How to Use Internet Explorer 7 : Create a Link to a Web Page on Internet Explorer 7

Hi! I am Ross on behalf of,
windows Internet Explorer, let us check it out. How can you create a link to your web
page. You already know how to do favorites but now I want to create a link, a shortcut
to it. In the upper left hand corner I can drag the icon to the desktop, let up and it
will create a link to this web page that is showing. The other thing that you can do and
actually I find most useful is to use the links here. If I click on this double-arrow
I can see links and I can add items to that link one way is under favorites I have links
down here, anything I add into this link folder shows up in the links. So what I am going
to do is I am going to unlock the toolbar. I am going to drag the link toolbar down by
itself so I can see the links. Now I am going to say I want this page, this ExpertVillage
website to be in my links. I am going to drag right down to the links toolbar, let up and
there it goes it inserts it. Now the name is so long that pushes a lot of these down
and then creates the double-arrow so you can get to the additional ones. I am going to
right click it. I am going to rename and I am going to just change it to ExpertVillage
and click okay and there it is.

Daniel Ostrander

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