Kim Kardashian West Sets the Record Straight About Moving to Wyoming

Kim Kardashian West Sets the Record Straight About Moving to Wyoming

-I want to say congrats
’cause last time I saw you — now have a fourth child,
a fourth little baby. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yes. He’s so cute. -Psalm.
-Yeah, he’s so sweet. He’s — He’s, like,
the most perfect angel baby. -Little Psalm.
Look at this… -Yeah.
-…how cute this baby is. -He’s so much bigger
than that now. [ Audience awws ]
-[ Chuckling ] Oh, my God. He’s so cute.
Oh, my gosh. -He has brought full unity
to the family. -Yeah. -Like, all the kids
get along now. They all feel, like,
confident and safe and not having to compete
for attention. They all feel like
they have a buddy. -Yeah. Oh, really?
That’s who he is? -Yeah. Yes.
-And is he what — is what inspired
the Wyoming of it all? -What? -‘Cause the family is getting
bigger and bigger? -Uh, oh, no, uh —
-Are you — Is Wyoming real? -Um.
[ Laughter ] We love Wyoming.
-Okay. -It’s always been
such an amazing place. My husband did just buy
a ranch there. -He did?
-And, yeah. His dream and his vision
is to move there. Um.
-Wow. -I love L.A.
[ Laughter ] So I envision summers,
I envision some weekends, but, yeah, we love it, and… -What do you —
What do you do guys out there? -Well, so, it’s, like,
the prettiest place you’ve ever seen
in your entire life. -It’s gorgeous.
-And even my sisters — everyone — we’ve had this dream
of getting a ranch and just spending our summers
there and getting away. But he took me to go see it
for the first time, like, maybe a week ago,
before he bought it — wanted my opinion. So he — it’s, like, you know,
5,000 acres or something. So, we’re driving, driving,
driving up. He says, “Let’s bring…” You know, we brought
three of the kids. We go up to this cabin
at the top. No electricity — iPads died. Um.
[ Laughter ] Three of us —
he — he, like, falls asleep. So now I’m with the three kids. No bathroom.
[ Audience ohs ] -No bathroom?
-Yeah, it’s, like, in the wilderness,
like, in a — in a cabin. -[ Laughs ] What?
-So, there’s now no lights. I’m scared to death that a bear
or something’s gonna come. I don’t even know
if there’s bears there, but some animal is gonna get us.
-Exactly. He’s like,
“Hey, can I recharge my phone?” Yeah, like,
“Oh, we don’t have electricity. Sorry, bear.” [ Laughter ]
-My phone dies. There is literally, like,
no service — no nothing. I’m peeing in a bottle because there is,
like, no bathroom. -Yeah. And you have no pee hole
in your shapewear. [ Laughter ] So now
what are you supposed to do? [ Laughter and applause ] Now what are you supposed to do? -And I am just, like, losing my mind.
-Yeah. -And wake up — we, like,
make breakfast on a fire thing. And we go down to the bottom
of the hill and realize that there is a whole hotel
and a whole cabin and a whole thing
that had been built. [ Laughter ]
-You’re joking. -He just — He wanted a romantic
little night for us up above. And I’m, like, “That’s not
my vision of romance, babe.” -[ Laughs ]
-Like, no, no, no. -“You gotta tell me.”
Yeah. “You gotta — I can’t be…”
-You gotta warn me. -“…in a tent…”
-I would have brought charged iPads with, like,
movies set to go. -You have a lot of things that you’re —
you’re coming out with. This is your thing
you’re here for. -Shapewear.
-SKIMS. This is shapewear.
-Yes. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Now, talk to me about SKIMS. [ Applause continues ]
-Yeah. So, I have always
worn shapewear. Like, I’ve always loved it,
needed it. And I think it’s, like,
so uncool to really talk about. People think, like, girdles. And — And I just really wanted
to bring something that was a necessity of mine. And I hear a lot of women
quietly talking about it. But, I just — I feel like I’ve been cutting up
my own shapewear and making my own shapes
and styles for so long that I have been working on this
for a really long time. And I’m just so excited to,
you know, bring it to everyone that —
that likes shapewear. -I love that you’re doing this.
-Yeah. -This is great.
And will this be on “Keeping Up
with the Kardashians,” or not this season? -Um, I mean —
-Maybe the end of it? -I feel like Kourtney and I
have been fighting so much that maybe a little bit
of our fighting has to do with shapewear. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my goodness. Well, I mean, this is what —
is it season 17 now? -Season 17. Yes. -Can you imagine, like —
-We’re filming 18 now. It’s — It’s insane.
-Did you ever dream, like, “Oh, I’m going to be
on a reality show”? -I — I did.
[ Laughter ] No, no.
-No. -No, when I was like
12 years old, whenever “The Real World
came out, I was obsessed. And I saw it, and I was like…
-Me too. -…”This
is what I’m going to do.” -But you — But why did you
like a reality show? Did you just go, “I would
be interesting on that?” -I just felt like — yeah.
[ Laughter ] -I mean, I would never think,
like, I’m that interesting. I would be, like,
“I’m so boring.” -I just felt like —
everyone around used to always say, like,
“Oh, my God. Your family is so crazy. If people only saw this.”
-Yeah. -Like, people would come up
to me and be like, “Okay, no sitcom writer
can write what this reality
of your family.” It’s, like,
“No one would believe it.” Like, “Okay, season this…”
-Yeah, exactly. -You know, your stepdad
will be your stepmom. Or you know —
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. [ Laughter ]
-Or — Or whatever it is. Like, no one would, you know… -Yeah, no one would even
come up with that. Yeah, you’re right.
-Or, like, you’re going to get married…
[ Cheers and applause ] -Real life is so much…
-You know? -…so much more interesting.
-Yeah. Like, “Hey, this season,
you’re going to be married, and then, two months later,
you’re not.” [ Laughter ]
And then, you know… There’s like — No one
could really imagine that — that this is our reality,
but it is. And it’s hard at times
to share it all the time. -Yeah. -But we collectively,
as a family, know when it’s maybe too much
on one person, and we pull back on them. And we figured out
a way to really — and with all of that,
like, even, you know — with my stepdad,
with everything — we love to share
what we’re really going through, and we found that it’s been
really helpful for other people that are dealing
with something similar. -Sure. -And we love being so open
about it all. -Also, look at what else
you’ve done. I mean, it’s taking you
to new crazy heights where you’re actually
changing — criminal-justice reform,
and you’re… -In this season, we — they —
you know, we filmed a little bit,
you know, of all of that in the White House
and what we’re doing and what’s going on. And — And I love sharing
that journey with people, too — of me starting law school and
really helping out with justice. -And what’s — what’s going on
with the law-school thing? Are you — Are you really gonna
take that all the way? Are you going to…
-Yeah, I mean, that’s my goal. That’s my plan. I mean, you know, last night,
everyone was at a fun party, and I was in my room
studying for a contracts test. -Wow.
-So, you know, I take it really seriously. I wouldn’t — I wouldn’t
have started something if I wasn’t gonna finish it. And I hated school before. Like, I was, like — like,
crunch time, I could do a test, but I just was not
the best student. I didn’t really care. I’m obsessed with school. Like, I love my attorneys
at cut50 that — that teach me
and that show me the way. And I just know it. Like, it’s — it’s like
second nature to me. And I really feel, like,
if I know more, I can help more. So, I’m so ex–
I love this journey that I’m on. -That’s so cool
that you’re doing that. And on top of doing
everything else and just — [ Cheers and applause ]
I just love that’s a chapter I didn’t even know
you were going to write. It’s so good.

Daniel Ostrander

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    People forget who her father was.

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    My favorite person ever after my little sister

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