John McGrath: You only have to win a listing by an inch

John McGrath: You only have to win a listing by an inch

Djokovic, 2004 ranked 292 in the world, earned $48,000. Real numbers. Won 49% of his matches, not bad. Got him to $292k. He won 49% of his points also. Out of every 100 points
he played he won 49%. 2008, he jumps up to number three, he earns five million that year. He won 79% of his matches. He went from 49% of
points to 52% of points. Didn’t go to winning 80% of points. Now, he goes to number one, or he got to number one before this, but in 2015 he got to number
one, earned $21 million. He won 90% of his matches, he won 55% of his points. He lost 45% of his
points, he was number one. He went from 49% to 55%, and $48,000 to $21 million. It’s very relevant to our industry. In a winner take all industry, you only have to win a listing by an inch to get it. There’s no silver medal
second prize in real estate. You miss the listing, you went
close, you were the best guy, you told the truth. I was with Michael Clark a week ago, I went to a business bootcamp that Clarkey was involved with
and running for a few days, up northern of New South Wales. And he told the story when he was asked to be
captain of Australia. He was playing for Australia. Obviously Ponting was getting
towards the end of his career and the CEO and the Chairman
of Selectors chatted to Ponting and said, “Look, before you get to he end, “let’s do a succession
plan, you mentor him, “and we think Michael Clark’s the man.” And they turned up at
Michael’s house and said, “Mike, we’d like to offer you the job “as Australian captain.” And he said, “Wow, what
I’m totally honoured, “I’ve dreamed as a kid from doing this, “you know, phenomenal.” And obviously he accepted it
and he was a great captain and so on and so forth. But, he said the one thing
that stood out in the mind when they hired him and
shook hands, they said, “Mike, I wanna be really
clear, we’re hiring you “to win games, not play games.” We’re hiring you to win
games, not play games. When you go to a listing you’ve
got to be there to win it not turn up and be a
number and a statistic and win a few, lose a lot. You have to have your game face on, your plan in order, your ducks in a row. You have to have every single thing right. And then you get 49% or 55%, so you go from like winning one in three, to one in two. All of a sudden everyone notices. Wow, Aaron’s boards are
popping up everywhere. And we saw when we went on
social media the other day, and we opened up the local paper and he had six pages full of ads. And we went to an open and
he was charming and no ego, and delightful and the neighbours that we know said he was a fantastic. Tipping point, man you
just go bang (claps hands), you’re that 500 pushups
to a 1000 overnight. That was the whole moral of that story. That when you get to the
500 you don’t have to wait another six months to get to the 1000. You can sometimes do them the next day, even when that wasn’t a part of your plan. You can get there, but you’ve got to get
to that momentum set, you’ve got to go the gym
now, the Real Estate Gym. Well, ironically you’re here, but you’ve got to go to the gym, you’ve got to do the weights
and you’ve go to do the effort. And incrementally, incrementally,
and all of a sudden, bang (claps hands)
something will take off. Congratulations for being here. ‘Cause there’s several 1000
agents that could or should have been here and they’re not here. For some of you you’re back for a second, maybe a third time. Greater congratulations. I’ve been committed to
learning in this industry for 35 years. Every single day, I’m
listening to podcasts, I’m having conversations with Tom. I’m on Instagram looking for a piece, I’m looking at Tom Ferry,
turning up at events with Michael Clark last week. That’s the gift, it’s not the price I pay, that’s the gift you get
out of this industry. For you to 10x, the absolute bottom line is you have to become
a better human being. That’s the price. Forget the zeros that are gonna
end up in our bank account that may not be there today. It’s the human being you have to become to get to that level, and to keep building, and
to keep attracting business, and to cope with your ego and all that, and deal with the rejection. All those sort of things. That’s the gift you get. So looking forward to seeing you guys. I hope you get to AREC come along, tell me your story, I tell you little more about that. But, thank you for having me today, Tommy. – Thank you. Johnny.
(audience clapping)

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