Key Listing Dates | Ann Arbor Area Homes

Key Listing Dates | Ann Arbor Area Homes

[Sara] Hi! this is Sara Maddock with the Studio Four8 team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Snyder & Company Realtors. I’m here today with Jeffrey post my partner, and our buyer specialist Dan
Kurylo and we wanted to talk to you a little bit about a question we get asked
a lot. And that is, when are the listings coming on the market? When are their
going to be more homes for me to buy?[Jeffrey] When are the listings coming to the
market? [Sara] Dan has run the numbers and we’re gonna tell you with scientific accuracy. Dan? [Dan] Well you start seeing a jump in listings the first week of March. That’s
when things start to rise. That trend continues all the way to the end of
April and that’s when we have the most listings hitting the market on average.
After that it tends to climb a little bit with a really pronounced jump the
last week of school right when school gets out everybody goes on vacation.
There’s just not a lot of inventory coming on the market that recovers, but
that trend still continues down for the rest of the year and you see some
predictable drops where you’ve got major holidays, Thanksgiving Fourth of July,
those kinds of things but that biggest drop right when school ends. [Sara] Dan did some great research and if you want really good details and graphs and charts we’d
be happy to send that to you just reach out to us can ask. [Jeffrey] This all this data, of course, that we pulled together for homes and condos was specific to Washtenaw
County. We can get you more information specific to your area if you’re looking
for things outside of that area. [Sara] It’s also going to depend a little bit on
your price point, on the amenities that you’re looking for, there’s an element of
you know difference I would think depending on the category of homes but
this is in general, some great research from Dan, which we really
appreciate. So, if you think you might be in the market for a new home this year
you want to just talk about that plan please reach out to us we’d love to hear
from you. [Jeffrey] Or if you’re somebody looking to list your property we’ve now given you important data on when that timing should happen.

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