LibreOffice-Writer (39) the Bibliography Database

LibreOffice-Writer (39) the Bibliography Database

we want to create a bibliography for our LibreOffice Writer document the format i found on the internet for the last name comma firstname
period title italicized period city colon publishing company comma year
period just an example out there something to
work towards and i’m going to use this sample book john smith and the second one by susan
anderson just made-up books a made-up publishing company is in years and then we also are also going to have a printed periodical which it means in
this case a magazine which is again meet up article by jim jones the great article
from magazine title in july two thousand ten pages thirty
five to eighty eight we want to put these references into our favorite document that we’ve been working
with throughout this entire series this time i’m going to put these at the bottom so
i don’t have to keep going way to the top and then down to our bibliography so i’ve highlighted some text where i
want to place my references to the bibliography and we want to enter our bibliography information into the bibliogrphy table that’s found
under tools bibliography database and that opens up something here that
looks very intimidating so let’s take a quick look at top part
here is pretty much just a spreadsheet and when we look down below this is just a format what is above now there’s lots of information in
here going down i’m just using my down arrow key and I can get to the bottom to jump to one in particular I can go record one takes me to the top but all of this is just junk leftover i’m not sure why it’s there i deleted it and another one and had no
problems from going do the same right now i’m highlighting the first one scrolling down to record what is that was at fifty nine i’m holding shift they are all selected and
right-clicking and i’m saying delete rows yes i want to delete the all now i’ve got and empty bibliography
database to work with and here’s where i’m going to enter the information that we want to show up on our bibliography now i want to adjust these windows so i can see the information that I want to type in and the form for the bibliography at the same time the first thing we need to do is type in a short name now what the short name is more or less
it’s a key to tie the reference to the table so i’m going to use it should be unique i don’t think
this forces you to make it unique but you should make it unique and you’ll see
why in a few minutes will call this one odt 39a and the type is a book the author john smith the title the great book title the address new york the publisher publishing press and the year two thousand and ten now we will see that that was
automatically updated above in the database itself so we’re pretty much just concerned with
the form itself and we don’t have to worry too much about the database which is more or less just a
spread sheet just think of it as a libreoffice calc spreadsheet now we want to enter the next record in
the bibliography we’re going to do the second book in the document itself and skip the
database let’s enter in the article the first thing we want to enter in is
short name odt39 b this type is going to be in article the author’s name jim jones the title of the article the great article now we have the magazine name and for that we’re going to use journal and by the way at the bottom we had these user defined fields you can
use those for whatever you like. if you have something that is not here use one of the user defined fields let’s put in the month the year and the pagenumbers clicking off that we now have our two references in the database

Daniel Ostrander

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5 thoughts on “LibreOffice-Writer (39) the Bibliography Database

  1. robertjm says:

    This looks great…until it ends in mid-sentence after 3:27. Is there a full version posted somewhere, or is there a second part that I don't see listed on your YouTube page?

  2. TheFrugalComputerGuy says:

    Sorry, I should have been a more clear, this topic starts with this video, but it is continued on to videos 40 and 41. I try to keep my videos short and to the point, sometimes I break topics into multiple videos.

  3. Parth Raj Singh says:

    It is very helpful. However I would like to know, how can I copy modified bibliography database and transport it to other computer through Flash Drive and use it there. Also how can I add multiple bibliography database files to be shown on LibreOffice-Writer Bibliography Entry.

  4. Inkdraft says:

    Thanks for the videos! Is there a video for creating a document map for a large document? I have Linux Mint 17.3 and I need to create a document map. Is it called something else in Libre Office? How do I find it? Thanks in advance for your help. Love the videos.

  5. Baraa Shammout says:

    thank you so much

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