Nagios: Manually Installing Nagios XI

Nagios: Manually Installing Nagios XI

Daniel Ostrander

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17 thoughts on “Nagios: Manually Installing Nagios XI

  1. Cedric Malela Mougani says:

    i figured out the download to be as follow:

    Thanks for this great video.

  2. safvan b says:

    i got error like this, please help me out for how to fix it

    Installation step failed – exiting.
    Check for error messages in the install log (install.log).

    If you require assistance in resolving the issue, please include install.log
    in your communications with Nagios XI technical support.

    The script that failed was: './0-repos'

  3. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    y this process not work with gui

  4. imad abdou says:

    hello, no chance to install nagios on ubuntu ?

  5. A D says:


    Is Ubuntu not supported for NagiosXI?

  6. A D says:


    It's me again!
    What are the possible serious complications when upgrading Nagios XI version 5.2.9 from Centos5 to Centos7 ?and may I know what your recommendations?

  7. Edd says:

    When i write yum install firewalld wget -y it sends me this: cannot find a valid baseurl for repo : base/7/x86_64 what can i do?

  8. Mark Hillis says:

    "curl" is included on the minimal install and can work in place of "wget"
    $ curl -O

  9. neloy hossain says:

    here its wants mysql root password what would be the password

  10. Wajahat Ali says:

    Y does it has to be a minimal installation? why can't we install nagios xi on full centOS version ?

  11. Arnol Yoel says:

    hi i downloaded the latest version for linux, and i using a virtual machin(centos) with vmware, but when i put ls -a the file that i download before didnt appear

  12. Daniel Ruiz says:

    Hello..Did the install on Cent0s 7 but it gets to a point where the install just goes black. How can i confirm if the install was successful and what IP nagiosxi is ?

  13. Ramesh Chandrapati says:

    Hi, I am doing offline installation using tar ball. Received error on line number 39. How to solve, I tried all KB articles in nagios, no luck. Please help.

  14. mudassir ahmed says:

    how can i open browser in minimal ??

  15. Arrey M Ashu says:

    Hello, does the fullinstall script attempt to connect to nagios repos on the internet?

  16. Bdiri Bessem says:

    i didn't find the link of the full serie of this tutoriels, can someone help me?

  17. Carl Zellers says:

    going on >20 min for this install..

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