Do you know that doctors want you to measure
your blood pressure and glucose at home and throughout the day? Because, when you measure at home, you are
more likely to know what causes your blood pressure or glucose to spike and then you’re
more likely to keep them under control. Introducing, MedCheck! MedCheck is connected medical kit containing
blood pressure and glucose meters. The devices are clinically approved. They connect to your smartphone via blue tooth. The MedCheck app keeps your blood pressure
and glucose history in easy-to-understand graphs and filters. MedCheck apps allows you to send your measurements
to friends and families, and even to doctors nearby- all in real-time. It’s ideal for your aging parents so that
you can keep track of their health 24×7. MedCheck is suitable for old age homes and
corporates. MedCheck. Bring Healthcare Home.

Daniel Ostrander

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