Manual Multi Variation Listing Ebay Dropshipping Home Based Job Online Philippines Part 8

Hello and welcome to our channel. So now I will teach you how to create multivariaton listing. For those who watch our video for the first time Please visit our channel and watch our quick guide for us to know the content of our channel and what videos we need to watch first and please don’t forget to click the subscribe button So as you can see here in my screen, there is a variation listing in this item if you take a look at this T-shirt it has different sizes Then, it can be color or size but in this one, it has only 1 there’s only one dropdown menu here This is what we called the variation listing and this second one is an example of multi-variation listing It has color and it has size, so there are two dropdown menus that we can choose from So, this is the sample of the item that we will list if you noticed there’s is no variation listing there’s no multi-variation listing it just a single listing but the product that we found, it has different colors and it has different sizes we will not list all in here we will just get 3 colors and 3 sizes for example, ill get the brown color ill get the blue color and white color and the sizes that I will get is only full, queen and king this is what we will do today so here in our eBay Click the sell button next, we will put the title here like what we did in a variation listing so for now since since we are only copying our competitor’s title it has a particular size which is queen size we will not include this because we will list multi-variation we have sizes and colors I’ll copy the title, paste then get started and we will not select anything from here continue without selecting a product So, we have a title now we will not put any color in the title Here in the custom label, since we don’t have any item number or we don’t have any other VA working with us so we will skip this next is the category home and garden bedding sheets let’s check it in our competitor’s category if we use the same category bedding and sheets Next is create variation Here in create variation, we will delete all this we will add size and color instead I will add color save and I will add the size so I will add the color first I will put color brown, blue and white brown blue and white We can see it in the right portion of the page Then, I will ad the sizes which are Full size, let’s find it here There’s no full size here so we go to create your own then we type full size then add full size so now we can see it here, full size here in this portion so next is the queen size and then the king size then I’ll click continue next is we will upload a photo I will upload the brown color then I’ll upload the main photo of color blue then I’ll upload the main photo of the color white I will click this right click then save as but I actually saved it already to cut our video short so it’s here now, its already saved so now I will just upload it add photos select all then upload so ill use the white color as the main photo because this is what we need to use in the front picture this is just an example because as you can see, it hasn’t been sold and we will not look for this just in case we found the same listing like this one single listing then the item that we found that is same as this has variations so thats the time we will do it but we do not do it often so I will use white as the main photo I will drag the photo here in the first box then I will go to add variation photos Click this drop-down menu and choose the color I will click the brown, then upload the photo of brown I will click the blue, then upload the photo of blue just like what we did in creating variation listing while it’s uploading you can leave it behind then white So now we have brown we have blue and we have white then if you notice here the variation for brown color also has a full size, queen size, and king size same as blue and white here in UPC, I will put does not apply all of them Next, let’s check for the price so for the price, here in amazon, is $24.99 we will compute it let’s say $25 $25 multiply by 0.16 which is the break-even equals to 4 25 multiply by 0.1 which is for the 10% profit equals 2.5 so 24 25 I mean plus 4 or $4 for break-even plus 2.5 so our final price is 31.5 so we will put it here in our price here because if we check the white color for full size, we need to pay attention The full size is $24.99 queen size is $24.99 and the king size is also $24.99 but here for brown color price for king size is $21.99 for full size, the price is $24.99. so the king size is cheaper. so what im going to do is I will put 24 point or 31.5, this will be the final price rather 31.5, 31.5 for the king size 19.99 so for me I will not compute this anymore I will put the same prices for all this because there’s only one that differs from the other I will make it 31.5 then, save and close then I will go here UPC Does not apply Because we already put it in the variation listing that we created Condition is new with the tag because the items that we sell are all brand new we already uploaded photos Type is a bedding set For the brand, we put does not apply and whatever specification that we can input material is microfiber fabric we can input that here then the pattern is solid MPN – does not apply and whatever specification that we can add next is the description let’s copy the description we will not include the money-back or lifetime guarantee copy and paste here then the eBay title and if we see any other specification or descriptions in the lower part of the page since we dont see anything here to add or we can still add this product description we will also add it here so now, we will arrange it so now what we are going to do is for the pricing, we will not put anything because we already input the prices in the variation listing that we created so now we will go down to the lower part so we can list it so check first in Sell it faster if our client wants to promote his listing like what I’ve explained in variation listing so we will not promote this listing so we will now list the item This is how to create a multi-variation listing The valid price is 0.99 so let’s check the preview first so we can see it since we are having troubles here so this is what our list looks like we have the multi-variation menu or we have two drop-down menus here that the buyer can choose from color and sizes and this is our description we will arrange this this is only an example on how to create multi-variation This is how to create a multi-variation listing here on eBay And for the monitoring, this is what we gonna do we will input the eBay title here we will input our supplier which is Amazon and the link from amazon Next is the size, variations the supplier’s price and our final price which is 31.5 so we will put 31.5 here so as you can see here the break-even automatically calculates so now if you input variations here, put brown F for full size put brown Q for queen size put brown K for Kingsize same as for blue and for white then you put the link one by one and also the price here so that we can see the profit I have a video for this in video number 9 on how to create this manual monitoring sheets So this is how to create a multi-variation listing here our next video is creating bunde listing so stay tuned Goodluck and thank you very much

Daniel Ostrander

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