McMaster Engineering: Department of Computing & Software

McMaster Engineering: Department of Computing & Software

To feel, that is evolving, changing
everyday. And our mission is really to provide our students with the best education, and the richest education that will allow them to evolve. They need to have those skills, they need to have the right fundamentals, and they need to have the right practical skills, that will allow them to be extremely successful. I’m Professor Ridha Khedir. I’m the Chair of the Department of Computing and Software. What distinguishes our department, from other departments in Canada, is the rich blend of theory and practice that we provide in the curricula of all our programs. What is beautiful about the Department of Computing and Software, it’s an environment where you have many programs that are related to computing, but they are diverse. For us we see it as a sign of richness because it allows our students to build relationships across this area. So that is a kind of diversity that we are proud of at our department. My name is Monica Bialy. I am a PhD student here at McMaster University in the Computing and Software Department So McMaster University has a unique software engineering program, as one of the few that are actually available in Ontario, specifically in software engineering, so that’s what really drew me towards McMaster University. But also the fact that the faculty has a very dynamic range of research areas, and there’s a lot to choose from. I could read up on the different faculty and see what they were currently researching and where my interests aligned with theirs. What I really love about the Department of Computing and Software is there are so many options for careers. I love programming and I love mechanical physics. So I really wanted to combine those two together in my Mechatronics Degree. I find it’s a really good program. It has a ton of different options, you learn so many different things. It’s really diverse. I found my experience here at McMaster to be very hands-on and experiential. The community is prevelent, you know not just within mechatronics, but within various disciplines. We take courses with engineering physics, we take courses with mechanical , and we’re able to branch out and form communities across disciplines. Which I find is really interesting because there’s a lot more than just software behind something and you need to be able to relate to
that. I think it’s really important to be able to give students, both at the undergrad and the grad level, opportunities to work on problems that
are not just academic, that they see the relevance of the problems they’re working on in industry. I think what inspires me the most about students, my department is the curiosity. And it’s my job to satisfy that curiosity and to take it beyond. Not just what the textbook is but to show them what some of the real world applications are.

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    I am very impressed with all the information in this video and hopeful to be part of this program in future.

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