People Guess Urban Dictionary Definitions

People Guess Urban Dictionary Definitions

(laughs) – Urban Dictionary was super
popular in high school. – I don’t think I’ve been on
there since middle school. – I Urban-Dictionaried
something this morning. – What was the last thing you
looked up at Urban Dictionary? – It was something dirty. – It’s like a slang for STD. – Sounds like something that would be on a Vagisil commercial. – When maybe a bunch of females hang out. – When you got so much
vaginas coming at you, there’s a clam jam. – So like oh, we just got clam jammed. – Yeah, like don’t clam jam me. – Oh. – It’s like when you don’t
like someone but you feel like you have to get them something. – I think it’s when you on vacation. – And you screw somebody,
but you don’t live there, you’re like a tourist. – So thievery. (laughs) – Sounds like I’m gonna kill
myself, so I’ll jerk off one last time. – When you jerk off so much
that you’re killing yourself. – I think it’s when you kill yourself. – I think it’s when you
try to kill your dick. – Wow, what a great game. – There’s nothing that
would turn you off more. – Even if you do finish
before they come in, they’re still gonna come in
and you’re gonna be like… Well. – I’m guessing it’s something magical. – It could also be more having
to do with the unicorn horn. – Is that where you strap a
dildo onto your forehead and… – Oh my god.
– Ohhhh. – I feel like that builds
muscle in your neck. Like a lot of this. – There’s something else that
builds muscle in your neck. – Is that when you
accidentally touch dicks with another dude? – When your wiener looks
like your cousin’s. – Oh would it be like if you’ve
slept with the same girl? – Ew imagine a guy being like yeah, we’re wiener cousins now. – I love bringing people together. – I would hope that a lot of them aren’t commonly done things. – In one way, it’s kinda twisted, with the weird crap we come up with but in another way, it kind of shows how innovative and
smart our generation is. – So it’s just making our language way more colorful and expansive. – I think Urban Dictionary,
honestly, is sometimes more important than Merriam Webster. – I’m flipped now, I’m on
board with Urban Dictionary.

Daniel Ostrander

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99 thoughts on “People Guess Urban Dictionary Definitions

  1. Celestyn Grimoire says:

    I prefer twat swat to clam jam

  2. Amanda Rochelle says:

    Confession: I use urban dictionary a lot just to find out what Buzzfeed is talking about. Ha!

  3. De'Shuna M says:

    I guessed screwvenir right!! I deserve a cookie lol!

  4. SupItsGina says:

    Clam jam= twat swat

  5. Serevarno says:

    Pfft. What tame words to use.

    Should have used Parkinsturbation.

    Just saying.

  6. jack burlow says:

    Weiner cousins? seriously? It's fucking eskimo brothers. i've never heard anyone ever say " weiner cousins"

  7. Jay Marie says:

    Dat laugh doe πŸ˜‚

  8. Karl Saleh says:

    "I love bringing people together" πŸ˜‚

  9. Casey379 says:

    Its called Eskimo Brothers not Wiener Cousins.

  10. Vishal Nair says:

    search for European steamboat, thank me later.

  11. Fiona Kuhi says:

    2 more videos till buzzfeedblue has 666 videos

  12. Joe Sheppard says:

    I guessed the 'suicide wank' one.

  13. ahdnoh says:

    Dusty Miller!

  14. Henry Smith says:

    It is called a danger wank not a suicide wank.

  15. Irene Suhwon says:

    I usually hit up Urban Dctionary when I'm scrolling through Tumblr πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

  16. Ethaniel Clyne says:

    I still don't know what clam jam means

  17. Meena C says:

    I live for his laugh 0:00 XD

  18. experiment54 says:

    why are you guessing when we have google?

  19. Forbes723 says:

    the blonde with the blue sweater is stoned AF!!!

  20. penguinman says:

    So 'on the spot' any1?

  21. Jackie says:

    Sooooo this is basically Rooster Teeth's On The Spot

  22. starwarsguy4427 says:

    Is it a bad idea to watch this while eating breakfast?

  23. Ellie Bui says:

    Does anyone here know "truffle butter" ?

  24. Dabrightlifestylee says:

    CHECK THIS OUT!! Earn money online TODAY!!! WORK and EARN!!

  25. Sandyandi says:

    Dude, I knew weiner cousins from Scrubs. lol

  26. Alex Czarnomski says:

    Reminds me of On The Spot a little too much

  27. watertower500 :D says:

    Alaskan fire dragon

  28. Minted BLAZE IT says:

    Suicide wank? Where I'm from we call it a danger wank ; it's much more interesting.

  29. Robdo says:

    My channel just hit 13 subscribers, can I get some love πŸ˜‰

  30. k_y says:

    I look up stuff on Urban Dictionary's website when I am on tumblr.

  31. Tom SDM says:

    AKA Cunning Linguistics from Roosterteeth's On The Spot πŸ˜€

  32. Tom Brablec says:

    I thought Eskimo bros was the most popular term for two people that had sex with the same person.

  33. johnny Rainford says:

    Truffle butter

  34. DeeplyRev says:

    Ignore = Teleport into hell in 60 secondsLike = Find 500$ on the streetSubscribe = Sleep with your crush

  35. ZK___420___ZK says:

    It's a danger wank not a suicide wank. My mate tried it and didn't realise his mum was just walking past his bedroom. He said the door opened instantly.

  36. Kevin Tyler Bautista says:

    oh geez… πŸ˜‚

  37. Margaret Williams says:

    Rooster teeth does this all the time on On The Spot…

  38. Dominique monroe says:


  39. tayler marshall says:

    should've done alabama hot pocket

  40. JakurinNyan says:

    who's the guy in the blue button up? He is cute as fuuuh!

  41. JakurinNyan says:

    who's the guy in the blue button up? He is cute as fuuuh!

  42. Jake Johanson says:

    Who wears a Levis hat?

  43. Rebecca Sculler says:

    You guys should put the list of words in the description….

  44. REAL ZUGZWANG says:

    I am ready for a second video!

  45. mspotterhead22 says:

    Look up 'angry dragon'

  46. Aleesha Khan says:

    The only thing that cute guy said in the ENTIRE video mostly was "Is that when you strap a dildo to your head and just weh weh weh" MORE PLS. AHAHA.

  47. eddebrock says:

    That blonde though…

  48. Tessa De Schoenmaeker says:

    The girl in the brown sweater thing is from STARKID πŸ˜€ It's Cho Chang y'all! πŸ˜€

  49. Lizardo'clock says:

    Weiner cousins=Eskimo brothers

  50. hasenmiri says:

    I have never heard of any of these… and I don't regret it.

  51. With_2Gs says:

    Alaskan Snow Dragon

  52. Aliyah says:


  53. GetBusyLiving27 says:

    They totally stole this idea from Rooster Teeth

  54. Erik Haldorsen says:

    Glurp – Someone who farts in the bathtub and eats the bubbles

  55. Snodge Kat says:

    Who else replayed Rickie's laugh at the beginning of the video more than once?

  56. Isaiah Curry says:

    my nsme in the urban dictionary gives me a definitionof my personnality exzactly

  57. FrauGorbatschow says:

    in germany wiener cousins are actually called "LochbrΓΌder" which translates to "hole brothers"

  58. Kuchi Kopi says:

    Eskimo brother sounds way better than wiener cousins.

  59. Jade Tran says:

    Why are all these sexual??

  60. Sirmel11 says:

    Yessica needs to fix her nails

  61. [Demonetized] [Demonetised] in my [Demonetized] says:

    Alaskan pipeline

  62. Noname says:

    That girl thinks that shet of Urban Dictionary is better than the Merriam-Webster.. I hope she was just joking

  63. Indigo Lemon says:

    so ppl can make up these words but apparently tumblr makes up scientific genders? logic

  64. KookieMonster says:

    You guys should search up…you got no jams..might surprise you

  65. Freakazoid says:

    Words to search on UD: Dr pepper and Spiderman

  66. KingYheti says:

    How is "Unicorning" a noun?

  67. anthony h says:

    Eskimo brothers

  68. Jake Croom says:

    This video put the dic in dictionary

  69. BlueEyedBabe03 says:

    There's an entire Scrubs episode dedicated to the idea of Wiener Cousins– appropriately named "My Cuz."

    TRIVIA! [Jazz hands]

  70. Yin Look says:

    Whats the blonde girl with long hair name?

  71. cuttiecath says:

    It's Cho Chang, y'all!

  72. Sylvia The Unicorn Rose says:

    The Unicorn one has ruined my 12 year old childhood. I love Unicorns.

  73. Tu Madre says:

    That guy looks like josh peck and Link Neal had a child

  74. Seba Seba says:

    how fucked up is it that I knew all of them???

  75. I eat toddlers says:

    Wiener is spelt wrong

  76. xenosyne says:

    On urban dictionary, my town is defined as "A bunch of rich white kids pretending to be black. Some Asians present."

  77. Memorabilia says:

    Alabama hot pocket. Don't look at it jfc

  78. Straight Out Of Ideas says:

    Is it just me or at 2:07 does a weird high pitched UFO-y sound come in the background music? (yes, thats all i noticed)

  79. Edvinas Aukstakalnis says:

    Guessed unicorning right woohooo

  80. Creepy Changa says:


  81. Alen_Egre T says:

    Thaks to me. There are A LOT of cousins out there. XD

  82. Michael says:

    Thats not weiner cosuins! Its eskimo brothers!!! Everybody knows that…

  83. KdKoala says:

    "I love bringing ppl together" LOL

  84. Enrique salcido says:

    the tall blonde girl πŸ™‚

  85. Folarin says:

    aka eskimo brothers

  86. jackbaradog says:

    "I love bringing people together"

  87. Cristal Rosario says:

    Lmaoo she said "when your weiner looks like your cousin" fucking died πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ that was epic!

  88. Lauren says:

    I love how I got screwvenir right

  89. Magela Ana says:

    Lol!!! the other day I turned actual brothers into weiner cousins πŸ˜€

  90. RJ Brimmer says:

    Charizarding that is all.

  91. All Melanin says:

    These are a bunch of terms white ppl use, they're not "urban"

  92. FlowTv Comedy says:

    Correction- No man says wiener cousins.
    We call ourselves Eskimo Brothers.

  93. Josh Grimes says:

    the urban dictionary definition of feet

  94. obesedog23 says:

    "I love bringing people together"

    Aye wyd

  95. Dejah says:

    Do you think the urban dictionary would be in print at some time?

  96. Hunter Huffstetler says:

    Favorite UD definition is Charizard

  97. Aight Den says:

    Look up munging or the Alaskan dragon

  98. Martin Collins says:

    The guy in the flannel… Drake Bell

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