Perpetuall Tutorial – Change your profile details

okay the day has come you change your
email are perhaps phone number and want to update your contacts’ phonebook Open perpetual and tap in the “ME” tap You’ll find them your current personal information. Tap the field you want to modify. Mobile number for example. A new screen appears Once you enter your new number we’ll send you a text with the validation code. Otherwise you can recieve a free call with the code. Once verified you will have updated all your contacts’ phonebook No sweat! Oh! you changed your email? Tap the email field and write the new one. noticed ythat your new email won’t be broadcasted until you don’t verify it. The app will show you a message that warms you of this situation. If the email does not arrive, try to resedn it again. And finally, did you know that you can change your profile picture? Tap the picture field and select a picture from the cameral roll. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Daniel Ostrander

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