It is the political, cultural center,
financial and commercial of Peru; too called the city of kings, concentrates
much of the gastronomic diversity Peruvian, making it a perfect
tourist destination to know welcome to Lima Lima is the capital city of the
Republic of Peru, is located on the central coast of the country, on the banks
from the pacific ocean, at a height average of 161 meters above the level
from sea forming an extensive and populous area
urban known as metropolitan Lima Lima was founded in 1535 as the
city ​​of kings so designated by Francisco Pizarro, the center of it
Historic Lima was listed as cultural heritage of humanity by
the UNESCO the climate of the city has a high
atmospheric humidity level and the highest part of the year frequents a cloudy sky
that is why they call it popularly like Lima ” the gray one ” Lima is considered the center
political, cultural, financial and commercial of Peru, and was also named capital
Latin American gastronomy turning it into a big city
recipient of national tourism and international, where every traveler arrives at
get to know this beautiful city if you find yourself in tourism in this
beautiful place i recommend you for own experience the following
places you should know yes or yes in your visit, so come with me to meet him;
number 1, Lima’s main square Lima’s main square is the site
foundational and main public space of the city, is located in the center
historic Lima adorned by colorful very well preserved gardens,
lush palm trees and in the center a Baroque style pool, made of bronze,
which is crowned by a figure allegorical on top, known
as fame, however, the figurine original from this source disappeared in
the year 1900 which is in the today is a replica based on
images and research collected around it stands out in plain sight the
government palace of Peru headquarters principal of the Peruvian executive branch and
the official residence of the president of the Peru then we will see the municipal palace of
Lima, which is the headquarters of the metropolitan municipality of this
city and throughout a whole block the
archbishop’s palace and the beautiful basilica Metropolitan Cathedral of Lima and Primate
From Peru which began its construction in the century
16, which was initially a small chapel and that over the years
became a perfect work of architectural styles, which
they developed in this city, to learn more about the history of these two
last places inside we will find, the cathedral museum of
Lime to enter we will have to pay 10
soles by the entrance, on screens you can appreciate schedules and rates This museum has its origins in the years
70 formed with liturgical objects and ornamentals of the same cathedral and with
pieces of art from private collections, these objects are
distributed in the current environments from the basilica, where they have been enabled
rooms for your best exhibition in our tour we will find
beautiful sculptures paintings and liturgical ornaments, shown in
these spaces, which add value to the tour, just show you a little
part of the museum because it is very extensive !! we can also access the crypts
that encloses this place where we will appreciate the typical burials of the
viceregal time, where they are buried bishops, archbishops, up
small coffin of children, among others. finished our visit to this
amazing museum, a few steps we’ll see each other attracted by the archbishop’s palace museum
from Lima if you want to visit both museums you can
request the joint ticket, which you save 5 soles, if we don’t have to pay
15 soles per ticket, on screens you can appreciate the schedules and rates as soon as you enter the first floor of
museum you will be amazed by the internal structure of this place,
honestly it’s very pretty in its internal rooms a
rich collection of viceregal art, brought from different convents and churches, such
as liturgical utensils boxes and beautiful canvases concerning the virgin
mary dating from the 16th century while the second floor is
turns into a spectacular walk through the different spaces that make up the
archbishop’s house as the dining room, the chapel and the same archbishop’s office Before continuing please invite you to
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Number 4; convent convent of santo domingo located one block from the plaza
arms of Lima, in the jirón camaná, is The glorious convent of Santo Domingo,
which has its origins from the first lima foundation day, in January of
1535 on screens you can appreciate the
museum schedules and rates, we pay for the ticket and we are already inside the tour begins knowing the
only bell tower that can be visited throughout the historic center of Lima, but you have to
keep in mind that the schedule for access to the tower is from 11 in the
tomorrow until 4:30 pm, and Admission is only for people over 18
years of not meeting this age alone you can visit the rest of the museum from the top of the tower you will have some
incredible panoramic views of the entire historic center, you will appreciate the
Lima Cathedral, the first cloister of the convent, views of the city, among others then we will descend to appreciate
briefly inside the basilica of Holy Sunday, to address the first
cloister, which has a beauty that will attract your attention immediately this convent reached its maximum
splendor towards the middle of the 17th century for the innumerable fruits of holiness
science and for the magnificence of its building, this convent left 18
bishops, many teachers and rectors of the San Marcos University, because in this
convent were born the major university from San Marcos and the University of San
martín de porres then we will enter to know the writing
Santa Rosa de Lima and its majestic chapel we will finally reach the chapel of
San Martin de Porres, where the Tomb of this great apostle of charity,
it is also exposed in pictures that they represent the miracles of martin and the
place where he had his bedroom or cell This is a spectacular museum which
you have to meet !! number 5, san francisco convent museum and
catacombs, located two blocks from the Lima’s main square in El Jirón
ancash, is part of the monumental complex Saint Francis of Jesus the Great, which
It was founded by Fray Francisco de la cross in the year 1546, to enter
we must pay 15 soles for adults, this includes the guided service for everything
the museum, we just have to wait a moment and then we enter during the tour we can observe
an outstanding religious heritage as his important collection of tiles that
you’ll notice until around the first patio of the museum, it also has a large
art gallery and environments for the exhibition of a large collection of
canvases, in which a large canvas stands out from the last supper then we will observe the chapter room
to finally descend to the crypts San Francisco, although they have gained fame
with the name of catacombs by its similarity with the romans, this is the
part that most impresses visitors since they were the old
cemetery in colonial times it was functioning as such until 1810 and
it is estimated that at that time it should have to house 25 thousand people in the
today you can see a good number of bones classified by types
and willing on some occasions to quite artistic way, as we can
appreciate in the mass grave, in this video I only showed you a small part of
extensive and majestic this museum is which should be on your itinerary of
travel number 6, art museum of L, ima,
it is a precursor construction in Latin America, it is one of the most
Early and important works done with the iron construction technique of
neo-Renaissance style inside on the second floor is
permanently exposes more than 1200 pieces of a collection made up of
more than 17 thousand works that narrates 3000 years of Peruvian art history throughout our tour we will observe
different rooms, which include pieces artistic pre-Inca cultures
such as moche, nasca, vicus among others; composed of pieces of
ceramics, textiles and goldsmiths, from mainly from funeral garments that
were found throughout the Peru we will also see a fantastic collection
of pictorial pieces of colonial art from Lima and Cusco schools of
painting throughout our tour we will enter
different rooms like silverware, art Republican art of manners
20th century, photography, contemporary art, among others;
forming a complete and very museum dynamic, which invites you to tour
its renovated rooms that cover an area 4500 square meters number 7, larco museum located in the district of free town,
on Simon Bolivar Avenue number 1515 is the larco museum, to enter
we will have to pay 35 soles to adults as well as appreciate it on screen in 1926 at the age of 25 Rafael Larco
Hoyle founded the larco museum, with the help of his father managed to acquire several
archaeological collections of the coast north gathering approximately 45 thousand
pieces due to insufficient information
Archeology of the 20s, Rafael Larco Hoyle devoted himself to the study of the former
Peru, he investigates and digs scientifically archeological sites of
the north coast and therefore is considered one of the parents of archeology
peruvian the visit begins with the gallery of
cultures of ancient Peru, where we can appreciate the amazing ceramic art and
textile considered by researchers as
a rich source of information about various aspects of societies that
they created it then we will enter the largest
jewelery collection used by several rulers of pre-Columbian Peru, from
a collection of crowns, earmuffs, nose rings, jewelry, masks and glasses,
finely worked in gold and silver if you thought this was all, it’s not like that,
upon entering the visitable deposits you will be impressed with the magnitude of
pieces collected in this place, this is amazing are 30 thousand pieces
ceramic archeology carefully classified, to make our
visit a unique experience; Finally the tour ends with the erotic salt,
a collection of ceramic pieces that refers to desire, attraction and union
of forces, which allow regeneration life constant the long museum is a space that seeks
inspire your visitors to connect with the museum’s collection and history
of ancient Peru, which must be a infallible place in your visit Lima;
number 8, national archeology museum anthropology and history of Peru on screen you can appreciate the rate and
entry times, we cancel the cost and we are already inside,
the national archeology museum anthropology and history of peru is the
the first museum in this country the largest ancient and representative of Peru, its
importance lies in the valuable cultural heritage that guard their
deposits and repositories, which houses approximately 300 thousand pieces that
make up the prehispanic past colonial and republican of Peru, in the
currently it is closed partially the museum due to
improvements that are being made in this place, with a view to the bicentennial of
the independence of Peru that will celebrate in the year 2021 In this video I will only show you what
which is available to visit and is the historic fifth of
liberators which has some environments
associated with don José de San Martín and his government plan, we can also
observe the liberator’s residence Simón Bolívar where we will appreciate the
deliverer’s belongings such as the bedroom, office, dining room between
others then we will access the central courtyard of
the fifth of the liberators, which is adorned with leafy trees, gardens
and among them the fig tree of Simón Bolívar and finally we will enter a great
living room that is decorated in the center with the canvas of the proclamation of the
independence of peru and around other canvases of that time this is an amazing museum and very
complete, I tell you because I was here some years ago, and I met him in his
total for the year 2021, this museum is will show in all its splendor,
if you are watching this video in the future go and meet him !! Number 9, Huaca Pucllana Site Museum on screens you can appreciate the
museum schedules and fees, eye, to take into account the days tuesday
is closed The Huaca Pucllana Site Museum is
opened in 1984, as a result of research, conservation and
restoration started in 1981, to safeguard objects
archaeological recovered and maintain a good condition of the site to ensure your
conservation Huaca Pucllana is a place
archaeological belonging to the culture Lima of the development period
regional, built almost in its totality with adobes, filled with songs
rolled and sand It is made up of a pyramid of 25
meters high and a set of courtyards squares and enclosures northwest of it,
It has 6 hectares but towards the decade of the 40s the area tripled
the current, abandonment and disinterest in the past made you valuable
evidence and smaller pyramids were destroyed for construction
of homes, avenues and parks the place is amazing, impress to see that
our ancestors will use millions of little adobes to create such fantastic
construction, therefore it has been constituted as one of the main attractions
tourist of the metropolitan Lima At the end of the tour we can access
the exhibition hall where you compiled important findings
found in the huaca pucllana number 10, the miraflores boardwalk located in the district of miraflores
near the cliff, it has the views most beautiful of the pacific ocean and of the
Lima bay you can take a tour very
relaxing knowing all the parks that are in this place, during
the walk you will see how it merges the city, nature and
sports activities or recreation, in complete harmony,
Just give yourself a moment, observe, breathe deeply and relax, watching the
panorama throughout the walk you can see several and very careful
green spaces, then you can meet the famous love park and next to the
Eduardo Villena bridge, characterized for its impressive structure
architectural We will finally arrive at Salazar Park,
in which it is located nestled in the cliffs and oceanfront, downtown
larcomar commercial, which has a patio of meals, entertainment, restaurants and
stores of the most famous brands of world Number 11, Kennedy Park to 10
blocks from the Miraflores seawall find the kennedy park or also
known as the cat park attractive you’re not just get to
place It is made up of colorful vibrant gardens trees, kittens by
everywhere and the sway of life Lima daily life but without a doubt its appeal
main are the kittens, these are stroll through the park’s gardens
looking for food, others sleeping and also looking for caresses of the
visitors number 12, the bridge of sighs located in the heart of the district of
Ravine and two blocks from the park municipal of the same name, is
surrounded by an atmosphere with an essence special that will transport you
immediately to the past, with their picturesque mansions, streets and its beautiful
bohemian atmosphere, is the most famous bridge of sighs opened in 1876 it was built to
join the ends of the creek and power allow the banks of the
Ayacucho street and the Hermitage the bridge has an approximate of 8
meters and a half high, with 44 meters long by 3 wide; there is a tradition that points out that who for the first time sees the bridge and he crosses it without breathing, the wish he asks will be fulfilled the bridge inspired an
Chabuca’s famous song by the composer Granda, titled ” The Bridge of the
sighs ” around it we will find the church
the Hermitage and the square Chabuca Granda in which is the sculpture of Chabuca
Granda, accompanied by the Jose Antonio chalan Lavalle, song inspiration
”Jose Antonio” from that place you can descend
to the beach through a creek access natural, which has maintained its harmonious
style with artistic manifestations incredible, surrounded by a variety of bars,
Creole rocks, among others number 13, the archaeological sanctuary of
Pachacamac located in the lurin district and more
one hour from the city center of Lima, is the archaeological sanctuary
from Pachacamac It has a modern museum that serves as anteroom for the visit to the sanctuary
explain its importance and show the main archaeological finds
coming from the site if you are looking for more information on how to get there
to this archaeological complex of the way as economical as possible, click on it,
there you will find all the details of the routes, rates and schedules, which you
will serve to know this fantastic place Pachacamac was the main sanctuary of
the central coast for more than 1000 years, their temples were visited by
crowds of pilgrims on occasion of great Andean rituals, well pachacamac
it was a successful oracle capable of predict the future and control
earth movements the construction that stands out is the
Acllawasi of Pachacamac an elegant adobe building with stone bases
Inca style, where they lived and worked women selected by their
manual, culinary skills or by your physical beauty, and they were at the service
of the state; the Acllawasi of Pachacamac apparently was one of the most
large and important of the coast It is one of the places that should be in
your visit to the city of Lima number 14, matías presbyter cemetery
teacher on screens you can appreciate the
schedules and rates of the place, if you think make use of your camera
you will have to pay 11 soles for the permission, we make the payment and we are
indoors the cemetery presbyter matías maestro
It is the oldest cemetery in Peru that for its great architecture and
fine sculptures is valued by thousands of national and national visitors
foreigners, therefore it is considered by Unesco as one of the cemeteries
most beautiful in Latin America and recognized as cultural heritage of the nation the cemetery houses many graves
historical figures among which highlights the crypt of the heroes of the
pacific war where they rest in peace the remains of Miguel Grau
Seminar, by Francisco Bolognesi and Andrés Avelino Cáceres, among others we will also find the graves of
distinguished historical figures like Oscar Benavides, Ricardo Palma,
Manuel Prado Ugarteche, Hipólito Unanue Ramón Castilla
Alfonso Ugarte Luis Manuel Sánchez Cerro, Augusto B. Leguia, Habich Ciro Joy and José Gálvez and many more that
They are distributed throughout the whole cemetery if you come to know this majestic
graveyard, get ready because you’re going to have to walk a lot in your journey,
yes in box office they give you a map to that you can guide yourself the cemetery consists of 766 mausoleums and
92 historical monuments of the most Refined architecture, which saves the
remains of men and women who they were in charge of writing the history of
Peru and finally, number 15, the circuit
water magic the magic water circuit or also
called water park, it was inaugurated on July 26, 2007, it is
one of the great municipal projects relevance, city icon and symbol
of the recovery of public spaces from Lima if you are looking for more information on how to get there
to this fantastic place as well as information on schedules and rates,
just click up there you will find all the details that you
they will help a lot It has 13 cyber sources
supported with the highest technology where music, water and laser lights are
mix to present the shows unique and amazing The magic source you see on the screen is
one of my favorites, the magic that detach this fountain is amazing all
the show is very similar to that of a majestic geyser of more than 80 meters
Tall and finally the source of fantasy,
this is the most amazing source of all the circuit 120 meters long and more
20 meters wide, it reflects a hydraulic choreography that
synchronizes the movement of water, the color and music the magic water circuit is very but
very beautiful and is also super recommended ideal to have a good time with your
couple, friends and family, which you have what to know and here it has come adventurers and
adventurous, Lima is a very city large and with many tourist destinations
to know maybe this video doesn’t fully summarize all places,
but at least you know what you have to know yes or yes on your visit, these 15
mentioned places should be infallible, there are more places but that
I leave you for you to discover! without further ado I send greetings,
good vibes and many successes please subscribe, like, comment and
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