Most HAUNTED ASYLUM in Australia | GHOST Wanted to STAB me at Aradale Lunatic Asylum!

Most HAUNTED ASYLUM in Australia | GHOST Wanted to STAB me at Aradale Lunatic Asylum!

guys it just got super cold in here
like they did attack or try to kill and hurt other people here I just got the word
Satan committed suicide here can you film down, ok that sounded like that was in the
room with us. It was kind of sad to know that there were kids here. Yeah, I don’t know what the bangs were. do you want to stab me? It just said stab. Hi Cryptkeepers thank you for tuning in
to Amy’s Crypt I’m currently standing inside one of the most haunted places in
Australia that is the Aradale Lunatic Asylum we want to take you guys for a
bit of a tour around explain the dark history of this place why it is thought
to be so haunted and of course we’ll be doing some paranormal investigating
so stay tuned Aradale Lunatic Asylum is a former
psychiatric hospital located in Ararat Australia the asylum which was one of
the largest mental health institutions in Australia served the community from
the late 1800s through to the 1990s. Aradale held men women and children who were
suffering from various mental illnesses other conditions or who are deemed
criminally insane conditions that at Aradale were tough for both staff and patients
with some common forms of treatment including the lobotomy and electroshock
therapy during our adele’s 130 years of history it is estimated that at least
13,000 people died within the hospital’s walls many of these people are said to
remain trapped here at Aradale to haunt the premises and make the buildings here
some of the most haunted in Australia tonight we explore and investigate some
of the most active areas of this haunted Asylum if you would like to experience a
ghost tour or investigate Aradale Asylum for yourself check out Eerie Tours who
made this episode possible all of their links are posted below in the video
description alright guys we’re just going into the main dining hall actually awesome like look around how
ornate it is and supposedly they actually hold dances in here I think it
was once every two weeks or so which was one of the few pleasurable things that
the patients here got to do and I’ve heard that there’s little kids that get
around this area and want it touching people and like tugging on their
clothing or touching their legs and stuff kind of sad to know that the way
kids here it doesn’t just go super cold in here
like I don’t even know if you can see that one camera legit
I just got frost breath all of a sudden and Jared reckons that he feels long I
touches my hands are like ice I touch his hands and they were like sweaty and
like hot I think it’s a guy thing yeah I think they do but why am I so I might
followed by a cold mist all the time right guys we’re still in the dining
hall and we’re just gonna lights off and night vision and because it’s so cold
around me I’m just gonna reach out and ask a few questions it is super cold
here though so it might just be naturally cold in this building is there
anyone here in this room with me can you please make a noise
say hello tell me your name do something so I know that you’re here my name is Amy and I’m with Joe you don’t have to be scared of us we’re not
the people here if you let me know that you’re here I’d like to help you I had that there’s someone hiding down here as I’m
currently staying in one of the oldest the first children’s here are at our
mental hospital and that is the cellar so it was one of the first things built
and then it was built up on top of and this is where a lot of the workers slept
one of those workers said to been driven insane himself but it was also used as
an area ourselves and it’s completely pitch black in here if we Jerry Cox is
live this is how like completely dark is and a lot of terrible things happen I
mean in this this whole building this whole complex but also in this room and
I say this a bit of dark residual energy down here suddenly looks crazy if I was
gonna walk around with you and explore these more doors just look creepy
I don’t know imagine swinging down here particularly when you were crowded in
here with a lot of people who weren’t right they weren’t in the right state of
mind they were dangerous and people did attack or try to kill and hurt other
people yeah the circus transporting my sis is just a
huge place yeah I guess this is kind of like were decided here at card that even
this was otto to be protected authentic oh but all right guys we’re just about
to head out and explore a bit of the matrons quarters ice has a few creepy
basic pieces of history I was actually a matron who hanged herself so she
committed suicide here there’s also our guide here our Adele’s if there’s a very
creepy corridor that he doesn’t go down because he had quite a negative
experience and was pushed that got a couple of gadgets so just gonna walk
around and check out some of the areas here so it’s gonna be creepy and
interesting I say this was actually the head like
matrons bedroom so she operated her Ward from here one of the coolest things
about this room just got pointed out to me is I noticed as soon as we walked in
this place looks like part of Disney’s I wanted match and I was that made of this
wallpaper but I know you guys can’t feel it but it’s actually all velvet so it’s
super soft and like fuzzy okay – so I’m gonna just walk around and see if we get
any spikes I’m gonna try and go crazy with it you might also go any lights out
and we have this special that’s a really cool so these are like cool energy guys
these books and you know touching them can make them do weird things
so maybe spirits will interact with that so might just stop just by reaching out
and I’m just gonna keep an eye on this bone yeah
is there anyone in this frame of us my name is Amy and I have jarred here with
me if there is someone here and you want to communicate can you kind of closer
the light in my hands or close to the light in the row of the
room there’s sort of no there is people down the hole here there’s other people
in other events going in here if you want to communicate come close to one of
these light sources that way we might be able to pick up that you are here we
want to talk to anyone who stayed here so any patients any staff members maybe
you can make sound inside of this room was this your bedroom can you tap on the
wall touch one of us I really want this thing to go off
that’d be cool even if it other Goffe looks amazing it does do you not want it
to come towards the pretty light maybe you can touch it maybe you can come
towards the green light in my hand what is your role here why we at our doe what’s my stomach sorry that was a very
deep growl huh he’s still here looking after people maybe you’re here because
you need help maybe you’re stuck here maybe you’re stuck here maybe you’re
stuck here maybe you’re stuck here maybe you’re stuck here you know to know the
pings were so I can hear people down this might have been outside yeah I
think so their cup on the grips hitting it today the banging it sound like it came
from within the walls yeah yeah and I can’t really see out the window either
say I’m gonna see a tree there all right maybe we leave this room because I’m not
getting much on this what is this thing called me and it electro globe I don’t
know what that means yeah I love the way I’m gonna get one of those resident on
Amy’s crypt all right guys we’re gonna go for a walk now and suss out the rest
of the quarters here but I just wanted to know we just asked the guide that we
would about those bangs and he said there’s nothing on the side of this wall
it’s just like open nothingness there was definitely a tour guide come and
talk group coming through outside around that time so I don’t know what that
always could have been it’s kinda hard to bunk it as well that’s going a little
deeper Oh were those cobwebs
dude so many go in there Jared oh no I’m not there actually this this shower I
said no moto show yeah it’s funny because people voice that you could over
these scary places but sometimes the places that we stay in almost carried in
the haunted places that’s true I think we go through this door there’s a
corridor leading from that guys but the funny thing about our house it was
actually kind of designed like a labyrinth so you can’t get lost and
disoriented in here super super easy stairs here that was supposed to go up now there’s another grave down here I’m
gonna head down there there’s also like a resident bat here that that is
nicknamed by our tour guide Morgana and I love that so cute it’s almost like a
pit I guess at this stage oh yeah how was telling us before back
in Victorian age asylums was using really visited beautiful shop as a way
to treat and cure patients which were often referred to as you know immunity
or mental all these kind of words that we kinda see is to local trade out we
used to do medical turns back then but shop putting people in pop call water
was a way to show them another one was literally jumping out from behind wanna
to scare someone pushing him over foreign jumping from their body
basically was another way to shock people and then of course electroshock
therapy which was conducted here there’s quite a portable thing back in the
estate services so you permitted it with how they did it places like this the bathrooms is the
mirrors or we didn’t want to get immersed someone’s ringing food in the
mirrors can you see that that’s a bit cheeky
oh I said oh just the reason shut up listen yeah let’s do that what it does I dig indeed yeah I’m
filming directive F intake so you guys we’re in the bathroom and we just
switched up on the lights so it’s completely dark I’ve left Jared in that
toilet cubicle there where I had a breath it could have been an external
noise or something but I definitely heard that car yeah I mean so this is an
obvious which one of you may have heard of a nice never used one of these on the
channel before habit I don’t think in one of my like my second video or
something in Redwood I had a nautilus sorry young we normally use goes to
which is a similar sort of function dictionary pre-populated with common
words and then fluctuations in the environment can select words from the
dictionary so it could be random or basically how this works as well some
require mental fluctuations and spits out words from a database that’s kinda
cool bit different I’ve also got a k2 set up here I’m going to keep an eye on
that and let you know if anything wind comes for you how do you feel in that
jar thank you so I got birth and dig okay Priya nobody had birthday like this
this is making as much Washington I mean I wouldn’t be surprised and not saying
in this particular Ward but definitely at the hospital there would have been
people to give birth dig digging the hole maybe the babies didn’t make yeah I
don’t know is there a lady here with us did you select one free can hear some
noises in the background that’s just the other taking here with me because I kept
looking out this door and I think it’s maybe you like bending into my eyes from
looking at the torch just before but I just can’t be keep saying like why let’s
go ahead Satan can you out there is there something evil in here with us can
you show you this problem it’s Satan Satan Washington if the Sun in here
whether you’re evil or not can you come close to that great height on the floor he able to give us another word okay that sounded like that was in the
room with us did you just make a tapping noise can
you do that again feel field a few field what’s the relevance of
field let’s move into this section alright I talk to anyone that might be
in this area I want you to come and communicate I’m not here to hurt you I
knew that this was a terrible place when it was open but if you’re someone who
suffered here and you need someone to talk to click if you’re angry you know take out
some of your anger use jammed that’s definitely in the
other group can you come close and give me another word and you able to tell me
something about yourself maybe your name if you don’t give us another word we’re
gonna have to leave I’m gonna wrap this up okay this is hell sounds like this
heaps of people out there so let’s move on to next area all right so we just got
two more words became dirty let’s think it’s definitely dirty it’s about topper I am suppose I just
roll over maybe we cleanse Jim that they help you
or do they eat all right guys I’m gonna keep three all the way down this is the
right it’s like kids moved on me I’ll talk
about step past this so is there not a spirit in you and then
you have hurt people here before push them up against the wall if you don’t
like people entering the space make that known if you want me to leave this area
try to talk to me you can also touch us force us to get out my fingers little bathroom didn’t uh
it’s right just booting stab do you want to stop me just said Stubb well go on then do you like to hurt people who are you I think it sounds like it I don’t know
why don’t you you said stop hey what you want us to leave you go to her to us it’s very interesting way to get stabbed
in this area whether it’s known to be a violent and aggressive spirit I mean you
know what I’m like out you know you have something scratched me and pushed me
that’d be cool but yes I’m gonna do it something I was actually massive guys
those are the 60 buildings here knows basically a self-contained little town
it had its own piggery and they grew their own vegetables and at its peak
there was like a thousand patients and five hundred to stop so there’s a lot of
people here and this is just like a fire alarm system so it’s kind of a crude map
but it just shows you like all of the different places and I don’t I’m gonna
have to come back here because I’m not gonna be able to cover all of the places
here all of the hauntings or the ghost stories or anything in the two nights
that I’m yeah but you can just have a look go like how crazy is that
all right guys are in another section of the asylum now
with Scooby Doo who works here as hot as Erie tours and be the tour guide for a
long time very knowledgeable about not only the history but the ghost reasons
are cheers so watching sorry yes the minton function so this is with a lot of
mess so pretty much the botany is taking at all them as the ice pick which is a
long metal stick and ejecting it through the tear ducts which is closest to this
dome it’s actually the weakest possible and tabulated amount so it’s playing
around the frontal lobe which is trying to do trying change festive personality
so work one of three times other any worked and magically you were cured be
and apparently nothing had to be performed over over over in a very
painful process or see that’s where the chair drooling or worse it’s pretty
horrifying and you said was pretty much performed right here in
the middle of the room where I was standing
yes so there would be cheetah in the center of the room where the body would
be performed or where the bombing would be prepped there are two cells both
places in the procedure would be prepped and opening the first patient at the
room strap them down before the procedure
meanwhile the same actually is working here now the most decent part of our
belts police inquiry is the fact that this cell actually has a vent above it
which other else dissipation to here this current patient screaming and also
has a peephole sorry which allow them to watch the procedure that’s so horrible
and the lobotomy was performed here like on a lot of people it’s performed in
mass so I think what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go into some of these cells
and just try and reach out see if we can get any spiritual activity happening all
right guys so we know the incredibly dark history that happened here in the
hospital and in particular this room gonna head into one of these cells so these cells were where patients would
wait for if the thought of me just in the red that we came out of and you know
around and it’s almost like they tried to make it feel a little bit more
confident with you know cool paper and a window which you don’t gotta get out but
it’s just so creepy like which allows you just to see right down into what is
going on in that room so when it sort of a couple of things that I have here and
then we’ll reach out maybe do it in the dark so a couple of the tools I’ve got
I’ve got the cutest little music box guys so this I’ll make it play louder
for nifty trick in a little bit but music was apparently used here to soothe
patients in certain areas I’ve also got this I’m just known widely as a cattle
it’s literally like toys or like a cat’s thang and my claim is but it’s cool
because it’s only set off if I turn it on and by like emotion so the fault
being if we put it somewhere and it’s perfectly still and it lights up
something’s moving up so but in the midst of entry here are to
define standing here on the dock this is where people were waited for the blue
bar me I have my cap now if there are any spirits around anyone that wants to
talk to us can you come question this corner is the
bowl wonderful we push that only Ruby are my two cents late again we honestly
need some to communicate with we don’t need any comment we don’t you hey I’m
going to stop lights immediately of the asylum now but we didn’t really
get much yes my ball alright guys let’s move on to the next spot where most of
the violent and aggressive people weekend
I have something well I just don’t kids laughing like right here heard like we imagine that the screens are going back
there and whisper in my ear this door is
supposed to be closed did you know someone has been whoring and trying to
get out of it thank you guys so much for watching I hope that you enjoyed this
episode if you did I have a part 2 video coming on Aradale Lunatic Asylum
very soon so make sure that you’re subscribed if you did enjoy this video
though please remember to Like comment share and subscribe if you want to do
more reading on this place or other haunted places I visited head to you guys can also follow me @amyscrypt on Facebook Twitter and
Instagram thanks for watching Cryptkeepers until next time

Daniel Ostrander

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