99. Chilwin Theodoroes says:

    my all time favourite videos from you!

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