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In this tutorial, we will learn to how to change the Time To Live (or TTL), of your records. The TTL of a DNS record signifies the amount of time that record will remain cached at the resolving name server. The two methods for modifying your TTL we are going to discuss are modifying the TTL of a single record, and modifying the TTL of multiple records at a time. Click a choice above if you’d like to skip ahead to either section. To modify a single record’s TTL, first click on Managed DNS under the DNS tab in the main menu. If you have recently modified the domain you want to work with, you can choose it from the Recently Updated Domains list. If your domain is not listed, enter your domain name in the Managed DNS search box. For this example, we will be working with the domain, Click the Records tab if it is not already the active tab. Select any of the records listed within your records grid, either by clicking their checkboxes and hitting the pencil icon, or by double clicking them to open the edit window for that record type. Click on the TTL field and enter the new value. Please Note: Be certain to not set your TTL too low, as too low a value may be ignored by some ISPs, and can default to a much higher value. DNS Made Easy recommends a TTL no lower than 180 seconds. Once you’ve entered your new value, hit the Submit button to confirm your changes. You can change more records from this window, by clicking the left and right arrow buttons, changing the TTL, and hitting Submit. Once you’ve finished making changes, hit the Close button to close the window. Next we are going to show you the steps involved in changing the TTL for multiple domains at once. First, click on Managed DNS, under the DNS tab on the main menu. Next, click the Bulk Select tab under Managed DNS on the left. Here, you can choose your domains by either entering their names in the Domain Names field above, or by attribute using the dropdowns below. To see a list of all the domains within your account, simply type an asterisk in the Domain Names Field,and hit the Search button. Choose the domains you’d like to edit and hit the Select Checked button. Make certain the Records tab is active. For this demonstration, we are going to edit the A Records in these domains. Under the I want to dropdown, select update records. In the of type dropdown, Select the record type you would like to change. In the replacing field, enter .* as this expression will select any value. You can also define a specific value if you are not looking to alter every record within the selected domains. In the in dropdown, select TTL. Enter the new TTL length in the with field. Once you’ve completed your configuration, click the Preview button to preview your changes. After you’ve reviewed your changes, click the Submit button to confirm them. Now, all A records within these domains have been updated with the new TTL you specified. For our full support knowledgebase, please visit For more tutorials and lessons on using DNS Made Easy,please visit

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