Intro to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Intro to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Intro to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

  1. David Cyrus says:

    What accent is that?

  2. Hans Christian Rodríguez says:

    I didn't understand anything. A new HTML language? What about the old browsers and devices? Another excuse to sell more smartphones and computers and generating extra electronic garbage? :-S

  3. Caleb Prenger says:

    This is dumb. We don't need to make fake HTML and fake code, we need to teach "developers" to develop correctly. Don't go to google and download a slideshow script if you need a slideshow, figure out how to write one.

  4. Philip Dunn says:

    Thank heavens! the future is here.

  5. silvestru gh murgu says:

    no comment..!

  6. Jerry Lewis says:

    I think he said: "Get the speed to 11". Was that a reference to Spinal Tap? Solid.

    First 3 minutes was a waste of time. Good summary otherwise.

  7. S60Team says:

    I think that you can use only HTML, CSS and some JS with self-hosted unobtrusive text AD. So Why you need to use this AMP?

  8. New B says:

    What's the difference between a "custom solution" for each platform with content that's not searchable and a "native app"?

  9. Kevin Morrison says:

    So what this movement is really saying is we abandon Bootstrap and any other framework we have been learning and just go backwards and start creating two websites again. This for me is not an option and I am seeing lots of talk to the same effect. Just looking at the AMP Project website it is clear they want to change the whole landscape and instead of mobile first they appear to be taking the stand of "mobile only". Why dont we just stop beating around the bush here and conclude that design is irrelevant and content is not just king it is the only thing that matters!

  10. Dennis Brennan says:

    No worries, it's all good. Just one more thing we add to the list of things to do / understand and optimize best we can for the changes… After all, it's their space and our choice to participate.

  11. RyuKilledKenny says:

    I hope this never becomes mainstream. We dont need this, this is another attempt to be different for the sake of being different. If mobile performance is that important, build server side mobile detection and serve up a light-weight page. We shouldn't have to code AMP just so google place us higher in mobile search results either; this is biased as they will obviously give AMP pages higher precendence than pure html5. I dont need another pseudo html language format for what I can achieve with HTML5. We came a long way moving off from WML and XHTML-MP (if you're not familiar, look it up). We have smart devices able to render JS, HTML5 and CSS3. We can just use that and still achieve the same results, if not better. Plus the AMP framework requires unnecessary client side JS processing when a responsive site would normally suffice (and can be achieved with pure css).

  12. qrayg says:

    "Below the fold"… a print term that DOES NOT EXIST ON THE WEB. Oh, Google.

  13. Ferdie Petalio says:

    haha yeap "reader/s" – to read comments underneath (my perception).

  14. Christo Alles says:

    Great video for beginners! I recently came to know about a tutorial which talks about how to validate an AMP page faster . This resource might be useful to many.

  15. digitalniweb says:

    Have anyone at least tried this? Is it worth it? It looks like it's not to me… Too much extra work…

  16. Peter Tremblay says:

    Thanks for creating and posting this video. Great info and explanation of AMP.

  17. Pascual Ariel Arrechea says:

    I loved this quote ! "Content is King and UX is Queen, no compromise." As I'm trying to get a very talent copywriter on-board to partner up with me, I would like to know who coined it, so I can properly cite her or him….

  18. Elad Karako says:

    None should use this. Ever.

  19. Pascual Ariel Arrechea says:

    I got it! And believe me, I am also a Brazilian, male, no guilt ….

  20. Georg Sommer says:

    Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden:
    Hammer. Große Klasse. Glückwunsch den Entwicklern.

  21. Derek Leung says:

    "Oh no, everyone is making a new standard for creating fast websites! We better make another standard that unify all the standards!"

  22. facciolite says:


  23. QbsidianH20 says:


  24. Karl Schwaltz says:

    like a comedian you must dead by hunger

  25. Danial ADH says:

    how to use this for blogger

  26. dhaval mr.designer says:

    ok AMP is more useful for mobile users. but i ask a question. How we can use AMP for design responsive website (like Bootstrap) for desktop user ? is it working with the same ?

  27. Nicholas Nadon says:

    In your first point as to what the JavaScript loading sequence does, if I have encountered this, it may be a bit annoying. If you mean that third party content loads after the text, and an advertisement is above the text, then as I begin to read, those ads will begin pushing all of the text down.  This is very annoying. Have you implemented any tools where at least a blank div box is implemented first? Though that too may be annoying because I don't see content, then all of a sudden, ads! Perhaps there is a way so that the text remains "In the fold" while ads roll up "above the fold" .
     There's a lot of work to do yet. Thank you! Great video!

  28. Rizwan Yahya says:

    in amphtml page should we link amp version or standard version of other website pages?

  29. maxpower10k says:

    Your service does none of these things. It's broken. Please give us the option to disable.

  30. New Book: Digital Transformation by the CEO says:

    Yeah. But how do I upload my amp page to Google Amp Cache? Is it automatic? The answer is not obvious anywhere.

  31. TheUnlimitedSmiles says:

    3 min mark still dont understand what ya talking about. 4 min and shit blew up -script was obviously written by an engineer.

  32. Wouter says:

    I still have no idea what it is. i know how it's different from other programs but what does it do? how does it work?

  33. Erhan Şan says:

    Salakça bir yöntem, aslı olan bir sayfayı daha iyi bir hale getirmeye çalışmak yerine ikinci bir sayfa üretmek saçmalık… Google'da malesef Microsoft'a dönmeye başladı…

  34. Yourfabulousmama net says:

    I have AMPed, how about you?

  35. VIRAL NEPAL says:

    hello sir how can we use on blogspot template please make a tutorial for it

  36. Kawai Wong says:

    Think about it for a second. Google news takes you to an AMP page instead of opening the source page or refusing to open the App itself. You want to make a comment on the particular story, so you have to load the source page anyway. So now it takes twice as long to get to your page and more clicks.

    There are thousands of complaints on AMP pages but yet Google refuses to listen and they refuse to allow you to disable it.

    Google, do the right thing and allow users to disable AMP.

  37. Marinalva Farias says:


  38. Ewie Vickers says:


  39. SharpOB says:


  40. Paul Surinamo says:

    AMP isn't an open standard; it's coercion. It doesn't make for a better user experience. Sadly, Google has cornered search and we must do as they say, even if it serves only Google.

  41. Vlad says:

    Гугл как проститутка, вначале толкали респонзив онли — купив этих чуваков начали задвигать другую песню

  42. mohammed ismail says:

    one of Jquery code doesn't work in Google Chrome but works properly in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer Edge. The line is –>onclick="$('#inner_html').load('htmlPage.html')"

  43. Australie Vie Pratique says:

    get to the point please..

  44. chris ohara says:

    This doesn't make anything faster. This doubles time and data usage.

    I have zero interest in Google's bastardized news sites. I want the full site, the story originated from.

    Instead of one click and I'm reading the story, its now 2 clicks and double data usage.

    Click story bring up google bastardized Accelerated mobile page, click grey bar link too actual news site.

    Opt out/shut off option would be nice.

    Google AMP is a solution in search of a problem. My iphone 6s can stream 4k UHD on a 3g network, tell me how Google AMP is needed? its not, this is google stealing internet traffic from the actual publisher and replacing it with goo. site.

    I have abandoned google completely.

    EU slaps Google with record $2.7 billion fine.

    Any little trust I had left for Google is gone. Don't believe for one second google apple or microsoft give a dam what you think, they will lie and steal from you at the drop of a hat, never thinking twice about it, even after getting fined 3 billion from the EU.

    Google AMP is another attempt at walling off the internet for google.

  45. Tsering Lobsang says:

    AMP is still a hack, but a better hack.

  46. Adventure says:

    I Think thats all for generating more ads on Mobile. Google wiill prefer those who implement these extra Code (by giving them better Ranking). That sucks! All Webmaster have to Occupied that.

  47. ㄗ丹れ刀丹 says:

    biggest load if trash! I hate it and im gonna start chaging search site soon if they dont get rid of this nonsense!

  48. hotmandead1 says:

    Any websites using this ? For mobile ?

  49. Hasan Raza says:

    AMP is the best, my Drupal Site just got a lot faster thanks to it, here's an awesome tutorial to setup AMP

  50. TwoLeggedHorsie says:

    Ironic that Google makes a video complaining about ad's.

  51. Rank Tools - Agencia SEO / Posicionamiento Web says:

    Si quieres aprender a potenciar el SEO de tus AMP, te recomendamos

  52. Àlex Bartolomé Del Río says:

    If we change to amp, this is like we are changing our website theme! so if we do it, it will have negative impact on site SEO!
    Am i right?

  53. Alex Jimenez says:

    is Ampproject trying to kill Bootstrap and Foundation and other responsive frameworks?

  54. mushfik rahman says:

    it's a very bad service. i loose my all money .Do't take any service from them.

  55. King Yt ツ says:


  56. RENOVATIO says:

    Learn to dress properly. I also don't like how AMP pages are just previews of real content on Google without actually leaving Google

  57. Jonathan David says:

    web designer will lose their job because of AMP :v

  58. Marty McLeod says:

    AMP doesn't seem to render my tables correctly. It strips the colored header at the top and removes all grid lines surrounding the cells. Also, my responsive table no longer can stack columns on mobile in AMP pages. They're all horizontal like on desktop.

    I have no idea that to do now.

  59. Sohaib Raza says:

  60. Herman Tan says:

    Yeah, its good.
    But blog that not use google adsense can't show/display they ads.
    So this google amp is = HARM for all blog will not use google adsense. They (creator, google) only want to make effective they ads.

  61. George says:

    3 minutes into it and im yet to hear about AMP… wtf.

  62. مشاهير السعودية says:

    Saudi Teen Girls Hot Dancing in the Street Events of National Day 2018

  63. Manos Filippou says:

    Speed is important. I wrote an article for my SEO company in Toronto: How to do a manual SEO audit in 2018, and included your video on the topic about mobile friendly pages. Very, very good!

  64. Dorothy McQueen says:

    Psalm 99:8 King James Version Bible and New International Version and Amplified Bible. I pray your contributions will not embarrass or work against my Living Bible.

  65. (ليشام ويب) Lisham Web says:
    إضافة خاصية AMP الجديد دون تغير قالب بلوجر و تفعيل ميزة صفحات الجوال المسرع لتحسين سيو ومضاعفة ارابح

  66. Hochzeitsfotograf ffm says:

    this what what I have created as website by just watching your videos

  67. tubeMonger says:

    This technology was never heard after this introduction.

  68. Peace PL says:

    Destroying world wide web and HTML standards for more profit, via ridiculous ad molding pages, It's a real real shame. 😷

  69. Anthony Calleja Photography says:

    Hello, in google tag manager which tag should be selected to add javascript for amp pages?

  70. Frank Conijn says:

    Who are you kidding??? Google is just trying to force upon web designers and the public a technique that will make web surfers not use an ad blocker! Do you think we're blind that we do not see that?? There are numerous ways with the current techniques to increase download speed of a webpage!! Don't insult our intelligence!!

  71. Hifzur Rahman says:

    I will convert your WordPress website into Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and validate the AMP pages with 0 errors. Contact me on Fiverr:

  72. Ai Ling Ong says:

    May I ask if AMP is mainly for developers? I can't seem to understand how to even get started. 🙁

  73. R Krish says:

    Acclerated mobile pages project by Google is a great move for the enthusiastic net surfers.. Refer the blog –>

  74. DS says:

    so you wanna say: no problem if i duplicate my content … so now imagine i grabb all content of the web and i put it in /AMP with an amp theme ..

  75. Trad Lyf says:

    good job guys

  76. Terry Hatziieremias says:

    is there a video showing how to fix errors in search console?

  77. Anjali Chauhan says:

    Can i open a custom popup on browser window/tab closing in AMP pages. Please reply as soon as possible

  78. Anbarasan R says:

    How make my AMP page secure?

  79. Hamed Moodi says:

    I have full reposisvie website by css mediaquery, is neccesary to use AMP? create separate page Or improve current page to Amp?

  80. chris ohara says:

    There is nothing here for the end user this is google stealing Internet traffic.

    AMP has destroyed the mobile web. If you don't play by googles rules they will burry your website.

    This is not needed this is a lie. I can stream 4k over 3g. Why does AMP exist? To steal web traffic.

    I don't want Googles bastardized websites I want the original site.

  81. Roshan Jafri says:

    greedy google ruining lives of web developers since WML

  82. vedo94 x says:

    AMP is a good idea think about it, its better to load important content first, then ADS after that. and it's better to keep ADS under control and not let them blast in your face. that way you might stay longer on the page and might quit using adblock because ads wont be so annoying any more.

  83. James Albert says:

    I apploed amp one time and then i was sovregreting because all the link url just changed with /amp , so that really became big problem for me i was afraid of my site rank down, why amp also chanhe url, and other non amp pages also appear on search engije and many users were getting 404 error on non amp pages

  84. Chris evoj says:

    hai I need your help how to add music and video in mobirise thanks

  85. Jaytesh Barange says:

    Why we are going to future, 4g 5g … so on. Why mobile phone processing is going Faster and Faster. Why you made AMP, why are you fooling and forcing to use AMP, we don't have 2g Nokia phones now.

  86. Mauricio Quiroga says:

    Another way to justify millions of dollars on salaries for the Google workers, another way to put more heaviness into the data rivers already flooded with garbage like WordPress sites. I am upset because is coming from Google and it is my way or the highway kind of deal. Anyway, this is upsetting.

  87. Nintendork says:

    Anandtech with and without ublock…

  88. Ajarn Spencer says:

    thing is, isn't true, it loads slow. And, in addition, it screws up certain websites. Its just google trying to make the world use AMP. People aren't going to follow it. A lightweight page is the answer as RyuKilledKenny said.

  89. Cizzurp 215 says:

    ironically amp works everywhere but in chrome

  90. ollidayhh says:

    AMP sucks, made Pages looks ugly, Mobile Speeds raises from year to year, nobody need AMP.

  91. Techno Gyan says:

  92. Siddhant Kumar says:

    there should be a global law if websites waste our time then they should be prosecuted.

  93. Anjunakitchen says:

    Hmm, I read this here, said AMP wasn't good for their leads.

  94. Anjunakitchen says:

    What happens if screen resolutions change in the future?

  95. Leslie Chan says:

    After 3 years, this is still stupid.

  96. Tim Harris says:

    AMP needs an opt out option. Fed up of it. Go away. Google needs a proper competitor.

  97. benny blanco says:

    Open a Google application and you have to wait for seconds for logo to disappear

  98. Dan Rosner says:

    Google amp doesn't load well, and makes me have to click more to actually just get to the site. It sucks.
    You should look at the comments here and the "support" forums for Chrome.
    And either fix it, or let people disable it. Please. For the love of God.

  99. igor giuseppe says:

    why this video dont have an date? hey, google, can you abide by the same rules that the rest of us mortals?

  100. survivalboxing says:

    At 2:30 still nothing about AMP… I'd rather spend the next 4 min leaving a bad comment than keep watching with the hope for of some useful info

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