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In this video we’re going to walk you
through how you would update a listing status on the MLS Long Island. The way
you would do this is to access your account in MLS Stratus now this is a
software that they use for agents to update listings. Add new listings send
listings to clients and complete other various tasks so you’ll want to find the
portal typically you can just google MLS Li Stratus and it will usually be the
first result. Go ahead and click on the first result and you’ll be presented
with the login screen. In this case we’ve already logged in so we didn’t have to
put in our password or username on the left. You’ll want to click on my listings go ahead and click continue. If you
receive this notification and here are gonna be your listings. In this case, we
are going to update the status of this particular unit to in contract so we’re
gonna click on it and once it loads you want to click on edit on the top and
select the option for status price change click continue Here you’re gonna put in the contract
price contract a selling broker selling agent as well as whether or not the
seller broker acted as the broker’s agent buyer agent dual agent or the
sellers agent so a lot of terminology there but it’s pretty straightforward so
we have here just the notes of the buyer So we’re gonna take the buyers name and
we’re gonna put that oh you know what we actually don’t need that here you will
need that when you put closed for the listing so in this case contract price
is four hundred thousand the contract date is gonna be today so that is the
10th of May and the selling broker. In this case is gonna be our firm so it’s
going to search for that see how it popped up right here and in this case
the selling agents are Chris as well as Nick and the sellers broker leave acted
as the sellers agent and once you’ve submitted these items you can go ahead
and click submit. Once you see the prompt that the status has been changed,
successfully go ahead and click continue or exit. It doesn’t matter. I’m gonna
click exit and it’ll take you back to the ad listing page. Now if you click on
my listings again it’s gonna take you back to the overview of your firm’s
listings and usually the update we just made will not be reflected immediately
so as you can see it’s still listed as active so if you give it five or ten
minutes and you reload this page, it should show the listing as being in
contract. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment
and we wish you the best of luck

Daniel Ostrander

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