Increase Conversion on Your Etsy Shop: Listing Quality

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate Hey y’all! Isabella here. Thanks for tuning in to another video. As you may have heard
in recent announcements and our last video, the search team
has been working hard to improve how our search algorithm ranks results. Before we go any further,
I want to be clear that the work we’re doing on search is based on the best practices
we’ve been suggesting and that you have implemented. In other words, strong keywords
and the way buyers engage with your items is still really important
in terms of visibility. In our last video,
we covered keywords, so today I want to focus
on the buyer engagement part. The actions buyers take
after viewing a listing gives us clues
about how popular that item is. We use this information to give each listing on Etsy
a quality score. Listings with higher quality scores rank higher in search results. We’ve heard from you that this can be
a bit of a complicated area or that you feel you have
less control here. As a seller myself, I totally get that. But know there are things you can do to influence how buyers engage
with your items when coming across them in search. To determine listing quality, we look at how well a listing converts– how many people viewed it,
then favorited it, add it to their cart,
or make a purchase– to determine whether shoppers
are interested in it. Positive engagement can help
your listings and ranking, but your ultimate goal
should be getting the sale. Here are the two main things
to focus on here: getting the click and getting the sale.

Daniel Ostrander

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