Lecture -1 Introduction to Database Management System

Lecture -1 Introduction to Database Management System

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Lecture -1 Introduction to Database Management System

  1. Ashutosh Ranjan says:

    great wrk sir….

  2. Ashutosh Ranjan says:

    where r ur nxt lectures????

  3. Hidden_C_Hall says:

    Love the indian accent,you know.But this proffesor has taken it in a whole new level,you know.Anyway good introduction to db,you know!

  4. urkerlan says:

    is this made in the middle east

  5. John Sheffield says:

    Nice you are easy to understand

  6. sahil sharma says:

    nah its from south east asia…from india to be more precise

  7. Antoinette Doku says:


  8. Ankit Khanna says:

    Why is he moving from front to back slowly…

  9. Mico Tique says:

    i feel like i will be sacrificed at the intro but nice vid

  10. Eric Hasegawa says:


  11. Robert Peter Ancheta says:

    India is not in Southeast Asia.

  12. Sagar Mishra says:

    boring lecture

  13. SADDAM OBIDAN says:

    thank u for your class

  14. Biliverden Vin says:

    thank you ..

  15. Mahinthan So says:

    Om shanthi shanthi shnthihi..

  16. Ampire Daphne says:

    am gonna need these…

  17. Atif Khan says:

    slides are so blurry

  18. Vishal Jaiswar says:

    actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually the video is nice..;)

  19. siddharth singh says:


  20. veera babu says:

    i love this video

  21. veera babu says:

    i like dbms very much

  22. siva pitta says:

    it is really very interesting….many thanks to people behind this!!!

  23. siva pitta says:

    but the only problem is that presentation at certain seems to be blur

  24. Shesh Shukla says:

    Bogus Professor..

  25. ainsley yeye says:

    this video is fortunately good for i.t student like me 🙂 thumbs up

  26. secretblackjack says:

    where u from 🙂

  27. Kalpana Ganesan says:

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  28. Barugahare Mubarak says:


  29. Speed of Thought says:

    if the video was made in live lecture sir would have been more at ease

  30. buzgavna says:

    boring. drab. if i was in his class i would sleep right in front of him. these iit profs need to learn how to deliver a lecture and how to make it interesting.

  31. Samuel Olutuase says:


  32. saddm khan says:


  33. Ravji Pindoria says:

    Very useful. Thank you for sharing.

  34. Brian Gerald Belga says:


  35. Subhash Verma says:

    So does he pay LIC premium in every lecture he teaches?

  36. Lords Of The Sith says:

    i hope i get a A in my advanced database mgmt class!!

  37. Deepthi Sudheer says:

    Excellent Teaching!! Thanks for posting it on youtube..

  38. Harsh Deep says:

    Nice work, I am in grade 8 and I found this helpfull

  39. rahul singhal says:


  40. 2Tone ish says:

    This video needs subtitles. They even outsourced the YouTube videos

  41. Abdul Gaffar says:

    explained in very simple way, thank you very much

  42. Roushan J. says:

    everything is fine, but aap hilte bahut jyada ho sir ji…. 🙂

  43. Jagadeesh Kumar says:

    just fuck off

  44. Jada Cook says:

    Great lecture.

  45. Xiaohu Zhang says:

    beginning music is so peaceful.

  46. Infohive classes says:

    thank you so much. you have made the complex concept much easier. thank again

  47. KS DEEPAK says:

    nice one sir

  48. Mahendran .t says:

    juz explaining everything abt wht is dbms.,.,really gud one

  49. jeet sethi says:

    god.. huh

  50. TARUN KUMAR Singh says:

    Thank u sir u just explain everything about dbms vry easly n after listening to this i got idea behind dbms thank u sir

  51. Girish Aiholi says:

    actually I like it ……..

  52. Shyamal Virnodkar says:

    nice one !!!!

  53. Sarge Percival says:


  54. Akhil says:

    nice one…but 53 mins is too long to stick with it 😛

  55. Narek Petrosyan says:

    Շքամով եք բա հարսնիք նկարում որ?

  56. Hindholam says:

    Great lectures by professors, love India. Please try to improve quality of the videos.

  57. vishnu leo says:

    By the way, the lecture is very useful and thanks to you guys.

  58. Chu Baca says:

    Thank you! whoever has made these transcripts possible. for those of us who are hard of hearing, this is really fantastic! click on the box on the About line.

  59. Binod Paudel says:


  60. Aparna Nelson says:


  61. Dipankar Choudhury says:

    Its good

  62. Gokul M Prasad says:

    Can you please upload the whole lecture in HD ?

  63. YourASMR says:

    Worst lecturer….I was trying to focus but it make so Awkward by stoping at every sentence or word by "Aa".

  64. John Stien says:

    Very nice lecture

  65. nptelhrd says:

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  66. Raghavendra G says:

    Could you please let us know in what format is the exam going to be? Objective or Descriptive?

  67. RamaRao Cherukuri says:

    thank's nice lecture .

  68. Akhil Daireddi says:


  69. Thomson David says:

    Excellent lecture – nice practical example from end to end database application

  70. Akhil Daireddi says:

    Thomson david no one askd you for a suggestion and you are no one to judge my comment please mind your own business

  71. Nisarg Patel says:

    Hey there!
    I m not getting a topic videos in perticular sequence.
    So please tell another way to search these videos whre i can get in sequence.
    Thank you.

  72. Arun K Sharma says:

    look at his fucking speech its very slow and he seems very lay and even he is not interested to teach ,obviously  its a  wastage of time….video quality is very bad.. so there's no need to wastage money to upload this fucking lecture series.its SUCKS

  73. Thomas Smith says:

    The lecture is extremely good. Take a practical database application and shows complete development. End to End development of the application using lamp stack is shown.

  74. Anurag Sharma says:

    Very good lecture

  75. Samwel Daud says:

    i love all but i need one among of them

  76. Md Ismail says:

    I had huge hope from this series of video. While watching them i felt that the teacher is going really slow but i dared not to skip ahead a few minutes as i felt that i might miss out something important. At the end of each video i would say to myself the next one is going to be important and in this way i watched the full series in 40 days.
    It was a full wastage of time. i wasn't able to solve my university exams question with its help. Had i spent so much time some place else i might have scored full in my semester.

  77. Rajan Kumar says:

    Aa…. Aaa…. Aaa.. What is this man? Why are you saying Aa… aa.. Aa again and again.!!!

  78. Toivo Meriläinen says:

    Watching this in 0.5X speed would be a good torture technique for CIA. Any terrorist would crack after 10 minutes. But joking aside, the professor probably has something very important to say, but unfortunately he's not very excited about his subject.

  79. jakhar kuldeep says:

    Recommended speed = x1.5

  80. Sathya Narayanan says:

    Highly informative. Great to watch

  81. Scott David says:

    Excellent video with practical example – very good practical example on developing database application

  82. James Keen says:

    nice lecture

  83. Aishik Bhattacharya says:

    I thought he was paying his LIC premium very smartly while taking the class..!! 😀 😀

  84. SrinivasaRao Nalluri says:

    Highly informative. Great to watch

  85. Ankit Sablok says:

    This is an excellent introductory video for someone starting out in the field of databases. I would definitely love to know the internals of how one website is allowed to have access to other wesbite's or corporation's databases, does that have to do with something legal?

  86. Shubham Soni says:

    He looks very nervous in front of camera…

  87. pj says:

    All nptel videos should be played at 1.5x/2.0x speed.

  88. A2 M says:

    so, entity = table
    attributes = row

  89. Shephalt Ahmed says:

    kya video me apne case ka koi dal ta hai

  90. Divyanshu Varma says:

    240p in 2017? Seriously? Update all the videos guys!

  91. Y Vamsi says:

    Very super

  92. sudheer kumar says:

    it is for students , not for working peoples

  93. Azharuddin Khan says:

    Thank u sir

  94. Aqeeb H J says:

    ithink he is get boared himself to teaching this subject but he has deep knowledge…///

  95. Baleeg Kazi says:

    nice lecture but video quality is bad

  96. fawad khan says:

    a book will be also good with this for better understanding

  97. sayan guha says:

    Is this for CBSE Class 12 Library Science?

  98. Karan Agarwal says:

    why there is no option to speed up the video to 2.5x
    and I have just one question… was this video been recorded in 1997…

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  100. Jitesh Ochani says:

    ANYONE FROM 2019?

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