Locate High Bandwidth Users and Devices On Your Network

Locate High Bandwidth Users and Devices On Your Network

[Music] By combining SolarWinds Bandwidth Analyzer Pack and User Device Tracker, you can quickly identify high bandwidth
users. Bandwidth Analyzer Pack resolves their IP address and hostname, and then
User Device Tracker instantly provides the associated Active Directory user
info, the user’s MAC and switch port location, instead of having to look at
Active Directory logs or tracking them down through ARP entries and CAM tables. On the NetFlow summary page, you can see which flow
sources, endpoints, applications, geographies, and conversations are
consuming the most bandwidth on your network. Let’s select one of the 10
endpoints and drill into it. For any IP address, BAP can tell you which
applications and protocols are the main consumers of bandwidth, including packets
and bytes transferred over time. When integrated with UDT, the dashboard
displays endpoint details and user contact info. If you decide to knock the
user off the network, UDT enables you to jump immediately to
the switch port tied to the IP address. The Port Details view shows you detailed
info on the port history, and gives you the power to shutdown the port and cut
off the activity of this high bandwidth user. Save time tracking down high
bandwidth users by combining the functionality of Bandwidth Analyzer Pack and User Device Tracker. Learn more at SolarWinds.com. [Music]

Daniel Ostrander

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