Kelly Wants To Record A Christmas Song With The Jonas Brothers

Kelly Wants To Record A Christmas Song With The Jonas Brothers

– So, let’s talk about it. I know people probably
ask you all the time, but I love Priyanka and you know this. – Me too!
– She is so cool, but I didn’t realize like how fast, well– Okay, what was your first
date like, first of all. – Well it’s kind of a long
story, but I’ll tell it. – Synopsis.
– So basically, we were told by a mutual friend that we should meet. And he said, “I’ll connect you guys”. He never did, and I got impatient, so I direct messaged her on Twitter. – Get it.
– And she responded. We talked you know, back and
forth about a year on text, and then we finally met in person. It wasn’t really a date. We just met in person
and went for a drink. And then about a year later, we went on our first official
date to the Hollywood Bowl to go see the Beauty And The Beast Live. – That’s adorable! – You know, just recently we played there to kind of end the first leg of the tour, and she sat two boxes
away from where we sat on our first date, it was very cool. – That’s so cool! So what I didn’t know
though was that y’all got, y’all got married pretty quickly. I heard people kept going,
“Whoa, that’s moving fast.” First of all, stay in your lane, okay? – Exactly, mind your own business. – So mind yourself. – No I think, you know,
when you know, you know. And we heard that pretty
much from everybody once we told people we were engaged. But, you know, it’s it
was kind of magical. You know, just within eight, nine weeks, we were talking about marriage. And within 10, 11 weeks, we were engaged. – [Kelly] That’s amazing! – And we got married
in December last year, so our one year is coming up on the first. – That’s so exciting. Congratulations, it’s really very cool. To find someone you love like
that to be your best friend, it’s so cool. So, I heard when I was doing the, I was reading the pre-interview for this, I had no idea that y’all
opened for me in 2005. ‘Cause I feel like I just got really cool. – No, so, no one cared about us in 2005, we were just coming up and
basically, to get other gigs, we listed the other acts
that we’d opened up for. But that really just meant that
we were on the outside stage in the parking lot while you
were playing for 40,000 people. – Still the same. – But you helped us get
a lot of gigs after that, so thank you.
– Oh my gosh! – We owe you 20%. (everybody laughing) – So, now you’re on tour for real. So tell us about Happiness Begins. – Yeah, so this has been
quite the crazy year for the family. You know, just a year ago right now, we had just started recording
music together again. And you know, looking a year
later, we’re finishing up the first leg of a crazy tour, and also the album “Happiness Begins”, but it all started with a documentary, which we call “Chasing Happiness”, which was kinda just to tell
our story of our childhood. You know, our father was a pastor, we had a pretty crazy
journey in the church, and then into our music career together. We had really no intention of getting the band back together. But after filming for a little while, and kind of healing some
of those family wounds that were there from our
years of working together in the past, we were able to
look at this with a fresh view and really kind of all in different ways, find our happiness. And so we went for it, and it’s
been an unforgettable year. It’s been really amazing.
– That’s really cool, like not only, I mean, I get
like, the fans are excited about it, but it’s way more
cool for you and your family. Like, that’s a hard thing to like, I mean, that’s my road family over there, and it’s hard to all be
together all the time, especially when you’re related.
I can’t even imagine that. That’s really cool that that’s ended– – It’s really special to
share that with family. – If the documentary,
would you have released it if y’all wouldn’t have gotten together? – I think so, yeah I think, you know, we had spent money making it,
so we probably would have. (everybody laughing) And I think it was an
important story to tell, you know, and that was kind of, I think, the thing that was to us,
so special about it is that there was no intention to come back and do this again from the beginning, but when we actually just sat
down and did the hard work that, you know, most families have to do. We all go through things
with people we love, and whether it’s the
family you choose or blood. – It’s usually the ones
you love the most, yeah. – Yeah, you gotta go through it. And we did, and we look at the other side and we’re all kind of in
the best place in our lives. – I know you’re all
married now, like yeah. – All married, my brother’s got two kids, and it’s a beautiful time,
and to have been able to go through that with your
family is, I think we’re all really grateful and aware of
how unique it is, and so– – So cool, I will say, you have like, the most famous family ever. (laughing) I was like, looking at everyone
listed in your family tree, I’m like, “Okay, well, those
kids are gonna be like, “they’re not gonna know what normal is.” – They’re gonna have some
cool aunts and cool uncles. – It’s amazing, y’all should
have, no you shouldn’t, but you should have a reality
show, I just wanna see it. I just wanna, I wanna watch the dynamic of all those famous people
in one family, that’s insane. – I think the band might break up again if we had a reality show. (everybody laughing) – If cameras were there
all the time, no you won’t. You have to be on point. Do you have a favorite song on the tour? – I have a few that I love. It’s like picking a favorite
kid, I guess, I can’t pick one. – Yeah, they’re different vibes. – I’m so connected to my songwriting too, that it’s hard to pick one. But we actually have just come out with a Christmas song,
– I love Christmas. – Which has been a dream
of ours forever, me too. It’s my favorite. – Wait, y’all don’t
have a Christmas album? – We have an album–
– What’s wrong with you? – Back in the day with Disney, we did a few just songs here and there, but this is like our
first real swing at doing a Christmas song with the
same group of writers, producers that we work with
in the rest of our music. – Oh my gosh, do a whole
album, I love Christmas music. – As long as you come
on and do it with us. – I will sing with you! – You already sang with John–
– Unless you’re just joking. (audience cheering and applauding) I did sing with John. I love Christmas music.
– Me too. – I think it’s so cool ’cause
you can get away with like that cheesy good feeling.
– When do you start playing Christmas music?
– I actually started, and my staff will tell you,
I actually started like two months ago, ’cause I was
wrapping presents in Montana, we have a ranch there, and I was wrapping Christmas presents. – So two months ago, so like September? – Yeah.
– Wow. – Never too early! (everybody laughing) Because I was wrapping Christmas presents! November, December are really busy, so I was having to do
everything before hand, and so– – You did say that you were
wrapping Christmas presents– – I was wrapping Christmas presents, yes. – That’s impressive.
– I do that. – I start shopping three days before. (audience laughing) – Yeah, so does my husband,
which is why I do it. – Yeah, yeah.
(Kelly laughs)

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Kelly Wants To Record A Christmas Song With The Jonas Brothers

  1. JerseyGirl211 says:

    Yes, Nick, make a whole JBs Christmas album, PLEEEEASE!

  2. Sarah SOkal says:

    Stylist : Hum ..Halloween anyone? Would love to hear her sing an Alanis Morissette song.

  3. Emilia Roy says:

    I wish I was able to of been at this taping. I love the Jonas family. I will definitely be on the lookout to see when all 3 will be on the show in the future.
    This gave me good full circle vibes since in their version of “year 3000” they sing about Kelly Clarkson. It would be awesome to hear a collab for Christmas or any song in general!

  4. Natalia Crime says:

    I'm so excited to for the Jonas Brothers 7th album!!!

  5. Ray Kahler says:

    My wife and I knew each other 17 days when we got married, 32 years ago…

  6. Mr M says:

    Yes duet please

  7. MoLara Mahmutovic says:

    Clapping at some points of the interview wouldn't make it so awkward to watch 😂😂 felt like there was no audience there 🙄

  8. keith suriani says:

    Nick, you need a new pair of shoes, that hole is sooo distracting lol

  9. Dee Just Dee says:

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  17. wonderjh says:

    Next to Mariah and Babs Kelly’s Christmas album is my favorite!!!

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    It's so sad, given that America is falling apart politically, that strong influential women like kelly and Ellen waste their strengths being clowns on a stage. Maybe take some of that influence by helping solve the issues rather than distracting Americans with nonsense. When america implodes, will you be proud of the role you didnt play in saving it?

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    So true! When you know, you know. Unfortunately many people these days don’t take marriage seriously and get married and divorced like it’s nothing. Time doesn’t mean anything. I wasted 4 years with someone who wasn’t meant for me, we broke up in February of 2017 and I met my now husband in November 2017. We got engaged in November 2018 and had our son in May 2019 (on Mother’s Day, the day before my 28th birthday). And we got married in July 2019. ❤️

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    Nick is such a sweet heart and I wish him and his lovely wife a happy one year anniversary ❤️❤️❤️

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