Newborn baby registry Shopping | must haves | Bath Essentials | Baby registry gift bag

Newborn baby registry Shopping | must haves | Bath Essentials | Baby registry gift bag

Splash! splash! Splash! every baby Enjoy bathing time once it get used to it Yes, but course for comfortable experience We need to pick up right bathing item and accessories for a baby lets have a look at the Baby registry bathing item. Don’t forget to check it out the baby registry part one, two and three. See the link below in description box Bathtub while purchasing bathtub make sure that it has soft edges Slip-Resistant padded lining and drain plug It’s good to use a plastic bathtub as they are easy to clean and carry. Don’t forget to clean the bathtub before and after every use baby shampoo and head to tow wash.There are so many options available in the market. It’s quite difficult to decide what to buy for your newborn you may get free samples check with your pediatrician for the same While buying shampoo or body wash make sure that is hypo allergic free from any chemical, alcohol-free dermatologically tested. Fragrance free and most importantly gentle on baby’s sensitive skin, so check out this few things before buying. Bath towel and washcloth buying a bath towel for a baby make sure that it is not rough on baby’s skin. I love hooded bath towel as they are cute Because it has a different print of animal as your baby grows they will love to see those. two to three are enough. Talk about wash cloths you can use them on baby’s face three to four of them are enough all these five hundred percent Cotton material and Don’t forget to check it out the care and cleaning instructions for the same. Baby moisturizer or lotion after bath your newborn skin is sensitive and delicate it may get dry after bath So you need after bath lotion or moisturizer always try sample before buying whole package. I hope you have enjoyed shopping with me subscribe to my link below till then bye.

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