Learn Excel 2010 – “Print Form from Database – Part I of IV”: Podcast #1546

Learn Excel 2010 – “Print Form from Database – Part I of IV”: Podcast #1546

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Print Form from a Database. Hey, welcome back. It’s Bill Jelen from MrExcel. It’s time for another LearnExcel podcast. This week, we’re going to be answering a
question sent by Mike. Mike has a database. He gets this database every single day. Someone sent some to this database. And for every record in this database, he
needs to print a one-page report, and send it out to the people and so Mike actually
started in this way. He had this database up here and he has in
another section the printed report. And so, he grabs the right field. So, he doesn’t need all 13 fields. He just needs specific things. So, he needs some labels and he need it to
look good. I’m sure that Mike’s report looks a lot
better than mine. But, you see he has formulas here like=PROPER(E2)&”,”&UPPER(F2)
to try and make things look good. And so, print range down here like this, page
layout, print area, set print area, clicked CTRL + P. And now, he has the record, how
the report for the first customer. But then, things went horribly wrong. His first attempt is, “Okay, well, I need
to have this data that’s currently in row 3 move up to row 2.” But, watch what happens if I delete row 2. So, right click, and say, delete. Alright. And down here in my report, everything changes
to reference errors because I just deleted this stuff that was pointing to row 2. Alright. And Mike called me up and said, “Hey, I’ve
got a problem. Which books do I buy to figure out how to
make those formulas now point to the next row, row 3, instead of the current row?” Alright. That’s the situation we have this week. We’re going to look at different ways to
solve this problem. Thank you for stopping by. See you next time for another netcast of MrExcel.

Daniel Ostrander

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5 thoughts on “Learn Excel 2010 – “Print Form from Database – Part I of IV”: Podcast #1546

  1. Darrell Wade says:

    Could we use data validation in the printed report to pull the data from the database?

  2. Richard Kinzer says:

    I vote PivotTable where where it takes all the items listed in the Report Filter area and spits it out on its own worksheet.

  3. Dave Ward says:

    Convert the data table into a table (Ctrl + T) and then when the row is deleted it will automatically point to the next row.

  4. ExcelIsFun says:

    Mail Merge!

    (Did I really say use Word!?!?)

  5. Rico Malibiran says:

    Hi, can u help me regarding on the userform, i want to print userform in correct layout? Everything is running fine on my VBA code except that when I'm printing the userform it is automatically saved as pdf file it is fine, but the problem is the layout, The layout format was set on the upper edge and left edge of the paper (it is not center) how to correct it?

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