Knitters Large Storage Bag

Knitters Large Storage Bag

Daniel Ostrander

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99 thoughts on “Knitters Large Storage Bag

  1. Stephanie Pagán says:

    I am so glad I found your channel! I am a beginner and was getting so frustrated with other sewing tutorials that were unclear and convoluted. I can tell you have taught before because your videos are awesome and your technique is so polished. You're my favorite sewing Queen!

  2. Gwen Smith says:

    Very cute fabric & like the boxy shape – I think it needs handles.

  3. Christine Lisi says:

    Great tutorial, but I would like to know how to add the handles.

  4. pearlgirl011 says:

    No handles?? Love the print.

  5. Linda Jones says:

    Do you sell your bags?

  6. ssusan3 says:

    So happy you are showing this bag it is just what I need. Thank you so much!

  7. Andrea says:

    It's very beautiful

  8. Donna Outlaw says:

    I love this bag and I appreciate the detailed tutorial. I want to make one right now and I think that I want to add some handles.

  9. Teresa Lowry says:

    I love it but I think it needs handles. I think I will have to see what I can do about making this for my Mom and add handles for her to carry it.

  10. Kathy Costello says:

    Thank you! This is the best sewing tutorial I have seen. Really impressed with the pressing tips.

  11. Dora Levitt says:

    Gorgeous bag and colors, I'd love to make a tote bag like that, I have 5 placemats that I'm taking apart and are already interfaced, I'm going to cut them into big squares and sew alternating colors, then top stich trimming over the seams and make a color block tote bag! 😄

  12. Jane Smith says:

    Thanks Laura. Another wonderful tutorial. Is there any way of adding straps and converting it to a tote bag? 🌺🌺🌺

  13. Elizabeth McKay says:

    It's brilliant! I might add a tab in the side seam for carrying, but I love your take on zipper ends and using the he fat quarters. Thanks Laura, I'm going to make one for myself!! ❤️

  14. C LOMBARD says:

    Love the large size, but no handles??

  15. Rebecca S. says:

    You have some of the best tutorials! Thank you so much. I really like that beautiful fabric. 😍

  16. Debra Lucca says:

    Awesome bag! Really love the fabric choices. Thanks for sharing. You are a great teacher.

  17. Night Owl says:

    Please do a shower curtain next. The eyelets have always puzzled me. 🤔 New at sewing .

  18. Charlene Kalectaca says:

    I LUV IT!!! 😍😍😍 I will add handy dandy straps when I attempt this. 😀 Thank you for the idea, I have TONS of fat quarters to select from.

  19. Gwendolyne Jackson says:

    Beautiful!! I love it!

  20. Gwendolyne Jackson says:

    Thanks for sharing all your ideas and for being so clear on how and what to do. 🙂

  21. Jane Goodwin says:

    No handle? But I would certainly want a handle or straps. And maybe a pocket inside and one outside. Otherwise, I did like the way you designed it.

  22. maria fonseca says:

    Very nice

  23. small footprint says:

    You explain so clearly. You lost me a little when you started to do the 2nd half of the zipper, but I'll pick it up when I'm doing the project…. I'd like some straps, so have to figure out how to do that. Really amazing.

  24. cherry3464 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all your tutorials. This is a gorgeous bag. I have a planner sized 9hx7w Planner and wanted to make a pouch like this for it, but not sure what measurement should be. Can you help me? I am a new sewer..

  25. Virginia Valentin says:

    Yes, a large roomy storage bag. I would add removable handles with D-rings. And pockets for the small things that like to get away from me. Thanks for sharing, Laura ♥️

  26. raelenejones says:

    Wow thank you so much for helping me make this bag. I'm an avid knitter and the bag is perfect for a large project. I haven't seen for 30 years so feeling very happy. Bless you.

  27. raelenejones says:

    Hi again. Can you please tell me what that large flat acrylic ruler you used is called. You used it when cutting through all four layers.

  28. rina2012ful says:

    You showed the steps clearly. Thank you!

  29. Nancy Cartwright says:

    Made your bag and love it. I made it a little smaller and added handles. 💞

  30. Connie Stanley says:

    This is nice but it does need a handle to carry it by.

  31. Ann Lange says:

    Awesome tutorial, Laura! 😄

  32. BeatlesFanSonia says:

    Suggestions on adding pockets to the lining and the outside of this bag! How about straps?

  33. SpiritBear12 says:

    I think I would design some pockets and sew them onto the lining fabric before it's sewn to the rest of the bag. I think just about every one appreciates some pockets on the inside of pretty much any kind of bag for smaller items that tend to get lost on the bottom part of a large bag like that.. Also, it would be practical and very handy to put some carry handles on it. Other than those details, it's a nice large project bag.

  34. 蔡榮海 says:


  35. Sally Schilling says:

    Love the idea about using the cardboard roll for ironing seam open! Hmmm. would love to add straps/handles to this bag… that way we could take the project w/us when traveling! but love the bag!

  36. irmtraut pfabe says:

    I really really like it Laura well done thank you !!

  37. Yvonne Henke Krautwald says:


  38. Carole Groom says:

    Love the bag, but I would have liked handles.

  39. Ruth Lamb says:

    Great project bag. I enjoy your videos. Thank you.

  40. Jasmine el fiky says:

    Lovely but why no handles ?

  41. babeage says:

    Your tutorials are so helpful and inspiring. I feel like I can do just about ANYTHING after I watch your explanations! Thank you so much for your clarity and precision and easy explanations. Hoping to make a bag for my serger with this pattern. I will search to find out how to add feet, handles, and a hard bottom to the bag . So excited!

  42. Tuba Abdu says:

    God bless you. You're so useful woman and teacher to me. Thank-you so much

  43. pauline fitzgerald says:

    Thank you so much, you have explained this so clearly making it so easy to follow.  One of the best demo video's I have seen (and I have seen many!).

  44. Knitnut246 Connie says:

    Great bag and NO handles needed. I am a sweater knitter and a sewer and it is a perfect project bag as shown. Thank you.

  45. Julia Droy says:

    Love the bag and the way you inserted the zip will defiantly try that next time I make a bag

  46. Elaine Buckley says:

    What a great tutorial for your beautiful bag. Thank you 🌟

  47. Spyder Quilt says:

    How do you carry a project bag with no handles?

  48. warialdasue says:

    No handles?

  49. Ilan Pasler says:

    Amazing. I have been looking for this technique for such a long time. Bless you❤

  50. Rahat Khan says:

    Bag of this size needs straps for sure

  51. Ilan Pasler says:

    Dear Laura, thank you for a great tutorial. I consider making a bigger version+handles (one as a weekender and another one for my laptop – love the boxy shape and have found the technique you preformed is no less than Genus). Do you have any formula that can help me calculating the bottom and top cutting squares? This can help me make it any size i choose. Hope i explained my self clearly (not an English speaker..). Tnx❤️

  52. Rita Reitsma says:

    Nice, but I don't find bags very handy without shoulder straps and pockets. Love how the zipper and flat top is done.

  53. Sandra McInnis says:

    Your manner of teaching is excellent! I’ve never done a flat top on a project bag, but I will try it now! Thanks so much!

  54. Florence Drattler-Gold says:

    Fabulous instructions – thank you

  55. J Lucas says:

    I like this bag. Your tutorials are always so detailed and easy to follow. Thank you, Laura!

  56. Karen Blackburn says:

    Would be great with the size tweaked suitably so it can be used to store patterns in. Different fabric for each category (skirts, tops, dresses, crafts etc) and you have attractive and practical storage which is easily pulled for each category. Many thanks and I will be cutting one out this afternoon.

  57. Xerix Helix says:

    Great bag. Love the zipper addition.

  58. Laurel of BlueDoxie Dyeworks says:

    Most zippers don’t come 15” that I’m seeing; which would be better, 14” or 16”?

  59. Romi W says:

    You are amazing!!! I love everything you make and your explanations are very clear!! Thanks!!! ❤️😊

  60. Caron Ward says:

    I LOVE your delivery! Everything follows in logical order and I'm able to sew in my mind as you're explaining. Love your style too. Always gorgeous fabrics. Many thanks.'

  61. renee Johnson says:

    Thanks so much for another great well planned tutorial! You do an awesome job with explaining each step. LOVE the color combination! Do you have another tutorial for a bag w handles?

  62. Linda Lee says:

    I am into crochet and knitting right now……thanks

  63. Gale Yawn says:

    You are incredible! So easy to follow and such a great teacher!

  64. Ginger Notturno says:

    no straps how do you carry it

  65. Shannon Egan says:

    I agree, this is a great tutorial. I would make several of these if there was an option for handles/straps. Inner or outer pockets would be nice for customization as well.

  66. brenda perkins says:

    I love you. You are such a great teacher

  67. Stephanie Pagán says:

    I just finished doing this bag and it turned out awesome! I got a little tripped up with attaching the fabric to the zipper and had to redo it a few times but I love the finished project! Thanks so much for the awesome video tutorial.

  68. AEmamdee1757 says:


  69. Jeanne Horner says:

    Is there a way to add straps to this bag or would you need to insert the zipper differently to add the handles

  70. Rami Devi says:

    Very professional look thanks for sharing

  71. Amelia says:

    When you sew the center line are all 4 fabrics stacked?

  72. Peggy Muldoon says:

    Thank you! Really understand & enjoy your method of teaching!!

  73. Arlene Devroy says:

    Handles would have been nice, but otherwise a nice bag.

  74. Simona Hurban says:

    You are great! Just love your video

  75. April Waller says:

    How do you get into this fat quarter club?

  76. Maxine Neale says:

    Thank you I love your work. Your directions are also very easy to follow❤️

  77. Herr Mondlicht says:

    Very nice lura. X

  78. Ramesh Dhankhar says:


  79. Jackie Lynn says:

    You are so cute! Thank you for this tutorial. Question, is it possible to add foam interfacing and handles?

  80. Shantheri Kamath says:

    Lovely bag….made one for my Mom.

  81. A Dixon says:

    I think you gave the wrong measurements at the beginning. You said 22 inch by 15 which looked a bit long and thin to me but when the 2 halves are sown together say they should measure about 21 and a half by 17 1/2 so I presume it should have been 22×18 originally which is more like a fat quarter dimension.

  82. angela arena says:

    Laura I’ve always wanted to make a nice big bag like this but never found an easy and professional way the top and bottom were made, and easy to follow now I have thanks👏 I just like to know if handles can be put on?

  83. angela arena says:

    Hi Laura
    I’m new to your videos and enjoy them immensely, iv just completed this bag you made for daughter but I put long handles on mine everyone at sewing classes luv it,and if I do say myself it came out pretty awesome.Wish I knew how to post to you 😞 Thanks for sharing your knowledge 👏

  84. Laurie Mullins says:

    Hi Laura, Love this bag and have already made 3 of them. I have been making picnic quilts for each of my grandkids and have made one of these bags for to put each quilt in. They can keep this in the trunks of their cars always ready for a quick picnic or should you need a blanket in your car. Love how easy all your tutorials are to follow. Thanks

  85. Emmy Nelson says:

    Laura I made this when I had a knitting project (poncho) that was too big for the bags I already have. It turned out great and I'm now going to make more as gifts. Your directions are always so easy to follow — thank you!

  86. Monika Perry says:

    Great bag, if I make it I would add pull tabs and handles

  87. jodie hemmingsen says:

    Love love love!!!! You are a great teacher! Please keep up the great work 🧵

  88. Brenda Hamrick says:

    Normally I have no problem following your tutorials but this one was a bit fast and difficult for me.😢

  89. Debra Kohler says:

    Hi Laura, I've been watching you for some time now and want to thank you for the clear and precise sewing videos you make. I look forward to each and every one of them.

  90. Collette Landwer says:

    Great tutorial. That fabric is lovely

  91. A Dixon says:

    I've made 4 of these now and added pockets, handles and little grab tabs either side of the zip. For the pockets I just took a 10 inch square piece of fabric, folded it in half right sides facing, sewed a seam on 2 of the edges, turned it right side round, ironed it ironing in the unsewn edge so it looks like the other edges then sewed this on to the bag inner before you started sewing the bag together with the long edge facing the top. You just sew the sides and bottom 2mm from the edge which finishes off the unsewn seam (don't put that seam to the top.) I also sewed a line of thread from top to bottom part way along the pocket dividing the pocket in to 2 pockets. For handles 2 of my bags had plastic/ leather handles with ready made holes at either end that I sewed on the outers before sewing the bag together, the other 2 had straps made from approx 3cm wide webbing tape that I stitched to either side from the very bottom seam of the bag approx 6 inches from the left edge to just below the line where the top corners are cut off (so the flat finished top of the bag has no handle attached to it), leave a free loop for the handle then back down the same side of the outer 6 inches from the right edge down to the bottom edge. Repeat on the other side. Also do this before sewing the bag together. Brilliant bags. Thanks for the idea.

  92. Beth B says:

    Thank you for making a bag with top squared corners. I want to make bags for storing seasonal clothes & handbags. I’ll line them up side by side on the top shelf of my closet, SO PRETTY. I’ll quilt my pieces to give them more body and add small side handle loops to make it easier to handle them. That fabric is gorgeous plus what a wonder tip for cutting that fabric. Im a new sewer and have been looking for a practical useful project. Great Christmas gift idea as well💜

  93. Sherry Simpson says:

    No straps????

  94. Sue Nuckles says:

    It's a cute bag, but I think I'd add a handle.

  95. Patricia Elston says:

    Thank you! Awsome!

  96. frenchstamper says:

    love the bag, but some kind of handle or hold the side would have made it extra special.

  97. Patricia A says:

    Love the bag and the size, but I need a handle of some sort as I would be carrying it from my car with other stuff. Might do a loop strap for one of the top ends when the seam is sewn.

  98. Norah McPhee says:

    What a lovely lot of materials making a great knitting bag flower, but if your daughter is anything like me, a set of handles needed for when our knitting becomes portable and goes where we go. I love all crafts because i was lucky enough to have a wonderful and talented lady called my mum, who taught me everything and of course the proper way to finish things off. The closing of the last hole would be the only thing that mum would have done differently from yourself, but it is so nice to see someone take such a keen need for things not just to be purposeful, but for them to be finished properly inside and out. Your daughter is a very lucky young lady to have such a talented person in her life to call mum. Thank you flower for a great video on a decent size bag/ Crafty hugs from Norah, Central Scotland

  99. Debra Dudney says:


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