MeZeZe – The social phone book app

MeZeZe – The social phone book app

Sharon: A promise or a trouble, meet the surprising
app that lets us all share with everyone our private mobile phone book. This is an attempt
to kill the unrecognised phone calls, phone numbers you see on the screen and you don’t
know who it is. Maayan Priluk Shalom.
Maayan: Shalom Sharon. Sharon: Many questions about the app but lets
first show how it works. Maayan: This app basically Sharon let’s us
filter who we want, and answer who we want. An unrecognised call comes in, in the past
we didn’t know who is it, today, in matter of seconds, it will prompt on the screen who’s
calling us and sometime even his picture as you can see. How does it work, as soon as
I download the app, I share my entire phonebook with the database of the company MeZeZe who
developed this app. Sharon: This means if you, Maayan Priluk download
MeZeZe Maayan: Yes
Sharon: All of the numbers you have on your phone are public domain.
Maayan: MeZeZe’s database domain. Maayan: Now if someone from this database
will call someone else, the other person could see who it is. Now Sharon, in the meantime
over 10,000 people have already joined the service and there are 3.5 million phone numbers
in the database.It’s not a small number, it means almost everyone of our viewers is in
this database, by the way Sharon… Sharon: Hold on a second, have you downloaded
it? Maayan: I’ve downloaded it.
Sharon: So that means that now who ever is on this database can be expose to my number.
Maayan: Absolutely, I’m sorry Sharon. Sharon: Why are you smiling? Why does it make
you laugh? Sharon: It’s not funny, but you know Sharon,
this could be also dangerous, lets say some of the Israeli ministers will see it and will
decide to download it, that means the number of Bibi Netanyahu will be expose to the database.
Sharon: Even if I downloaded it everyone who’s on my contact list will be on this database.
By the way, if you saved on my phone as “Maayani Nani” for instant, or I named someone “Avi
the pain in the ass”, everyone see’s him like that?
Maayan: So this is the deal, let’s give another scenario, if it saved as “Sharon Gal” for
most of the people, and in your mother’s phonebook you’re saved as “Sharon the cutie”, so the
app’s algorithm will check for the best match and you will show up as “Sharon Gal”, but
if lets say you’re saved at other people’s phone book as Sharon the cutie”, then you
have a problem. Sharon: Ah… listen, is it even legal?
Maayan: Um… look, the creators of this app say it’s legal.
Sharon: He compares it to Facebook, he says… Maayan: He compares it to every app, he says
that today in every app, in every website they collect this information about us. Facebook
have unlimited information about us. Sharon: By the way everybody writes “Dad”,
“Mom”, in there own private phone book, so if everyone is going on this database and
everybody wrote “Dad” and “Mom” what’s then? Maayan: So yes, in case of generic names such
as “Dad”, “Mom”, “Brother”, “Sister”, they clear it automatically, but again with names
that are less common like “Sharon the cutie” there could be a problem
Sharon: Or “Maayani Nani”, it sounds more unique.
OK the app’s parade chart, lets see who got in and who got out, what is going on in the
top Let’s just clarify that what we’ve talked right now is for Android and people with Jailbreake
iPhone. Maayan: True
Sharon: Now for the parade. Maayan: So in the parade. In the 3rd place
an application of “Savta Zapta” it’s called angry grandmother, a grandmother that beats
up and trying to blackmail money, trying to gain points, something cute, easy and nice.
In 8th place application for adults only, app for sex; tips, tricks, trivia, get in
and see for yourself, I won’t elaborate. Sharon: OK
Maayan: And in the last place if you’re familiar with Rock Band or Guitar Hero, so here we
have it as a mobile version. You can fool around, play songs using your phone and enjoy
this thing. Sharon: Nice, seems fun. By the way who’s
in the first place? Do you remember? Maayan: At first place is some sort of game.
Sharon: A game… Maayan, Thanks! Maayan: Thank you Sharon

Daniel Ostrander

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