MySQL Database with Python Tutorial Part 1 – Intro

MySQL Database with Python Tutorial Part 1 – Intro

Daniel Ostrander

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29 thoughts on “MySQL Database with Python Tutorial Part 1 – Intro

  1. Chris Kavanagh says:

    Great! Thanks.

  2. Chris Kavanagh says:

    You could always use WAMP if your on windows, since it includes MYSQL. Plus it gives you the server you need.

  3. abdulrahman Ahmed says:

    you talking too much! 

  4. Four Noble Truths says:

    @ChangeTip quarter

  5. Robert's Take says:

    do we need to download mysql or can we jump right in with this program

  6. Mehmet YÜCE says:

  7. Saad Fazelpour says:

    These series didn't teach me how to install any of the modules needed to connect to mysql from python which is the most important part. At best i call this series add hoc and amateurish. No comprehensive tutorial. Don't waste your time on these tutorials.

  8. Anthony sanchez says:

    hi derek, im having trouble running an application. i have to connect the log in to mysql data base and from the data base the application gets username, password, ect. i was wondring if you can help me out set up my data base. im , im currently using xammp my sql and im only confused on where i have to set the users. on rows and rows. is there any way i can contact you so i can send you the script?

  9. Adriel Vieira says:

    dude, you have done a tutorial for half of the things I try to learn on the internet. thank you!

  10. hgamalm says:

    Thank you for these tutorial. I wanna know if I can run the python code from outside pythonanywhere and access the database.

  11. Sharma Yeshu says:

    It is showing an error while running the mysql command in the bash console
    ERROR 2005 (HY000): Unknown MySQL server host 'mysql.server' (0

  12. Calvin Makokha says:

    Thanks for tutorials..really wondering what in Python you have not done…thanks for all vids

  13. Harold Crow says:

    Loved this video!!! I am learning MySQL faster than ever because of your videos!!! Thanks Sentdex

  14. Kannan Thulasi Doss says:

    Hi bro am a beginner i just know basics of python can i learn this straight away or do you have any prerequisite course(playlist because you have plenty of playlist) ping me asap bro Thanks

  15. Stanford says:

    In the order of Python, we have Master Obi-Wan Ke-sentdex

  16. Aashish Raina says:

    very well articulated

  17. Markus Nesshyba says:

    is thius still working in 2017

  18. Addison van den Hoeven says:

    Man, Sentdex is so awesome… Every time I take up a big project hes already gone about building a tutorial for half the tasks involved haha

  19. lotfi boutebal says:

    Hi dude i just would ask you , what about mariadb they say that its better than mysql so do i learn mariadb or sql . Even this ,what is the diffrence between mysql and sql and nosql … all those kind of same names

  20. Cristian Script says:

    hey I am trying to send data from app inventor2 what address must I put to reach the database

  21. Mr. Erik says:

    this dude likes to talk ALOT

  22. Sujata Saini says:

    when i running the mysql command in the bash consloe than show error "command not find".Can u help me to resolve this error

  23. TheBossTheHartz says:

    In this vid not a word about Python, i hope the next one does what the title sais

  24. MICHAEL BROWN says:

    Hi Sentdex, I work in a lab that generates a lot of spectral data (each file can consist of 15 different columns about 4000 lines long of numerical values). There can be many parameters for each file (metal, number of laser pulses, energy used, date, user, etc.) I am thinking of building a database and using python to filter the data and display the results in various plots. I have python experience but only a tiny amount with SQL. I'm just curious if you have experience doing this with a database that would grow over time and if there is a preference between SQL, MySQL, and SQLite.

  25. Jithu Nair says:

    Was searchin' for this and came across a playlist and thought, "oh nice a compiled finished list perhaps?" Turns out, it's by the lord and saviour himself. Thanks Sentdex Sensei! <3

  26. Rashad says:

    I got ERROR 2005 (HY000): Unknown MySQL server host 'mysql.server' (2) after writing password on shell

  27. Nana Peprah says:

    For those having the "(HY000) error " go to your database tab and where it says Database Host Name you have to enter that entire name into the console and then proceed with the rest it should work.

  28. Gorilla Cooks says:

    WHO GOT (HY000) ERROR :
    2. COPY Database host address (
    4.PUT : mysql -uYOUR_USERNAME – -p

    that works 100%

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