Life with a Criminal Record | Lineup | Cut

Life with a Criminal Record | Lineup | Cut

– [Interviewer] Have you
ever been in a lineup? – I have, quite a few (laughs). – I’m Lamar. – I’m Stan. – I’m L. L. Royale, and I
was a part of the Lineup. Who has a criminal record? – [Interviewer] What is
your criminal history? – Second degree assault
and damage of property – I got DUI. – So, I have a total of 29
convictions on my record with three of them being felonies and the rest of them misdemeanors. – [Interviewer] How do you feel about us having a game called Lineup when you’ve actually been in a lineup? – You may have sold meth
outside of a gas station. (all laugh)
– I know my background, and so like I know what I’ve done and I know everything that led up to that. To just see other people
from different backgrounds and different walks of life,
it was really interesting. – [Interviewer] What did you think about your experience here today? Well, it was definitely fun, and it was a learning experience and fun to see the guys that come in and guessin’ and tryin’ to see who’s who. – I really like your whole get up. I don’t think you have a criminal record? – How are you judging
this just on my clothes? – You have, it’s Chuckie
– It’s Chuckie. I think that the character
that you portray now should be, you know, judge me by my character and the content of my actions
and not, you know, how I look, ’cause you can have someone,
the lady with all the tattoos, someone said she was a criminal. – I think that you’ve
gotten in a little trouble. It’s the tattoos. – You look like you should
belong in like Fast and Furious. – You know how to fight? – I think everyone guessed me
as having a criminal record, and I have nothing. – [Interviewer] (laughs)
What is it about you? – I don’t know, maybe my look, I mean tattoos I guess are related. I don’t really know, I feel
like if I was to see myself, I wouldn’t think that
I had anything on me. – Tell me your story. – I got like a DUI for three. – Oh
– And robbery – And robbery, okay. – And burglary
– And okay Do you have any more? – Attempted arson – [Interviewer] Uh, we brought you in not knowing you had a criminal record. – Right, right, right. – [Interviewer] And then all of a sudden you were willing to share your history. – My whole life I’m going to be talking about the mistakes that I’ve made. I’m studying for criminal justice, so I can get into counseling, youth counselin’, youth
intervention, gang intervention. I wanna be one of those guys
to say, “Hey, I’ve been there, and you’re gonna end up dead
or you’re gonna end up in jail, but you can break that cycle.” ‘Cause they don’t care,
the police don’t care. They will happily throw you
in jail, throw you in prison. If you have kids, they don’t care. If you’re pregnant, they don’t care. If you have a drug problem,
rather than gettin’ you help for the drugs, they don’t care, they’ll just throw you in
prison, so it’s up to us to make our own choices to
make lives better for us because they call it a
correctional facility, but they don’t care about correcting, they just want to lock people up. – All right, so when I
was 18, I was arrested for assault and damage of property because I did not snitch on
a person who actually did it. – Proud of you. – I was raised in the hood of
Baltimore, like the gutters. The most common phrase growin’
up was snitches get ditches. I wasn’t ready to lose my
life over tellin’ on somebody which really wasn’t my story to tell. I said I didn’t do it,
and I left it at that. – [Interviewer] What are some
of the major consequences of all the stuff on your record? – Loss of freedom. I mean out of all of the charges the longest time I’ve spent was 96 days, and in those 96 days I was
in three different jails because I didn’t keep
my crimes to one area. I don’t wanna say that I regret it. I don’t wanna say that I would change it or anything like that either
because I like who I am today, and I know that I am who I am today because of what I’ve been through. Find a passion, what I
needed, what it took for me to finally figure things out
and to get clean and whatnot, I had to figure out what I wanted to do. – My advice would be you know find out who you are as a person. You know, do you know what you’re doin’? Do you know where you’re headed? Do you know who you could be? – [Interviewer] Do you
have any words of advice? – Just don’t get caught. Right, I mean, just don’t get caught. I know a lot of people
that do a lot of things too and they haven’t gotten in trouble yet. – I’m sensing crazy ex-wife. Like I feel like you
probably like murdered your significant other for like cheatin’. You came home, you saw them in bed, and it was a wrap like
you know, beat that ass. You probably called the cops on yourself. Like, “Hey I killed my
husband, come take me.”

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Life with a Criminal Record | Lineup | Cut

  1. Sally Meatballs says:

    I wish this video was longer and went a little more in depth. Having a record myself (from 30 years ago) and everything I've overcame and accomplished since then I know what they're talking about. Its very hard to change EVERYTHING about yourself. From your way of thinking, way of living, your friends… BUT it can be done. Like one of them said, Stan, I think, its up to the person to want to change bcuz no one can or will do it for you. Props to all these brave souls!!!

  2. Ella Pearce says:


  3. Sally Meatballs says:

    How is this the post interview. Its the same as the one I just watched. My comment from the 1st vid is even here….wtf? Lol

  4. Just Awesome :: says:

    I have a record🤦‍♀️

  5. Raymond Reddington says:

    The DUI bitch is the worst one, imo. People who drink and drive should be banned from driving for life.

  6. Lina Wahlberg says:

    Can you guys make a lineup where they guess people's ages?

  7. Claudia leal says:

    29 charges and the longest sentence was 93 days…wow with 3 felonies?? That's why Kim K is out here getting first time drug offenders out of LIFE SENTENCES. Criminal system is definitely broken.

  8. Clovis roi des Francs says:

    I love the purple man style

  9. Izabel Elise says:

    A good video idea is match handwriting to person

  10. MKF30 says:

    Isnt the chick @0.17 in Cobra Kai? Lol

  11. Kevin says:

    What is the Tattoo'd asians insta

  12. Hi it’s Vesssa says:

    Wow 0:03 gave me goosebumps

  13. McKenzie Rector says:

    I feel like people need to normalize other people who have criminal records. I have a criminal record and people always seem to think you have to be a bad person or a violent person to have one, but nope! normal girl over here, just made some mistakes. even people with violent records (most of the time) realize what they did wrong and they change it. we need to encourage these people, not make them feel like the odd man out!

  14. Lenalight says:

    I overheard a coworker say, “Oh, I snitched on him.” I interrupted the coworker and said, “Snitching is never good. Talk to that person in private first and if it escalates go up the ladder, but never snitch.”

  15. Elsa Normén says:


  16. Gunnar Colleen says:

    Damn I have so much respect for these people! It's hard to change your path especially when, as Stan said, the system isn't interested in correcting they just wanna stick you in jail. It must take some fucking guts to go on video talking about your past like this

  17. Daniel Williams says:

    I don't understand why people keep saying cops don't care. Most of them care but if you keep seeing people doing the same dumb stuff or you tried to help them and they continue disrespect you, why should they continue to care? Or expected them to care as if they are your mom or dad? Adult need to be responsible for their own selves and their own actions. Yes people make mistakes one or two times but 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. And still blame the cop that they don't care? Remember cops are humans. They have emotions, they get scared, do dumb stuff, can die from a bullet, can get hurt from a fight, cry, get sad, and care about their community.

  18. Saskia Den Boer says:

    I'm happy the bald dude in blue that was called "creepy" was able to speak out and seems passionate about the change. I def don't consider him creepy anymore.

  19. the lou says:

    What does DOI standfor, english isnt my first langague and im stupid so i dont now

  20. 90's Mary says:

    "Don't get caught" is the worse thing to say, so unfair to the victims… I am a victim myself, a person ran me over with a car while drunk driving and ruined my whole life and education, and she didn't "get caught", and it's is disturbing for me to see she is able to go to the university while I am bed bound, she is still drinking alcohol while I couldn't drink a sip of water without help. and it would be more disturbing if that girl with tattoos goes to her and be like "Good job you didn't get caught".

  21. Catapillargirl 20 says:

    I feel bad for all the disdain for police officers. After all it literally is their job to arrest people & not to correct their behavior. There should be better services for that, I agree, but that’s not the fault of the police. They risk their lives for us & to that I am thankful.

  22. PX Xaver says:

    Respect and thank you for being this open!

  23. Sabrina A says:

    Can y’all provide their names in text on the screen.

  24. Ohshii says:

    As a 2 strike felon, I respect all of them for bouncing back from dark times in their lives. I also respect all the comments on this video where people are also recognizing the same thing. Life is hard. People make mistakes. It's basically impossible to get out of the system once you're in it. One mistake or one lapse of good judgement, really, really can ruin the rest of your life.

    People pass judgement on others so quickly these days, especially when it comes to work. I've seen brilliant people who got in trouble with the law that resulted in their entire lives to be stripped from them. No one is perfect. People say judge you on how you rise from your downfalls but the reality is, that's exactly what they do. And it sucks.

    Videos like this need more attention. I hope this video and the #2 with it goes viral.

  25. Stella Bella says:

    Great blame the police for punishing you because you did something wrong.
    Realizing you need to change yourself and it’s not the police officers job to change you should not be a major revelation.

  26. Yaquesita says:

    proof looks don’t say anything about personal lives

  27. stephanie g says:

    I love how the people that have been locked up are very wise and that one girl who has no criminal record words of advice was “just don’t get caught” what the fuck. Thanks I’ll keep that in mind next time if only those people would’ve thought about not getting caught! Wow!

  28. Megan Kelly says:

    The dude in the plaid is gonna change some lives dude. Mad respect 🙌🏻

  29. SelfDiagnosed CrazyCatLady says:

    I’m covered in tattoos including my neck, hands, etc but I’ve never even spoken to a cop in uniform. Meanwhile my boyfriend is the sweetest person on the planet and has charges that we’re situational and not a reflection of his character. Thank y’all for reinforcing that appearances and pasts don’t define a person 👏

  30. Amie manneh says:

    I loved hearing each persons story 🙏

  31. JoinAnamoly says:

    So tattoo chick has no record because she hasn’t been caught yet got it

  32. sans serif says:

    Fast & Furious comment on the Asian gal high key racist tho 👀

  33. Shannon Adam says:

    THIS MAN IN THE PLAID!!!! yes, he is doing! what is right! good for him, hes gonna influence young people so positively.

  34. seventhseance says:

    The funny part with the girl who had tattoos being seen as a criminal thing is just odd. She didn’t look like she had work done in a prison cell. Her work looked legit and I thought she was the only one who didn’t have anything on her record. Also the “creepy” dude didn’t seem that creepy to me…tbh none of them were.

  35. Meme Queen Hayden says:

    0:56 I love him I want to give him a hug

  36. Rhedoy Rahman says:


  37. Terrell X says:

    I commend the lady in the blue for getting clean and staying clean for 12 years I hope she sees all the love in the comments

  38. Ateş Küresi says:

    Blue lady reminds me of orange Is new black lady

  39. Smelly DOnut says:

    AHh i repspect Stan so much. I hope he completes his study and then goes on to sucsessfully help other people 🙂

  40. Chanarah says:

    Being a guesser in this video was definitely an eye opening experience. I have family members who are currently incarcerated and our system is definitely broken. The people in the lineup were very beautiful and I connected with all of their stories. As a society we need to be aware of how childhood trauma and the things that happen to us at a young can lead us down paths as we get older. People make mistakes but it should never define them. Thank you CUT for highlighting this segment and helping our world get to know people behind their “records”

  41. Tapiwa Muza says:

    Mad respect for them turning their lives around 💯

  42. J Daily says:

    The ending was good for people who need to hear it until you threw the girl in there who had no criminal record, where she said essentially the opposite of what they were saying, horrible editing why put her there at the end when she brought 0 to the table

  43. Master Ryan says:

    I can relate

  44. Ian says:

    Can we get a 3 hour long film of the woman in blue existing peacefully

  45. anonymous anonymous says:

    Wtf is a lineup??

  46. Jay G says:

    being from Baltimore, LL speaks the truth. The "Stop Snitching" movement was and still is very apparent here.

  47. Ziotic says:

    I think you can just tell that someone has used meth almost immediatly by looking at them

  48. MemeAlert_Nation says:

    4:28 “i know a lot of ppl that do a lot of things too, and they haven’t gotten in trouble…yet”

    FBI: 👀 😲

  49. Valeria Ortiz says:

    The guy at 2:07 was spittin straight facts

  50. I'm You, You're me says:

    Sean: I really hope you read this. You need to continue to attack that drive for helping the youth. Watching you in the other video, you seemed a bit nervous or uneasy – somewhat shy overall. But watching you talk about your pursuit to show the youth that they do not have to live that life and continue that cycle showed something real. You came to life with that, man. And the sentence flowed freely which demonstrated that you're talking with honest direction – there was zero hesitation. Please stay healthy and good – push for positivity in the youth and continue to strengthen those around you. Your past made you able to help the future of others – keep doing it.

  51. MiATaiSAlwaYstHeAnSwEr says:

    Why is no one talking about how that one chick guessed that the girl in the blue did meth

  52. xoco dot says:

    2:22 the speech almost brought me to tears, he is so passionate and inspiring! Its beautiful to see driving black man with motivation and intelligence that will change lifes!

  53. Bee Man says:


  54. jen with luv says:

    the asian girl didn't even do anything & she was in the video 😂😂😂

  55. Kiaja Kenard says:

    They shouldn't have put that clip of her saying "don't get caught".

  56. DiasTube says:

    Make a video "guess what language I speak 3" and invite a person who knows the Kazakh language

  57. Sierra says:

    Just don’t get caught!

  58. Fay A says:

    Im a horrible human being but dont judge me lol this is America

  59. CHVY4LNCH says:

    At 2:56 I felt that.

  60. I Am Riot Lion says:


  61. Trine rodriguez says:

    Stan saying the police don't care but I mean they do by keeping you off the street until you are rehabilitation… Idk didn't like hearing it. I like having them behind bars until they want to rejoin society with good intent

  62. vibhav mathur says:

    how can i be part of the lineup

  63. Suck This says:

    She looks like a psychopath

  64. Faith says:

    asian girl is trying to look like she’s hard

  65. Elizabeth Kimber says:

    do guess which mental disorders people have (adhd, ocd, bipolar, borderline, depression, schizophrenia etc.)

  66. erza scarlet says:

    Her laugh is troubling in the intro

  67. Crimson Hunter says:

    Can you do "guess my favorite rapper"?

    And include for example

    Ty dolla $ign


    wiz Khalifa


    Post Malone


    Lil Wayne

    Vince staples

    50 cent


    Kendrick Lamar

    Snoop Dogg

    The guessers can be


    Duranged Pitt



    But others can of course be included as well

  68. Patrick Michielsen says:

    normalising criminals like this is absolutely disgusting

  69. C17 ByKenshi says:

    0:41 that guy is my home-Boy Goku Black

  70. lilit c says:

    match the name to the person !!

  71. J K says:

    Cut has really been slacking on new content, and not posting regularly anymore. Why? Did yall make enough money off your games you no longer are looking out for the people? Seems you have turned into a corporation that sales games and lost the real reason this channel was started.
    Booooo, I am unsubscribing.

  72. Bigfootz2004 says:

    Homeboy should study dentistry and get some new teeth.

  73. HazeTyme says:

    What would I have to do to be in your show @Cut 🙄

  74. j brill says:

    How could they not tell the creepy guy had a criminal record, them teeth will tell you bro HAHAHAHAH

  75. Daniela Martínez says:

    "Just don´t get caught"

  76. UnbreakableAlex says:

    So the moral of the story is: Don’t get caught! Or be a politician than you can rob people legally 😉

  77. Oliver swack says:

    woah what song is at the beginning/end it is beautiful!!

  78. Scheneca Crane says:

    "They call it a correctional facility, but […] they just wanna lock people up."

  79. flort13 says:

    Oh, I've never been even close to be in trouble with the police. I would die of fear 😱

  80. Birdie Holtby says:

    The attempted murder guy is hella cute

  81. Kaio_Ken_X9000 says:

    The guy with the teeth is tripping me out because he speaks perfectly fine

  82. Kpop plus Yaoi says:


  83. Lepre says:

    "they call it a correctional facility, but they don't care about correcting" This dude's speaking facts

  84. Serena Copeland says:

    This is simply why I love cut, they introduce you to the most interesting people you may not encounter in every day life in the most thoughtful and respectful ways, thank you cut

  85. The Engineer says:

    Damn she was a Baltimore woman like "the wire " that's prity crazy she got out alive

  86. Jazmyne Mills says:

    this lady really thought he had chucky on his shirt………

  87. Coverage Awareness Studio says:

    It's free money for the system… FYI: You are money to them… the thing is to not be a person in the court room!

  88. Eilyn vidal says:

    Fuck feds period

  89. Jerry N. says:

    I love the guy who's going into youth counseling. It's so important for kids to hear from someone they can identify with who has first hand experience.

  90. luna seavey says:

    The “creepy” guy almost made me cry of what he’s doing right now.

  91. sonnick says:

    Hide your wallet 💸

  92. Efia Sheila's Journey says:

    "Do you know who you could be?"

  93. Efia Sheila's Journey says:

    "Because they call it a correction facility, but they don't care about correcting that just want to lock people up."

  94. Nikko Machado says:

    Aye big ups for the blue tee guy in criminal justice. I'm about to be doing the same thing. Def want to help the youth.

  95. JODY MITOMA [videos] says:

    This epsidoe was so awesome. Just found this channel today, subbed & hit the bell. Looking forward to future episodes, but glad I have a ton to look back on as well. 🙂

  96. yeehaw says:

    "Just don't get caught"

  97. Natalie Bailey says:

    I grew up with snitches get stitches

  98. AlMotasem Bellah Younis says:

    Mark wahlberg should be with them 😀

  99. Lil God Speed says:

    Weird my good was snitches bitches and up in ditches

  100. Marek Tóth says:

    i'd like to meet the lady in the turquoise t-shirt, and get to know her better.

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