HOW TO Start a Bible Study Journal / Notebook/ Binder PLUS easy in-depth study tips

HOW TO Start a Bible Study Journal / Notebook/ Binder PLUS easy in-depth study tips

I have a crazy simple easy in-depth and
inexpensive way to make a Bible study notebook for five bucks and learn how to
study the Word of God more in-depth so that’s what we’re gonna talk about today
on crazy simple hello beautiful I am Nikki from crazy simple truth and
if you are new here and you would like to learn how to control your emotions
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to find out about the five-dollar Bible study notebook let’s get started a lot
of these things you may have at home so it may cost you nothing or just a few
dollars so the first thing that I purchased at my local dollar store was a
three-ring binder and then I purchased a pencil pouch that goes in here in my
three-ring binder I purchased some cute pencils I like mechanical pencils so I
purchased some cute pencils in I purchased a package of subject dividers
and some good old notebook paper that is it on my web site so right now is the time to do this we
are in a very tight budget and so I did it at my dollar tree. If you’re watching
this video and it’s not back-to-school time anymore that’s okay
hit up your dollar stove and you got it made! You can go buy stickers and
scrapbook paper and special pens and markers
and highlighters and all of those things if you’d like to, but let me tell you… the
more simple you keep it the more focused you are on God and not on the creativity
of writing scriptures or drawing pictures or sticking stickers or
anything like that. The more simple it is the more focused you are on God and
believe me I am all about being creative I love being creative, I’m an artist, I
love creating things, I love crafting I love decorating things but it’s
important to stay focused on what’s important and that is God! If you want to really
make this simple and you don’t want to do a three-ring binder then you can just
use a plain old notebook and just write your notes in it you don’t even have to
print off my worksheet. I don’t have a printer right now so I am literally just
using my notebook paper to write in the categories that I have on the worksheet
but if you want to just super simplify this, just use a spiral notebook. Right
now because the back to school they’re like 25 cents so that will work! We’re
gonna go over the worksheet that is on the website this is the crazy simple
Bible study method but before I get into that I’m gonna go over what I did with
the page dividers in the journal. My first one is prayers, second sermon notes,
topical study, video notes, in depth study, and then I’m taking some Bible College
courses, and so that is what I’ve used that for and then these are just in case
I think is something cool that I want to add to it. So with prayers being the
first one, let’s start there. I am in a relationship with God. I am not religious.
I am NOT a big part of religion. I do not follow rules and regulations I’m in a
relationship and in a relationship you spend time communicating lots throughout
the day my husband and I text each other when he’s at work just to see what we’re
doing how we’re doing and so that’s the kind of relationship that God wants with
you he wants you to pray to Him, to praise him, tell him how great he is,
thank him, ask him to forgive you, seek him all day long and not just a specific
prayer time. So in my notebook I use the prayer section if there are specific
people or specific situations that I want to make sure that I spend time
praying for and I would forget otherwise. I go ahead and write those in there.
Another important thing that you may want to just write it out once and use
it every time before you start your in-depth Bible study, is to pray to God
and ask him to open your spiritual eyes, ask him to show you what it is that he
wants you to learn from his word on that day. That’s super important and of course
make sure that you don’t have any sin that you haven’t asked for forgiveness
from because that will keep your eyes blinded and not focused on what he wants
you to learn. So always go to him: praise him, he’s so good,
ask him for forgiveness, and then seek Him in prayer to find out what he wants
you to learn. My second tab is sermon notes and that’s sort of obvious if
you’d like to take your entire notebook to church or if you just like to take
out a sheet or two of notebook paper you can do that or a lot of times that
church these days you get a little handout when you come in the door and
you can write your notes on that so you could bring that home and use the
three-ring puncher and stick it in your notebook. Under sermon notes, the reason why it’s good to have that in this notebook is because a lot of times there’s really
profound things that the Holy Spirit does that he really convicts you of
things and you want to keep track of that and so if you keep that in there
all of these things are in one place so you always know where to get your
motivation and your inspiration for the things that you’ve already learned about
God. The next tab is topical Bible study and topical meets topic of course and my
YouTube videos if you watch them are topical. I take a topic and we make a
series out of it and then teach you certain lessons within that topic. So a
topical Bible study is, you pick a topic, something that you’re struggling with. So
for me anxiety is a battle that I fight a lot. To show you my example of what I
did under my topical Bible study… I should add at this point that if you
don’t have your own by Bible just download a free Bible app and
in the search bar of your free Bible app or in the back of your physical Bible
you can look up a category and it will give you scriptures that relate to that
so for anxiety and I wrote down all of the scriptures. This is just one page. There
were tons of pages so when I am battling that emotion or thought, I can go to this
and use these as my plan my fighting plan to fight those thoughts or emotions.
So like I said everything you need besides the actual Word of God is in
this one five dollar notebook! How cool is that?! The next tab I said was video notes. And that is, if you’re watching this, you
probably are a youtuber, I like to call you, and so you like to watch videos on
YouTube whether is actual Bible teachers or if is someone like me who God has
used to just have a passion for helping other people, you can watch those videos,
take notes of things that stood out to you ,and then keep them in your notebook
now here’s an important thing about this: Do not let that be the way that you are
filled with the Word of God. These videos are important and you can learn a lot
but they do not replace God’s Word! Every day you need to be spending time in his
Word. Don’t let anything replace that. So that
is a place that you can keep those things so they’re all in one place
but don’t forget to focus on what you should focus on and that is God, that is
his Word, that is the Bible. So what I’ve done is I have created this worksheet, it
is a Crazy Simple Truth Bible Study Method daily worksheet, and you can print
it off from my website. I will show you right here what you can do. First of
all it reminds you to pray and ask God to open your eyes to what he wants you
to learn before you begin and then you’re gonna write the date book chapter
and verses. Now here’s something important: do not read more than two to
six verses a day and no more than 10. And the reason for that isn’t so you can
speed through this and get it done quick but it’s because this is in depth. You
are going to go farther deeper into God’s Word than you ever have before and
so you can’t focus on too many verses + 2 – 6 just seems so doable and not overwhelming. It makes it easier for you to commit to that time with God. Take those
two to six verses and you are going to write down any words or phrases that
stood out to you, for instance, if I am reading Ephesians chapter one verse one
through three (see only three verses!) What stood out to me was Paul was an
apostle by the will of God, every spiritual blessing is in Christ, and
Christ blessed us in the heavenly realm. That’s what stood out to me in those
scriptures. Whatever stands out to you go ahead and write that in that box. Next I
put right underneath that the English words that I would like to define. So
it’s not that I’ve never heard of them or I don’t know what they mean, but I
really wanted to know like what they mean, and so for me with those scriptures
I wrote down apostle: it is a disciple of Jesus.
I wrote down grace, which is unmerited favor of God.
I wrote down disciple which is a student or a follower.
I wrote down realm which is kingdom, and I wrote down Saints: which is a holy or
virtuous person. So it wasn’t that I hadn’t heard those words before or
didn’t know what they mean but I just wanted to get deeper into it. To know the
specific true meaning. Now this is where it gets fun! Go over to the category that
says original language words to define and you are going to download on your
phone a free bible study concordance app. The one I have is Strong’s Concordance
and you’re gonna click in Ephesians 1: 1 through 3 and you’re gonna see things
highlighted here and so you’ll see where I clicked on the word apostle and this
is going to tell you that Greek was the original language it was written in. This
will give you what the Greek word is, it will show you how to pronounce it, and it
will give you different definitions. And this is where I wrote down a delegate, a
commissioner of Christ, a messenger, and so I use those to write that down on my
study sheet to learn more in depth. So that is a super easy free app that you
can use as a way to learn. So it kind of helps me see a whole
picture of where the Bible Translators got the translation and how that ended
up working out. How it ended up being in the Bible that I am holding in my hand,
whether it’s a Bible app or a physical Bible. Next box is going to be locations
and people and you are going to write down any locations or any people that
you are reading about in those verses and you are going to make note of them.
If you want to learn more about them then you have that information there you
can make a little note off to the side to research. And next one is cross references and I go to Bible study tools online, a free website that is very very
helpful. I’ve also used Bible hub that’s another website that I find is helpful
but Bible study tools online you type in your scripture you type in what version
you want to look at and it will show you at the bottom of that cross reference
verses and you can click on that and you can write down verses that are that have
to do with the verses you are studying that you may benefit from. And so go
ahead and write those down here, which you can see that I did 2
Corinthians 1:1. Paul wrote a letter to the church in Corinth also, so I thought
that was interesting. Romans 1:7 Paul called the beloved people of God that
were in Rome Saints also, so that was interesting to me because he’s using the
same word Saints. So it’s not the specific special person that’s holy, it
is people that are living for God, and so that was interesting to me, that’s what I
wrote down. You can look up commentaries and you will see that down in the bottom
it will say more resources below and you will click on that and you can read the
commentaries of different Bible scholars and sometimes those are just interesting
or helpful to kind of get their point of view on what the scriptures are that you
are reading and so I kind of have found that interesting. I don’t always spend a
lot of time doing that because I want God to reveal it to me through the Holy
Spirit but it is kind of interesting if you’re confused about something to go to
the commentaries and read those to learn more about their point of view on those
scriptures. The next thing to do is to turn your
worksheet over, if you want to save paper and you want to print your worksheet
double-side,d just grab a piece of loose-leaf notebook and write a prayer
to God tell him what you learned and how you will apply it. You can include
quoting parts of scripture back to God. He loves when we do that, plus the enemy
of your soul doesn’t like when we repeat Scripture!I It makes your prayer even more powerful. So that is all, great job! You got through
this entire video and you are going to put together your five dollar Crazy
Simple Bible Study Notebook and Journal, and you are going to dig deeper in the
Word of God. If you already have a journal I’d love to know in the comments
below or if you’re really excited about making this one let me know I would love
to know that we’re doing this together! If you would like to see more videos
like this about Bible study please give this video a thumbs up so I will know to
create more. I hope you have a great day. You are so beautiful, so blessed, so
wanted, so needed, so loved, by an Almighty God that created you I will see you soon.

Daniel Ostrander

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