Oracle Database 12c Tutorials 1: How to install Oracle Database 12c on windows 7 By Manish Sharma

Oracle Database 12c Tutorials 1: How to install Oracle Database 12c on windows 7 By Manish Sharma

What’s up internet?
I am Manish from and today’s video is about how to install Oracle Database
12c on Windows 7 64 bit. Unfortunately Oracle database 12c is not yet available for 32 bit
windows environment. Also, if we talk about windows environment then Oracle database 12c
only supports Windows 7, Windows 8, windows server 2008, windows server 2008 R2 and windows
server 2012. You can follow the same steps for the installation on either of these versions.
Plus it’s highly recommended to have at-least 2 GB of main memory and 10GB of free disk
space along with the updated version of JDK which you can freely download from the Oracle
website. Before starting let me tell you first, that
I am going to install oracle database 12c on Windows 7 professional 64 bit machine.
The same steps can be followed for the versions that I mentioned just now.
So let’s start. First we need to download the Oracle Database
12c Setup files, for that, head over to Here on this website hover your cursor over
this Download menu and then choose this Oracle database link under the database section.
Doing so will take you to the Oracle Database Download page
On this page, you have to accept the OTN license agreement. After that come to this Oracle
database 12c release-1 section. Here as you can see we have two versions of Oracle 12c
namely – the Enterprise Edition and the standard, standard-1 and Enterprise edition. You can
download either of them according to your need. I will download this second version
which is standard, standard-1 and Enterprise edition.
And as I am going to install the Oracle Database 12c on windows 7 64 bit thus I will go with
the first link. Now we have to download these two files. You can either download them directly
from here or you can click this “See All” link. I will go with the latter option.
After Clicking the See All link you will be on this Oracle Database 12c R1 download webpage.
Here again first accept the OTN license agreement. And then download these 2 files.
To start the download you need to sign in on oracle website for that you need to have
a valid account here. If you have any then just fill the username and password and hit
the sign in button this will start the download. Otherwise you can create an account for free.
Just to save the time I have already downloaded both the files.
Now I will make a folder by the name of Oracle 12c and then I will move these freshly downloaded
files in that folder. Ok done let’s go to this folder.
Now as you can see both the files are compressed as zip so first we need to un-compress them
and extract content of these files. First I will un-compress our first folder.
It’s done. Now I will rename it from Database to Database 1
Again I will un-compress and extract the content of 2nd folder. Here we are now, and I will
rename this one from Database to Database-2. Now we have to go to the directory database-2
and then go to this folder Stage and then Components. Here you have to copy all these
5 folders After doing so, come to our base Directory
which is Oracle 12c. Now here this time open the directory Database-1 and then Stage and
then components and here paste those 5 folders which we copied from database-2 directory.
With this we are done with all the pre-installation process of Oracle Database-12c and we are
all set to start the installation. So come to directory Database-1 and here right click
this setup.exe file and choose run as administrator. This will start the OUI.
Step1: configure security updates. If you wish to have all the security notifications
on your email then you can provide your email address here otherwise hit next. Avoid this
warning it’s just saying that you haven’t provided the email address. Hit yes and move
ahead. Step2: Software updates. If you have Oracle
support credentials then you fill here and download the update or if you already have
downloaded the update then chose this 2nd option. Since in our case we just downloaded
the fresh and updated version of Oracle 12c hence just select the Skip Update option and
hit next. Step3: Installation option. Here we have 3
options: 1. Create and configure a database
2. Install database software only or 3. Upgrade an existing database
If you already have a database and want to upgrade that with Oracle Database 12c then
go with the 3rd option or if you just want to install the oracle software and don’t
want to create any database then go with the 2nd option. Otherwise if you want to create
and configure database along with installing all database software then choose 1st one,
as I am going to do here. So I am going to select the first option which is already selected
now Hit next and move to next step. Step4: System Class. Here you have 2 options
Desktop class and Server class. See if your system is capable for handling the load of
server class services then go with Server class or if you are installing Oracle Database
12c on your desktop or laptop then go with the Desktop class. I will choose the desktop
class. Which is already selected now hit next and move ahead.
Step5: Oracle Home user selection. Till the now the installation was pretty similar to
that of oracle 11g or 10g but here we have a different step. Now with Oracle database
12c you can create an Oracle home user at the time of installation. This user will be
responsible for running all Oracle home windows services. Note that, this user is associated
with an Oracle Home and cannot be changed to a different user after the installation.
Here we have 3 options; with the first option you can use any existing windows user. But
this user must be a standard windows user or say limited windows user and not the administrative
one. If you choose the second option then Oracle
will create a new standard windows user for you and then will assign this user as an Oracle
home user. And if you will chose the 3rd option then
oracle OUI will use Windows Built-in Account as the oracle home user.
Here I will choose the 2nd option and will create a new limited or say standard user
for my oracle home. I will name my user as RebellionRider- You
can give whatever name you want and I will set the password as “oracle”. Make sure
to note down this information somewhere safely because it will be required later to administer
or manage database services Hit next and move ahead
Step6: Typical Installation. This window will show you all the important configuration settings
of your Oracle Database 12c. Such as Oracle Base, that indicates the location of Base
directory for your oracle software which will serve as a top level directory.
Next we have Software Location which is very well known by the name db_home directory.
This directory will indicate the location where you can find all the binaries of your
oracle database. Next is Database file location. This field
can be used to set the location where all the important files like control files, Data
files and Redo logs will be saved by Oracle. Next we have database edition, here you can
choose what edition of oracle database 12c you want to install. I will let it be on the
default one which is Enterprise edition. Next is character set. Using this option you
can tell your database which method do you want it to use for saving the character data
into the database. You have 2 options you can choose either of them. I will leave it
on default. Then we have Global database name using this
field you can set the global name for your database this will also serve as the SID of
your database. Let it be on ORCL, You can give any name of your choice here.
In the next 2 fields you have to set the administrative password. This password will be used as the
password for privileged user such as Sys and System. For this demonstration I will set
my password as oracle only Make sure to note down global database name
and password safely. Next we have a checkbox saying create as container
database. Let it be checked. This option will create a database as container database that
can support maximum up to 252 pluggable databases. Next is pluggable database name. Here you
have to specify a unique name for your pluggable database. For this demonstration I will let
it be on default which is “pdborcl”, but if you want you can change it.
Before moving ahead I just want to make a small change in the directory path I just
want to add OracleDB12c directory here as a base directory. Its just to make directory
structure more specific in the system. It’s purely an individual choice if you want to
change it then its ok otherwise let it be on the default one
Ok then Click next and move ahead Avoid this warning; it says that the password
which I have given is not according to the oracle standard. Just hit yes here.
Step7: Next window will check for the entire Necessary prerequisite for oracle database
12c installation. If there is any error it will show you here. But fortunately we don’t
have any errors and are good to go. Next just hit the Install button. This will
start the installation of Oracle database 12c.
Just to save the time I am fast forwarding this process.
Here is our DBCA window. This utility will create and configure the database on your
system. This process is also time taking so again I am fast forwarding it.
Ok password management; Here on this window of DBCA you can configure and unlock the sample
accounts if you want. You can click this password management button which will open up a password
management window for you. Here just select the account which you want
to unlock and then uncheck the corresponding column to that account and provide the password.
For example let’s say I want to unlock the “Anonymous” account. For that I will first
uncheck this column and then I will write my password here in new password column and
then enter the same in confirm password column. Then just hit OK
Again avoid this warning, this warning is just saying that the password which we just
enter is not upto the oracle password standard. Just hit yes and move ahead
We are back on our DBCA window here as you can see we have all the necessary configuration
displayed such as Global Name of database, SID of database and the URL of enterprise
manager. I would suggest you to save this URL.
Here just hit Ok. Your installation is successful. You are free to close this window for that
just click close. Hope this video will help you in installing
oracle database 12c on you system. That’s it for today.
Please hit the thumbs up button if you liked this video, you can also comment and share
this tutorial with all your friends on your social networking.
And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Will see you soon till then take care
This is Manish from

Daniel Ostrander

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