Insane Koenigsegg Agera RS Breaks TOP SPEED WORLD RECORD!!!

Insane Koenigsegg Agera RS Breaks TOP SPEED WORLD RECORD!!!

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Insane Koenigsegg Agera RS Breaks TOP SPEED WORLD RECORD!!!

  1. Anonymous 14 says:

    Well not for long because the Hennessey Venom F5 can go over 301 mph and once its releases to public, it will grab that record

  2. Naruto says:

    I wanna see thru the helicopter pov😐

  3. Carlos Makgato says:

    He has the sort of passion I can only hope for one day. His world record run set up is like a car club coffee run. Doesnt care about the bs and fun fare, its all about the car.

  4. St. Beter says:

    Ford GT 300 mph. Murica

  5. fix ways2 says:

    i got koenisegg in asphalt 8

    jk it was a crack asphalt 8 apk

  6. yoshiotamura says:

    I still wonder what bugatti can do if they didn't stop at just being content that they built a faster car than their previous one.

  7. Eagle1 says:

    I'm saving up to buy a new battery for my rc car

  8. Jake Bad Hawk says:

    Install a electric reverse on the front end & eliminate the reverse in the actual motor & add a gear that'll go cool? Great video though.

  9. Vasantbhai Parmar says:

    love koenigsegg AGERA RS

  10. Weed Nose says:

    Crossing the road then a 285 mph keonigsegg crashes into you

  11. Marcos BronxStyle Tattoo's says:

    Thats a fkn airplane cockpit

  12. Yenula Ranasinghe says:

    Koenigsegg is definitely a very impressive hypercar props to them👍

  13. juslom2002 says:

    I'm confused 277 not 285??

  14. *Meme_ Frog* says:

    Now it’s the Bugatti Chiron which goes to 500kmh I’m not sure about miles but it’s the fastest car or is the Bugatti vision the fastest?

  15. Dillon Humphries says:

    The Chiron is faster

  16. LAOC Exotics says:

    Just rode in this car! Video on my channel

  17. Перизат Беркимбаева says:


  18. Zabetkhan Haidari says:

    Devel Sixteen is much faster and the bugatti is also faster but the Devel Sixteen is the best top speed and Aceleration

  19. Rodrigo G says:

    what a scam!!

  20. Justin Fetting says:

    The Hennessy venom f5 is a lot faster with a top speed of 301

  21. Justin Fetting says:


  22. Bambiba Son says:

    ok so I’ll let you guys know that the Koenigsegg One:1 is in front of the Red Koenigsegg Agera RS oof

    “Actually they kinda looks like each other don’t they?”

  23. ALI GTR FAN says:

    Those are literal bomb upshifts!

  24. Zero Two says:

    Wait your in nevada????

    Can you help us raid area 51 with thag car

  25. KingXXI says:

    Why didn’t they GoPro this shit?!

  26. You Unusable says:

    Glad he knows how to pronounce nevada

  27. Eric Mc says:

    Where is the in car footage?

  28. Shinigami Keith Daisuki! says:

    Cooking a fried chicken at 5:47

  29. Felix Oropeza says:

    The funny thing they said broke the speed record but noone really know if it accelerates faster than other cars in a real race from o to 60 againt others cars

  30. Liam Hartwell says:

    Hennessey venom f5 would wast that. Because it dose 301 MPH/483kmh

  31. Liam Hartwell says:

    But still that thing is so fast

  32. Daz Morland says:

    What, no shots of it in action? Didn’t happen then! You know the ‘pictures or it didn’t happen’ rule………

  33. Jacob Detubio says:

    Hennessey venom!

  34. Edmond Apduhan Jr says:

    My favorite car Koenegsegg and pagani

  35. Mashilo Lehong says:

    Your koeningsegg can do whatever they like but Bugatti will always be…

  36. Red Shift says:

    Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah Saves.

    I am praying for ALL of you.

    Peace and love,


  37. Anton Legrand says:

    de la bombe

  38. Steve - Veteran says:

    Came here after watching a Jay Leno's segment that mentioned this event.

  39. Steve - Veteran says:

    It's MARIESTADS time!!! 🍺

  40. Roy excellent Alexander says:

    But it still doesn't carry the aura of the buggatti

  41. John C says:

    The Hennessey venom is actually the fastest

  42. Siboniso Hashim says:

    That car is a chopper straight 😎😎😎

  43. KJoy D says:

    Which one is the fastest Koenigsegg 1:1 or agera RS

  44. MrCarlitosway713 says:

    Wrong! Top speed record is 284 by another Koenigsegg on another video.

  45. iarifa says:

    This car is modified !!!

  46. skittlemax says:

    everyones talking about Bugatti, koenigsegg, what about the og, hennessey?

  47. wornoutshoes11 says:

    This has got to be the most detailedLESS video i have ever watch with regards to world records. Lol 🤭

  48. ツ Gamer1455 ツ says:

    The Bugatti Chiron's 0-400-0 time was 41.96 seconds

  49. Stephen Schuffert says:

    I’ve driven my Mini Cooper S 129 mph! It was surreal 😜😜😜

  50. Emmet D says:

    All thanks to the STIG

  51. Decepticon Stinger says:

    Well, now Bugatti has broken the 300MPH barrier…

  52. Nelson Sueta says:

    Not anymore!

  53. open yourmind says:

    bugatti just spanked you by a good margin – first over 300 mph – and with standard engine and gearbox – not an upgraded 1MW engine and E85 like this agera was running on lol and besides the fact the chiron weighs a lot more than this – koenigsegg you may sit yourself down and make way for the king of the road the chiron 😉

  54. hynz sanchez says:

    Lol and now buggati chiron got revenge

  55. Brad Theodore says:

    Sorry boys Bugatti just broke that record 304.77 Mph

  56. Farhan says:

    Lol, Bugatti just hit 304 mph. Bye

  57. Saad Siddiqui says:

    Bugatti chrion top speed 304.77 mph

  58. _Hpc ibot says:

    a bugatti just make 304 mph

  59. Pein says:

    Who’s here after Buggati beat the World Record by 305mph 👋🏼

  60. anjoLas says:

    bad news 4 you, guys. Chiron just beat 490 km/h

  61. Boss Boss says:

    whos here after bugatti hit 304 mph

  62. Drew Holli says:

    Had to come back here for moral support can't wait for November 4th hopefully the Jesko will break the 300 mark on this day of November 4th 2019!!!!!

  63. Magnus Hegle says:

    "and a few months later, somewhere i germany"
    304.77mph – 490.484 kph

  64. DRSReaper275 says:

    Bugatti Chiron:Well we just broke the 300mph barrier
    Jesko:This what I was waiting for

  65. Tafari Boozer says:

    Not any more, the Bugatti Chiron just put the smack down on this Koenigsegg Agera on August 2, 2019 with a top speed 304.77 MPH.

  66. S.O.N .T.I says:

    And Bugatti breaks again with Chiron

  67. YoursTruly S says:

    Anyone back after the Chiron past 300?

  68. Car boy says:

    8:35 in video they says 0-400-0 33.87

  69. Car boy says:

    But 8:42 they write 0-400-0 22.87

  70. Akshat Singh says:

    Updated your thumbnail…….
    Chiron breaks 300 miles barrier

  71. the Patriot says:

    now they need to break the new record speed of 304 m/ph of the Bugatti chiron !!!

  72. Adarsh Chandru says:

    Buggati just regained it's postion as the fastest!! Crossed 300mph!!

  73. Sky Bound says:

    Looks like most of the comments are from 12 yr old boys

  74. 2JZ Power Supra says:

    Bugatti just demolished that record few days ago at 304mph , first street legal car to hit 300mph

  75. salsero1999 says:

    Bugatti Chiron +300 mph, nuevo rercod mundial.

  76. Shadow says:

    Bugatti chiron supersport: laughs in german

  77. Andrew Lucas says:

  78. Tyrel Granger says:

    Buggatti just got the world record of 304mph so ha take that

  79. Tyrel Granger says:

    Buggatti just got the world record of 304mph so ha take that

  80. Mrinal Dutta says:

    This car will do 300mph with minor changes because this car did 284 on stock n pump gas

  81. rhinoskin extraboss says:

    Not g.o.a.t no more team bugatti

  82. edburg francis says:

    Who are saying that Chiron did a 304mph/490kmph… and now holds the world record.
    That was a prototype.. not a production ready car. So, this girl still holds the crown officially. And even if buggati chiron hits that speed offically, Watchout what Koienigsegg Jesko will do then!!!😎✌ Peace.

  83. Philip Christian says:

    This is aural bliss. 7:40

  84. Oumiel Tarik says:

    Sorry Guys Bugatti Chiron 304.7 MPH

  85. Azka Azkiya says:

    And now Buggatti Chiron Sport did 304mph

  86. Ltdrea says:

    The blackbird sr71 in street

  87. 124 Spider says:

    This Guy is sooo anoying

  88. Boggan Alseryd says:

    I will bet you that the jesko will smoke 305mph. Sverige rules

  89. yb Brown says:


  90. Leon Negro says:

    And no one else can't put it a simple camera inside the car to filming?…🤔

  91. ameerthedad says:

    who else here after the chiron hit 304

  92. Orange Juice says:

    Bugatti chiron 304 mph?



  94. TRASH-DEADMAN says:

    0ne like = 1 prayer for christian's eyebrows

  95. SharKz [SKz] says:

    300mph bugattiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  96. John Smith says:

    7:32 I'm sorry stradman but 400 kmh is not 240 miles but it is 249 miles

  97. Stan Wilhite says:

    "Goodness gracious"??? You watch your language young man……this is a family channel!

  98. Tiger He says:

    I dropped my phone in the bath while watching this exact video

  99. Ternimus says:

    "Insane Koenigsigg Agera RS Breaks TOP SPEED WORLD RECORD!!!"

    Bugatti Chiron Super Sport: Hold my beer

  100. Elizebeth Wuest says:

    who else forgot that strad was even there

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