Kōdo App for SharePoint on-premise: Scan into a subsite with metadata

Kōdo App for SharePoint on-premise: Scan into a subsite with metadata

Hi my name is Gabe from Toshiba
and today I’m going to show you how to scan into a sub-site of my SharePoint
on-premise and also enter additional metadata. The first thing I need to do is
badge on that will authenticate and take me through to the team site of my
SharePoint on-premise. Now once, there I simply hit the select sub-site button
and today I want to scan an invoice into my marketing site. So all I need to do is
drill into the folders that shows my invoice folder and get the document that I want to scan. Today I’m going to place that on the document feeder. I can use the glass
as well if I needed to. Now I simply hit scan. I’m then prompted with some scan
settings that allows me to change the name of the document or some additional
scan settings, but I’m quite happy with everything that’s here so all I need to
do is then hit start. The next thing it’s requiring me to do is change some
metadata. Now the metadata that you see here is
managed by my administrator which means if any of those settings change in
future it will be reflected on the operator panel that I’m seeing here. I
simply need to choose the company name. For this case I’m going to enter a
number for my order number, hit next and then I can set the date on the
invoice. Now I know that was an invoice for today’s date so I’ll select that and hit
OK. That document will now upload into my SharePoint on-premise. My name is Gabe
from Toshiba and that’s been my Toshiba-tip.

Daniel Ostrander

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