Nutanix Solutions for Databases

Data is among the most vital resources
in any enterprise. To unlock its value, businesses need high performing, highly
available databases to power their applications and app development. But
databases siloed in complex and unresponsive infrastructure impede the
business with core performance, weak security, crippling downtime, and high
costs. IT, already stretched thin, is forced to spend most of its energy on
tedious maintenance and troubleshooting, rather than driving innovation and
increasing productivity. Engineered from the ground up to eliminate silos and
operational complexity, Nutanix delivers the ideal platform for running all your
databases and mission critical workloads. Nutanix provides rapid, cost-effective
scale out growth to meet fluctuating performance needs, doing away with costly
over-provisioning or out-of-cycle replacements and upgrades. Nutanix also offers database-as-a-service from your own secure private cloud.
Provision, clone, patch, refresh, and backup your databases with a single click,
enabling rapid application development. You control it all with a single,
easy-to-use management tool that leverages intelligent automation for
frictionless operations and always-on availability. Companies using the Nutanix
solution for databases have seen performance improved by as much as 3x over legacy architectures, experienced 85% reduction in unplanned downtime, and
are able to deploy databases and minutes or hours not days or weeks.
Nutanix also delivers a host of other benefits such as automatic fixes for
security vulnerabilities and proactive self-healing. And all of these
efficiencies help slash total cost of ownership as much as 62%. Whether
its transactional order processing or analytical workloads, databases are the
engines driving your company’s success. Make sure they’re running on the most
agile, reliable, and performant infrastructure platform and database
services available. visit slash databases to get started today.

Daniel Ostrander

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