#InvespCro Episode 12 : Identifying Conversion Problems on a Webpage – Part 1

#InvespCro Episode 12 : Identifying Conversion Problems on a Webpage – Part 1

Hi There, Khalid Saleh here with another conversion
rate optimization minute. Today, we will talk about the process of figuring
out conversion problems on a particular page. Let’s say that you determined that a particular
page on your website is where visitors are leaking. They are not continuing in the conversion
path or funnel. So, how do you fix that problem? One approach is call up your design team,
you tell him we have a problem here so please fix it. The designer goes away for few days
and comes back with a new design and you run a split test between the original or old design
versus the new design. This approach Does not work.
What is the problem with it? You are playing the guessing game. If your designer got lucky,
you might increase conversions. I do not know about you, I do take risks in my business
but they are calculated risks. So, what is the better approach, what is the
approach were you are more certain that the new design will increase conversions?
Before you create the new design for a webpage on your website, you analyze the existing
page looking for potential problems in it. Here is a rule: No one talks about new designs,
before they tell me what is wrong with the existing design.
So, to determine possible problems in a page, you analyze the page based on the the following
questions: 1.Does my page present information in a way
that appeals to the different persona temperaments? 2.Does my page (copy and design) enhance visitor
trust in my business? 3.Does my page minimize visitor FUDs?
4.Does my page encourage visitors to act right away through incentives?
5.Does my page engage visitors? 6.Does my page provide the right information
for visitors coming in different buying stages? As you ask each of these questions, you are
looking at the copy and the design of the existing page. You are looking at every element
and every little detail. From the headline, to the text, to the images, to the links.
Everything. When you have that list of problems, then and only then you start thinking about
creating the new design to fix these problems. But there is more on this topic. I will keep
to the next video. Here is your to do: pick a page that a conversion
problem. Start analyzing the page using the questions I mentioned above.
Until next time: Make sure to subscribe to your tube channel and happy testing.

Daniel Ostrander

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  1. Luke Westwood says:

    Hey guys, I love these videos. I'm starting out a CRO consultant and was wondering what type of businesses you typically find are more receptive to investing in CRO. Would really appreciate it 🙂

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