You were really interested in another version of K-POP dictionary especially the BTS version I had no choice so I had to record a video like this for you! We’ve been thinking of those entries for a long time and we hope you’ll like it If you have your own suggestions whether it’s a word or a band – write them down in the comments! Not wasting our time… Let’s begin! A.R.M.Y. (fandom) – an army protecting seven bulletproof Koreans by using complicated mathematical equations from N.O MV in order to exterminate anyone who stands on their idols’ way; Also a name for BTS’ fandom meaning: Adorable Representative MC for Youth ALIEN (???) – Comer from fourth dimension (4D) who appeared on Earth Planet to cause an invasion of bulletproof boy scouts BTS (abbrev) – Behind the scenes; group of scouts who for unexplained reasons think they are bulletproof; Bangtan Sonyeondan BEACH (place) – Pleace near sea mostly used to lie down and enjoy the sun, arrivals from another planet often mistake it for b*itch BLOOD SWEAT TEARS (title) – Dirty human secretions disliked by sweet Sugars; BTS’ song that hides more symbols and riddles than Shakespeare’s mind BULTAOREUNE (exclamation) – A call to sudden action of setting everything around on fire COOKIE (noun) – Something to crunch; incarnation of golden maknae; Jungkookie CHIM CHIM (vocalist) – A member who always lacks jam but has an infinite supply of peaches – whether it’s his cheeks or his butt 😉 COOKIE MONSTER (pairing) – A monster from Sesame Street; Icarus and Dedalus; maknae and leader; peaches and cream… Just Jungkook and Rap Mosnter CONVERSE (brand) – Is an American shoe company with a production output that primarily consists of apparel, skating shoes and lifestyle brand footwear. Shoes so meaningful that BTS created a whole song about them; also: shoes so hated that Suga made Jimin hang them on the tree CYPHER (noun) – a secret method of writing, as by transposition or substitution ofletters, specially formed symbols, or the like. A secret method of contacting each other made by jam swaggers which infires the young rappers 4D (life style) – 4th dimension; a land of aliens; there are many legends about this place but nobody has ever seen it D-BOY (underground rapper) – Handsome Daegu resident who can change the fangirls into a pudding by using his tongue technology; his motto is: I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a shit EAT JIN (Korean Hell’s kitchen) – A variety show which proves that little pink princesses are able to eat dinner made for 7 people EXCUSE ME (exclamation) – to regard or judge with forgiveness or indulgence; often used by Christian ChimChim who’s looking for attention V (a letter) – The most photogenic, funny, talented guardian of justice, quite often not understood by the society; ex-farmer infecting the world with his positive attitude and energy GOLDEN MAKNAE (Jungkook) – The youngest member covered with gold; a very talented person who is able to perform as 7 people; genius I HATE SNAKEU (quote) – An exclamation of objection; snakeu is a reptile feeding on little horses and scaring the sugar out of them INFIRES (verb) – A slip of the Swag master Suga’s tongue which can be infired to write lyrics instead of being inspired by something; not: turn on – this kind of things after 10PM INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY (kind of cookies) – A person who hits on everything that’s able to move and comes from every part of this planet; Jungkook JAM(S) (something you don’t own) – food; a party; to relax, to chill out; a song; dope or opiate derived drugs dope or opiate derived drugs; breast; something that Jimin doesn’t have, having no jams means being less funny than expected by the leader JIBOOTY (religion) – your religion; two huge peachy buns that cover the world of Jimin-stans J-HORSE – a creature with a really wide smile, he sometimes imitate a flower; there are gossips that he sells hope on the black market JIN (vocalist) – Pink Princess who eats more than (s)he weighs and doesn’t gain any weight which is totally incomprehensible for Chim Chim and his sexy muscular legs but Jin doesn’t really care because he loves himself more than Cypher JIN IS DEAD (theory) – answer to every (even unasked) question concerning every (even unreleased) MV when your frustration is reaching the T.O.P (far away in the A.R.M.Y) JINPAKA (animal) – a sweet animal reminding of a lamma but instead of spitting, it attacks everyone with its laugh KIM NAMJOON COLLECTION (dream) – a collection of European, Asian and Kaukazian girls due to the lyrics of If I ruled th world; a proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – like father, like son – like leader, like maknae; a promise that Kim Namjoon will catch you all like Ash caches Pokemons KIM TWERK (main dancer) — a person who is not famous for his dancing skills but he is rocking the dancefloor by shaking his booty to the rhythm and making all of the dancing masheens ashamed KOOKIESHOES (shoes) – a type of shoes characteristic for young scouts who, besides breaking many world records, still wear the same pair of mustard boots Bulletproof Boy Scout (Bangtan Sonyeondan) – A name which sounds good only when it’s shortened because when they announce Bulletproof Boy Scouts during some Awards, it sounds even worse than Unbridled Buffalo MIN YOONJI (woman?) – Jimin’s life partner, in order to avoid the scandal, she is cosplaying as an underground rapper in public places MOCHI (food) – Japanese rice cake; Peachim’s synonym, sweet creature sweeter than sweet with cheeks made up to be squished NAMJIN (pairing) – For some: the only one true pairing, for others: something that cannot exist; pink princess the mommy and daddy the rapper ONLY MANGO (quote) – Basic phrase for non-English speaking people who are broke and cannot afford to buy food RAPMONALISA (piece of art) – lost soul condemned to live with 6 scouts who think they are bulletproof; a person with IQ over 150 who is trying to change the world with his powerful lyrics RAPTOSTER (noun) – multifuntional robot making hot and damn good lyrics SUGAR (also: D-Boy) – a powder used to sweeten your life; a man who due to undergrund rap battles lost his „r” and became Suga instead SWAG (short.) – only for someone who got big house, big car and big rings; a group made up in the 60s called Secretly We Are Gay, word frequently used by cute marshmallows to hide their true personality THEORY (noun) – a collection of usually random thoughts and connections that came to A.R.M.Y’s mind during watching the MV; unsuccesful attempt to find the sense of life or to prove that our idols are genius; a word that gives every K-POPPER goosebumps AGUST D (not: STD) – Nickname of an undeground raper ending with a sexually transmited disease (STD) but in A.R.M.Y’s theories say it’s all about how deep is Suga’s (music) going That’s it for now! It was another part of K-POPPER’s dictionary – BTS edition! I hope you liked it and as I mentioned before, if you have some suggestions – let us know! And, of course, we’re looking forward to your opinions! Bye bye~!

Daniel Ostrander

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