MGTOW Dictionary: Mangina

MGTOW Dictionary: Mangina

A mangina, will often identify as male feminist welcome to make a dictionary the definition for today is made in
China mangina now slang derogatory a man with a pronounced
feminine side all week masculine side also slang a homosexual or bisexual
man’s anus and rectum a main china is a self-deprecating man
who subconsciously hates himself and blames men for the world’s problems and
blindly believes women are superior to him he has been raised to think masculinity
is inherently wrong perhaps even a genetic evolution very social floor and
must be corrected by embracing his feminine side to the point of losing the
very qualities that make him mail he believes women are beautiful innocent
angels that can do no wrong than men are filled the animals who need to be
controlled and told not to rate and main China will often identified as
a male feminist which is a blatant oxymoron well that’s it for today thank you for watching pleased

Daniel Ostrander

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1 thought on “MGTOW Dictionary: Mangina

  1. thebudkellyfiles says:

    This is very accurate. Thanks. Men today are the targets of mockery and abuse by their wives, families, schools, governments, police, and courts. From the time they are out of diapers they are taught not to be who they are. But the good side is that it has gotten so intolerable that men are dropping out of it and going their own ways. It is the BEST time to be a male. We are in the early days of a massive societal shift. The toothpaste is out of the tube, all over the fucking counter, and it ain't going back in. Celebrate your own liberation. It's a great time to be a guy. Thanks.

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