hey guys hope you’re all doing really
well I’m back today with my pantry organizational ideas video this was
highly requested after I asked in my Kmart store at all if you guys wanted to
see this um trying to add a little bit more lifestyle videos on to my channel
and I was really surprised when you guys really wanted to see this video so I
thought I’d put on the camera while I was organizing everything and show you
guys how I did it what I used and here if you have any questions let me know in
the comment section it’s all very affordable which you guys know I love I
have been looking at pantry organizational photos and videos for
ages now and yet they’re very inspirational I go onto Pinterest and
have a look at all the inspectors on there I also follow the home edit on
Instagram and they’ve just got so many awesome ideas on how to organize not
just the pantry but all around the house that’s just they’ve just got so many
ideas I love following their page and I must say that I’d absolutely love to do
what they do I think that would just be an amazing job I love decluttering and
organizing so with my pantry I decluttered it off camera because it
would just take too long I showed little snippets on my Instagram
stories but yeah this is what everything looked like when I took it out of the
pantry and I went through everything made sure I wasn’t keeping anything that
was past its use-by date then I put it back into the pantry into their
categories so that I could see exactly what I’m keeping with all that being
said I will show you what containers we use and how I have organized our pantry
so yes I hope this video is somewhat helpful for you guys if you’re looking
for ideas I hope you like this video and if you’re new here I hope you stick
around and subscribe and join our also tango2plus family and let’s get started okay so this is everything that I’m
keeping and as I said I put it all back into the pantry in their different
categories so I could see what I was working with also while everything was
out on the bench and I was going through it I took the opportunity to vacuum all
the shelves and really wipe them down just to make sure that they were all
clean so I’ve got all my storage containers
they’re all clean and dried and I just pop them on the table so I could see
exactly what I’ve got in relation to labels what I went for is the brother P
touched labeler because it’s got the different fonts which I love and also
some chalkboard labels as well so I’ll show you guys how I do that but first of
all I’m going to start off with these large glass containers so I just type in
what I’m after print it out and I actually put a border around these ones
so I could cut around it and so that it would look nice on top of the chalkboard
labels so that’s what I have put in the two
large glass containers so self-raising flour and flour and in the third one I’m
just putting our oats and now on to these awesome push clothes
Kmart storage containers and I’m going to be using one of the smaller ones for
our muesli and the two larger ones I’m going to use
for our rice and pasta and the rest we’re going to use for
dinner tonight and so that our supplements are out and
about rather than put away and us forgetting to take them I thought I’d
put them on this really nice rose gold tray now for these handy bamboo trays
I’ve got three of them here one of them I’m going to use to hold our 90 second
oats which my husband likes to have before work and yeah I’m gonna label
them as well and another one for baby food and for babies snacks in this larger bamboo tray I’m going to
use for all our like crackers and rice cakes and nut bars also got two of these seagrass baskets
from Kmart one of them I’m going to use for our potatoes and the other one I
thought for our sweet potatoes which we don’t have any of at the moment so I’ll
keep that one aside and this is a spice rack holder which slides in and out I
don’t have that many spices I need to get more spices for my pantry oh and
these are also two containers here which I thought I’d use one for sort of first
aid type things and the other one just for some bits and bobs I also got a couple of these shelves to
store our tin and jar items and yeah because our pantry wraps around to the
side that’s where I thought I’d store our spices supplements tin and jar
products our cooking oils crackers and so forth and also packet mixes as well that is a look at our newly organized
pantry guys I absolutely love it I’ve been using it for a few days now and I
love that everything is so easily accessible I really hope it stays like
that for quite a while because yet I just love how it’s all laid out so
hopefully this video has given you some ideas and as I said if you’ve got any
questions let me know in the comment section and I’ll definitely get back to
you I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and I’ll speak to you soon

Daniel Ostrander

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  1. Krystal Morgan says:

    I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this video hahaha you did a great job babe xx

  2. Ena Rose says:

    Missed you Mel! Love your home/lifestyle videos a lot xx

  3. vaandrea104 says:

    This is incredible. Amazing job!

  4. Jessica Lee says:

    Ahhh this was so satisfying to watch 😍 glad I'm not the only one obsessed with pretty organisation πŸ™Š

  5. Brooke Russ says:

    Omg love I need you to come do my pantry!!! This is awesome.

  6. Alliey Mitchell says:

    Where did you get the tea box from? Love how organised it is

  7. Liss Fleming says:

    Such an inspiration! Come do my pantry πŸ˜‚πŸ’•

  8. Awesome Alyce says:

    So satisfying!!! 😍

  9. Krystal Johnston says:

    looks amazing Mel! xx

  10. tango2+ says:

    I hope you enjoyed this more of a lifestyle video – love you guys!! xx

  11. WhotKnot By Kathy says:

    Looks great πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜˜

  12. Anna Sedge says:

    Love the lifestyle videos! Would love to see a cooking or what I eat in a day video πŸ™‚ xx

  13. Kerry Solomon says:

    Loved this Mel its looks so organised , we have just moved into our new house so this is inspiration 😁 great job

  14. Andrea Fernandes says:

    Loved watching you organize your pantry lovely! Great video, p.s – love all the kmart storage! xx

  15. Amber Lyons says:

    Love it mel! Bring on more lifestyle videos, would love a day in the life! Xx

  16. Alison Adams says:

    Hi Mel, Other great video. Yes would love more lifestyle videos. I love all your videos. Have a great week.Xx

  17. MissAmyxo says:

    Always looking to be organized – great video πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š

  18. Julie Barnes says:

    I love lifestyle videos added on your channel!

  19. Kylie C says:

    Great job. A little tip for pantries with corners put a lazy Susan in the corner.

  20. KirstieM9 says:

    Thanks Mel…..I’ve been eagerly awaiting this one! Looking forward to seeing more lifestyle videos.

  21. MrsBazzy says:

    Looks lovely. ..amazing how much stuff you accumulate once kids come along isn't it? My medicine cabinet is scary right now with all the bottles of kid panadol and nurofen πŸ™ˆ

  22. Jem Jem says:

    I loved this!

  23. Michelle P says:

    love to see Aussie buys, also a fan of K-Mart, just subscribed to your channel

  24. A Gomes says:

    Hey, great video! How do the push lock containers and glass jars hold up? How do the containers compare with the glass jars? Any regrets/preferences? πŸ˜€

  25. Carol Curtis says:

    I love the organisation. Did you think to put the expiry date of the produce you decanted?

  26. A A says:

    Love your ideas for pantry organization so much. All of containers you select not only are practical but also express neat and beautiful images of your pantry. Your presentation inspires me to renovate my pantry eagerly. Thanks a lot.

  27. Sarah Lynn says:

    It came out beautifully. Those bamboo bins were fab! 🀩 Great video!

  28. ItsCherryBomb says:

    I love this, awesome job. I must have a snoop through Kmart, it's been a while.

  29. geraldine becher says:

    I wish we had the reject shop buy us in the USA. I really like the items you got from there.

  30. Debbie Hull says:

    I like the glass jars with the chalk board labels with the labels on the chalk board labels. Clever ideas.

  31. Rosie Strike says:

    Which KMART store? I can’t seem to find those in shop πŸ™ please help?

  32. Peggy Green says:

    Where did you purchase the rose gold tray?

  33. igitha Ξ”Π» Ξ» ΞΌ says:

    Make sure you put a newspaper or papertowel under those potatoes! The moment they go bad it will destroy the bottom of that basket unless there is something underneath!

  34. mohini chauhan says:

    Amazing really loved itπŸ‘

  35. Latifa Afzali says:

    Be very helpful if u also mention Where u get the label and containers etc

  36. ClutterBug says:

    Love this, the labels look so good!

  37. Almedia Seal says:

    Be careful with those baby fruit pouches I did an event with a similar brand. And when you open the top BLACK stuff comes out. I wouldn't give them to anyone

  38. Diana Riley says:

    Very nice πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘!

  39. Charvi Vij says:

    Love this so much! Easy to do and realistic. Living in Australia it’s good to see Aussie shops we can use. Amazing effort πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  40. Pauline Milanese says:

    some good tips

  41. Jess Hollands says:

    where do you store your spreads ?

  42. URJA Living says:

    Nice Video Tango, Thanks for sharing this organization tips video
    Here is my review & unboxing of Kmart Pie Maker.

    Stay connected & subscribe back my friend πŸ™πŸ™‚

  43. Cag87 says:

    I think I’m in love πŸ₯°

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    You are so pretty. Your eyebrows are done lovely.

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    What is the name of the device that is writing texts?

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    Been binge-watching organization videos and I loved yours. Thanks especially for cluing me in to The Home Edit. How have I never heard of them? Fabulous!

  47. Samantha Soundara says:

    Hi! Where did you get the push lock containers from? Sorry if was in video and comments already tried going through!

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