Introducing Cloud Firestore

Introducing Cloud Firestore

Daniel Ostrander

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45 thoughts on “Introducing Cloud Firestore

  1. Reevanth Lama says:


  2. S R K Mediaworks says:


  3. Sonic Roshan says:


  4. Rawand Ahmad says:

    Love you firebase team—

  5. RageBasterd says:

    just blow my mind

  6. Tyson Williams says:

    Looks great! The last link 🔗 in the description for the Web isn't working. Update: all three links for Android, iOS, and Web seem to be broken. The main documentation link 🔗 works! 👍🏼

  7. Sam Morrison says:


  8. vovasoft says:

    Finally. I really hate normalizing data in the Real time database. At least will be able to query our data.

  9. Wilson Balderrama says:

    great though I don't know what is the difference between Cloud Firestore and Realtime Database ? to me they look the same

  10. Neilor Caldeira says:

    Awesome job Firebase team! Did you have plans to implement 2d indexes like in MongoDB?


  11. Ani Hatzis says:

    Congratulations! Looks like the best of two worlds, Firebase RTDB and Cloud Datastore got an awesome child. As a dev of App Engine (Python) apps I'm really happy. Thank you! 😘

  12. muhammad chhota says:

    Wow I love Firebase products. Recently I am working with Firebase realtime database. But with real time db maintaining complex relationship is very difficult. I think this will solve my problems

  13. Muhammad Andri says:

    i hope firebase realtime database update more query but this new service make me so happy 😁

  14. Oron Ben Zvi says:

    Hi! Is there any intention of allowing location based queries in firestore? Like getting documents that a location field in them is up to certain distance of a given location?

  15. Wee Ching Chok says:

    My app is based on geo location and im using geofire in real-time db. Does firestore have geo feature?

  16. Cory Armbrecht says:

    This is just a Firebase pitch video, rather than an explainer of the differences. It's very hard to understand the differences from this video. (I would honestly change the title, or the video) It seems like it could be a video for Realtime Database. Can these two products not work together? You have to choose one or the other? Are there merge paths to adopt this on an existing app db?

  17. Daniel says:

    Thank you! Just what I needed

  18. Ибадуллалулы says:

    what about version for C++?

  19. Willie Chalmers III says:

    Man, I've been waiting months for this! This will be great for more complex relationships between data.

  20. Alex Cheema says:

    Finally! I along with so many developers have needed this so much for a while. Great to see Firebase constantly innovating and working on what developers really need! Can't wait to start using Firestore 🙂

  21. David Jenkins says:

    I know you guys want to add new tools and that's awesome, but this honestly came out of nowhere. What's the difference between this and Realtime Database? They both have syncing, both have offline support, and both are 'in the cloud' (someone else's machine). This is more confusing than the GCM/Native Messaging debate.

    Could you please explain why? Was a marketing or branding thing? *so confused

  22. Sohail Baig says:

    will this be supported for unity development any time soon?

  23. Hiep Tran says:

    I want to screaming when I see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    is that new Service that will replace firebase database in future ?
    I have 2 serious problem that my friend giving up on firebase and thinking that Firebase just a toy and making for fun application, Because:
    1) complex query failed: I cannot chain condition when make query (like: filter city in "american" AND have population > 1000 people)
    2) pagination is a pain in the ass, I want to query this condition with the same problem one and paginate it. ( but I have to select from which key to that key):
    – "orderbyChild" not have good example + query not logical:
    If I try: (orderByChild: city, equalTo: amerrican) AND startAt (-abcxyzKey-) it not work. I have to change it to: orderByChild: city, AND startAt (value: ameriacan, startAt: –abcxyzKey- ) THAT REALLY PAIN.
    – I have to remember which is last key I queried. So I can make new query with startAt (from where I stop) THAT BOTHERSOME

    <<< BUT >>>
    – problem 1 SOLVED: I can chain complex query by WHERE in here. Is that it ??
    – problem 2 SOLVED: auto make next query at here, is that it ???

    You FIXED the BIGGEST PROBLEM that firebase has. And the reason why many of my friend leaving firebase. So they will come back. They will see what I can do with firebase.
    I'm making an CMS system with firebase. It not simple as wordpress but very useful. And Firebase make this more simple. Thanks for that. all hail FIREBASE!!!

    can I ask a finnal question.. If I have an Sample CMS app with firebase. How can I come to your showcase page ?

  24. TheNovaOriginal says:

    Dear Firebase Team,
    Why did u guys make a limitation of 20.000 indexes and 1MB per Document in your Firestore DB? For me personally, I think it's the only downside of this DB Type… Or did u figure out a way to handle that limitation?  I mean what if we want to store chats like you did in your examples in the Docs… Think about an App like WhatsApp that stores millions of chats and not just 20000 and the chat messages can grow to a really big volume with regular use in an App like WhatsApp. I really see some big troubles over here… Maybe I misunderstood something in the Docs? Or do u want to change the Docuement size later when it's no longer in Beta? The Same with the Document​ size? I mean there is no problem with smal App… But in world class structures i really could see some big troubles… And with that Kind of Database it's not as easy to move to another DB later on, when you realize these Problems…

  25. Ryan Chesla says:

    Very cool! I still have an app using the Realtime Database and doubt I would transition off of it. Hopefully Realtime Database won't ever go away

  26. Himanshu Sahu says:

    Can we use this for wallpaper apps??

  27. Ryan Barone says:

    @firebase Will/When will you provide video or documentation on migration from Firebase's RTDB to Firestore? Very excited about Firestore!

  28. Matheus Hatje says:

    Damn, Hype Train!!!

  29. Elijah Carrington says:

    Great timing! I'm excited to use Cloud Firestore. Here are the differences between Realtime Database and Firestore:

  30. MecatronicaProgramacion says:

    this work for react native?

  31. HAREESH mh says:

    Dear firebase team, pls innovate slowly. Hard times to get updated. 🙁

  32. Aawaz Gyawali says:

    Is the number of real-time connections unlimited?

  33. Izzeddeen Alkarajeh says:

    This is a great product.
    But there is something non-documented: how can I load data of referenced fields inside a collection that I'm calling using JavaScript?

  34. Caleb B says:

    Least informative video ever.

  35. Michael Gernalin says:

    i don't know anything about technicalities and i won't go further than just advertising something that can explain and simplifies many technical and supports that can be easy accessible to any …i hope i can help this is only i want to do….simple just inter link or connect if needed a simplifications

  36. Phani Kumar Gundamraj says:

    I am looking at it… the documentation doesn't say how to retrieve documents by providing a list. for ex: MongoDB allows to search in this way: Query q = new Query(Criteria.where("userId").in(<<string list>>). How to query Firestore for such reads?

  37. Mikki Churilov says:

    The main question is – "What is the planned date of releasing it from the beta?"

  38. Paul Kubb says:

    where can I post a bug if it is found?

  39. Ruben Almeida says:

    I should migrate my database to firestore now or later?

  40. Ron Royston says:

    New for 2018 Firebase v4 Single Page WEB APP TEMPLATE + MDC-Web + CSS Responsive Grid Layout 🔥

  41. Abir Hassan says:

    I love ❤️ Firebase 🔥

  42. General Omosco says:

    You people should make this reasonable for programmer by making it not priority to always use inequallity as first orderby sort in firestore.
    I'm really dissapointed in this, by adding it as first orderby always messed up the second index orderby sorting………

    var db = firebase.firestore();
    var docs = db.collection("1k");
    docs.where("state",'>','0').orderBy("index",'asc').get().then(function(snapshot) {
    snapshot.forEach((doc) => {
    console.log(": state="" index=";

  43. Gustavo Rodrigues says:

    It's such a great idea in theory but in reality doesn't quite work. Real Time Database does not let you filter multiple fields on the server, you have to download the whole thing then filter on the client side. That's bad. Firestore seems to be better as it solves this problem, however it does not let you push a database bigger than 10MB to the server, as it is still beta their size allowance is a big problem which every database will have.
    Unless someone can guide me to a solution to my issues this platform didn't resolve my problems.

  44. asma Khatoon says:

    Find out more at our official documentation:

    Getting Started with Cloud Firestore on Android:

    Getting Started with Cloud Firestore on iOS:

    Getting Started with Cloud Firestore on the web:

    Check out the Introducing Firebase playlist:

    Subscribe to the Firebase Channel:


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