Import links to data stored at the SRA and ENA repositories (BioNumerics 7)

Import links to data stored at the SRA and ENA repositories (BioNumerics 7)

In this video I will show how to link to data stored at the SRA and ENA repositories. The Import tree is called by pressing this
button in the BioNumerics main window. With the link import routine you can import links to online repositories such as SRA or ENA. Note that you will only see this import routine in the Import tree after installation of the WGS tools plugin. Please contact Applied Maths to obtain your credentials for the installation and activation of this tool in your database. In this demo database, the plugin is already installed, so I simply select the link option from the list and go to the next step. In the second step, multiple data sources
are available. In this video I will select the NCBI SRA option. The same procedure can be followed for the EMBL-EBI option. In the next step I need to provide the run
accession codes. I make sure the codes are separated by the same separation character. I will now link the Accession numbers to the BioNumerics Key field and I save the import template in my database. The new import template is automatically selected and I will store the links in this existing experiment in my database. The Import routine will indicate that 5 entries will be created with this import action. In the last step I uncheck the analysis option since I will not post any analysis jobs in this video. The links are now being imported and stored in the selected experiment. A green dot is present in the Experiment presence panel. Clicking a green dot, displays the experiment card with the data link. This ends this video. Please tune in to our other videos on our website where more functionality is described. Thank you for watching.

Daniel Ostrander

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