Million Dollar Listing NY: Fredrik Spends Time With 2 Important People (Season 7, Episode 6) | Bravo

Million Dollar Listing NY: Fredrik Spends Time With 2 Important People (Season 7, Episode 6) | Bravo

– Once upon a time, there was two babies. [babbling] Look, Milla. [humming]
Boop! And the big dada was always
working on a new deal. – [fussing] – I love this very much. – [fussing]
– [humming] Lisa, when is Derek coming
back? What did he say? – In two hours.
– Two hours? That’s okay,
Daddy’s a super dad. Oi, oi, oi, oi! Did you have a toy like this
when you were young? – We don’t have
that kind of toy, but we have different
kind of toy, like– – Really? [phone ringing]
Oh, hold on a second. Sorry. Hello, Fredrik here. – Hi, Adam, I have
two very important people and two very important
other people here. – They’re my babies, my angels. What’s up? – Wait, somebody who lives
there? A neighbor? – Those are always the buyers.
Those are always the people that know the building,
they’re ready. – When? – No, but I’m sitting like–
I’m with the kids. Adam, you can do it.
I believe in you. You can do it. I am doing everything
that I can to sell 443 Greenwich, and I’m pushing,
pushing, pushing. I’m calling back
every single person that came through the door. But no one is buying. If you have any interest,
if you want to put in an offer, I would do it soon,
if I were you. – I have a client
that’s interested, but the price
is a little high. – At this price, boy, we were
really hoping for parking. – The price
is a little too high for us. We want to keep
looking around. – The feedback has been
pretty much the same. The home is beautiful,
the market is tricky, and the price
is too high, high, high. Always the same. Give them information, just don’t give them
too much information. You wanted to be on my team. You can do it.
I believe in you. And Milla and Freddy
does, too, right? [high voice]
Yes. [low voice]
Yes. – Go sell it now. – Right? So what I was saying was once upon a time,
there was two angels and a daddy…

Daniel Ostrander

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21 thoughts on “Million Dollar Listing NY: Fredrik Spends Time With 2 Important People (Season 7, Episode 6) | Bravo

  1. Lee says:

    why do nannies on tv always wear scrubs?

  2. Huon Edwards says:

    Daddy home .

  3. Gina Pablo says:

    I'm a nanny and I'm not on tv. still I wear a scrub

  4. Marlynne K says:

    I want Fredrik and Derek to adopt me.

  5. Greg Norman says:

    cute babies

  6. Truth Hurts says:

    So cute.

  7. Brendan Madden says:

    So staged.

  8. theresa michaud says:

    With all the bad in the world today, Fredrick this made my 🍍❤️👣happy.ty for showing your beautiful babies.

  9. Kayla Valdellon says:

    family > money

  10. Beth Rumble says:

    Freddie should have asked bethenny Frankel to mind them that would be t.v gold

  11. NONEXISTENT says:

    So wonderful to see such love and affection. You are a wonderful daddy!!! ❤️☺️

  12. Joanne Pereira says:

    Beautiful babies Fredrik congrats to you & your partner beautiful family .. 😍❤️

  13. Doctor Crusher says:

    God Bless Fredrik and your angels. Australia 🇦🇺 💕

  14. The Rose Reporter says:

    God bless you Fredrik i am SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY for you both!!! You deserve all of the happiness that comes with being a daddy to two BEAUTIFUL blessed children that look like they are as in love with you as you are with them!!!!! Your journey was so heartbreaking to watch on tv. When you went to church that was so touching. I FULLY believe in god and not only does god make things happen to help people it comes out BETTER than ever imagined!!!! You have TWO beautiful beautiful angels from god a girl and a boy!!!!!!!

  15. Vax Not says:

    Those babies are not emotionally connected with Fredrik at all. Either he's not spending much time with them, or they are just zoned out from all the vaccines. Way too many vaccines given now days, at too early an age… causing brain damage.

  16. HH WE says:

    The phone is too close to the children, methinks.

  17. Greg Norman says:

    Beautiful twins

  18. Yougirl Kperry says:

    When a nanny is a nurse they were scrubs

  19. ciel222 says:


  20. Blenda Board says:

    Ohhh those beautiful babies !!! You're so blessed Fredrik , So happy for you . Please come back to Bravo MDL NY soon , so tired of LA . All summer's wayyy too long .

  21. Watchman Of Christ says:

    Leviticus 18:22
    Thou Shall "Not" Lie With Mankind, As With Womenkind. It Is Abomination.
    Romans 1 24-27.
    Wherefore God Also Gave Them Up To Uncleanness Through The List Of Their Own Hearts, To Dishonour Their Own Bodies Between Themselves.

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