How to use and use of mysql database in ubuntu or linux machine

How to use and use of mysql database in ubuntu or linux machine

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Daniel Ostrander

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24 thoughts on “How to use and use of mysql database in ubuntu or linux machine

  1. Abhipriy Burman says:

    Dude ! if you're gonna make videos, at least learn to do it properly.
    the sound of keyboard is louder than that of your voice !

  2. Stephen Hale says:

    Were you just talking to yourself?

  3. varnit jain says:

    sir u were amazing please makes more video related to sql about use of foreign key n ol please i m waiting..

  4. Mizan Rahman says:

    simply awesome !!!

  5. Sudheer mmpp says:

    Can u know me, How I can pass data to my database from my project which is running to the localhost:
    I have Ubuntu 16.04 inside it PHP 5.6 and MYSQL 5.7
    and I am running my project on localhost
    and I already created database whatever name given in my project…
    But i am not able to pass data from my project to my database…

    Please urgent….

  6. mohit saraswat says:

    Great bro thankyou very much

  7. Francisco Antonio says:

    Good video but for the next ones try to speak a little bit closer to the mic.

  8. Surya Roychowdhury says:

    Very nice….Kindly make videos for next step for beginners

  9. Rachana Reddy says:

    hai i have 2 doubts

    1.u used the command use dbname;
    but it not displying the dbname what we r using
    do we have any command to disply d dbname in mysql like., mysql(dbname)>

    2. if we create any tables r databases where did they stored.

  10. Myself Ruhan2 says:

    thanks vai

  11. Harsh Bhojwani says:

    Sound of typing is louder than yours to an extent that can't understand what you are trying to say.

  12. Prasad Vicky Kumar says:

    this video is help me a lot.. there no more need of voice more need of right command..

  13. Nvidia GT 710 says:

    Thnx man u just made my xam easy🤗

  14. Ashutosh Patidar says:

    making this type of videos doesn't make any sense because sound of keyboard is louder than that of your voice.

  15. Abhishek Arora says:

    khaane kitne dino se nai khaaya awaaz hi nai nikal rhi

  16. Mohammed Faidy says:


  17. nishant anand says:

    nicely explained. i will request instructortor to check the voice

  18. Chandan Morang says:

    Nice video …thanks

  19. Amol Helkar says:

    best video

  20. tanozepp says:


  21. vankudothu malsoru says:

    How to write PL/SQL Program on mysql database in ubuntu machine.

  22. himani pandey says:

    informative video.

  23. davron muminov says:

    Сould not be louder!?

  24. DURAI KARTHICK says:

    Dude it is not clear.I can't able to watch it.

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