How to record yourself speak in PowerPoint – Record Slide Show ✔

How to record yourself speak in PowerPoint – Record Slide Show ✔

Hello again and welcome in another cool tutorial. I had another question where a student asked how
can you record myself, for example, if you want the presentation to speak automatically or you want to create a video or you
don’t even need to be at the presentation and the presentation can speak for you. You can do a lot of
interesting things with that and it’s very simple in PowerPoint. Actually you just go to Slide Show and there you have it. You have the entire recording options. You can select Record From Current Slide to just this slide or Record From Beginning. So, let’s say that I
go into recording mode, I enter this mode. Well, my device it’s my webcam
is now not set up correctly. It doesn’t matter, I do not want my webcam to be selected here. Basically it’s because I’m
recording the video right now and the webcam is already in use. Okay, so I have this slide and in the left upper corner look what we have here. We have Record, so let’s say that I want to explain this slide to you. I press R, I prepare myself and I’ll now speak freely
about text box one, text box two, text box
three, whatever, whatever. I can even select colors and
select several icons here. All right, I’ll explain
all of them to you. Okay, I’ll be explaining
and then I would end. I would stop my recoding right there because I just wanted
to record this slide. Look what happened. A sound icon has appeared. I’ll just exit it with my Escape key, I’ll exit everything and look what happened. I have here a voiceover. You can see I have my voiceover and what’s amazing and important here is when you go to Transitions, the duration of this slide has been automatically adjusted to play as long as I’m
explaining this slide. You see, my recording it 40 seconds long, so this slide will also
advance after 40 seconds. I just select, deselect
this on mouse click because I want this presentation to run automatically. Most likely I will export it to a video and I could do the same
for each of the slides. Maybe those objects you can decide if you really want to have those objects. This is just an addition and now I could simply go to File, Export, Create a Video and I could
create a straight video out of it. Now you have several choices. Let me show you also
going by the animations. Animation pane, you see, the audio number one and the
ink is automatically playing. I’ll just press F5 to
show you what I mean. Text box one, text box two, text box three, whatever, whatever. I can even select colors and select. Wow, this is pretty amazing, so in the reality you don’t even have to
be at your presentation if you catch a cold or for example you are creating a presentation with several people and you will do your part
by recording yourself. No problem, you can
even make fun with this, so this is another cool tip in PowerPoint to know about. I think that’s not only a great technique, it’s something to really use because recording will be always useful now matter what we do online. Thanks once again and see
you in other tutorials.

Daniel Ostrander

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38 thoughts on “How to record yourself speak in PowerPoint – Record Slide Show ✔

  1. Numan Uddin Khan says:

    thanks for this awesome tutorials bro

  2. Jerry M. says:

    I really appreciate your videos! You do an awesome job showing and explaining the process! Thank you

  3. Abderhmane Ben Slimane says:


  4. Pharhad Sookun says:


  5. Raul Chico says:

    can you do the same with powerpoint 2007?

  6. 石头 says:

    HI , thanks for share the video , its very nice , but can i know the powerpoint 's version ? because i was finished update my office 2016 pro , then when i push the record button(Record slide show button ) , i just have a small windows over that. no black background , no some color to change pen color ,no web camera , pls help me ,how can i set it , thank you .

  7. shuyash bansal says:

    Hello sir, sir i have a problem with my powerpoint slideshow recording, when i click on slideshow recording it opens recording in full screen mode but earlier it used to open a screen like in your video with all controls. sir please tell me the settings to get that recording screen back
    please reply as soon as possible sir.
    thank you

  8. Your Green Bill says:

    Thanks man. Record Slide Show is a bit clearer now. Can you explain the point of the Notes function and how to use it?

  9. Cindy Greaney says:

    I've been using this exact way of recording for weeks.  Now today it's like it has vanished.  Any suggestions on where it went.  I like this way the best because I can stop an listen between each slide.  The other way shows the record icon in the top right corner and it keeps running.  I don' like it.  Hopefully you will have a suggestion for me.  Thanks!

  10. Thomas Stumpp says:

    How do you get the media controls (audio and webcam to display)? I'm on PPT 2016 with 'show media controls' activated but USB webcam is not an option.

  11. Kelly Barnett says:

    So, I actually need to do what you did to present this video. I need to play a PowerPoint while appearing. You are in the tiny screen in the upper right. Can I do that while the PPT is playing via webcam? Thanks.

  12. Eff says:

    what application you use ro record screen right now? please answer

  13. Rj Mc says:

    Love the vid, very informative. My main question now is – how did you make your video? You said in another comment you used Camtasia – but I've used that too, and it doesn't let you move the camera screen in real time, which i thought you were doing. So maybe you weren't? You just recorded it without actually seeing where your webcam video would go, and then after you finished, you adjusted the video? If so, can you recommend a software where you can use powerpoint presentations AND move and adjust your PiP at the same time? (and record it). Thanks! Please answer (haha, just a joke from the last guy) 😉

  14. Rj Mc says:

    Ah ok, that's exactly what I needed to know. I know about Camtasia, and how it lets you move the webcame vid in post production. I thought you were moving it in real time, as you recorded, which is what I'm looking for. As far as I can tell, OBS can't do that. But I believe I found some software that can, called ApowerREC. Thanks for the reply!

  15. Amit M says:

    Please let me know what mic you use while recording

  16. Jan McInnis says:

    thanks! great video – and it was short and to the point, which is perfect!

  17. Ronald Mondello says:

    I just bought CyberLink YouCam7. So easy to video and use Power Point but the files are WAY too big. There is something wrong and the technical guys are looking into it. A 3 minute video was 3000 meg. If they can't solve this, any other recommendation? I will pay anything.

  18. Eslam desihn says:

    the sound mark dont appear

  19. raja umair says:

    Hello dear
    I am making some ppt study vedio lectures and the problem i am facing is that after exporting my lecture into vlc player my voice or the audio is of poor quality……i mean there are background and breathing noises………to summarize i want to make my audio in the vlc recorded vedio lecture to be better…….. i will b gratefull if u can assist by making a youtube lecture on that ?
    Also do let me know whether its possible or not ?
    I am using simple samsung mobile handsfree/headset/microphone

  20. EduSonos Education says:

    I made a video but mi recorded voice get attenuated when I do a movement of the mouse or change slides. How can I overcome this?

  21. rhytmicexistance says:

    I have a problem which would probably be answered by you better than Microsoft:

    When I click the record button instead of going to the "Recording Mode" as you show here a primitive pop up button is opened instead where the recording time is shown only with pause and start.
    The difference why this Recording View is valuable is that it has the option to show notes, start recordings after 3 seconds of countdown, better usage of laser and drawing pen for presentation. I was using this view and after Microsoft downloaded some update packages… Kabooom… after closing and opening the program it vanished forever.

    I have tried to read many forums and search for an answer for opening this "Recording mode" but there is no such answer. Microsoft support is useless

  22. selagateena says:

    Do I need to connect an external microphone to record in PowerPoint? I get this error message when I try to record "An error occurred with the Recording. Please try again." Can't figure out why I can't record. Thanks for your help.

  23. fahad aziz says:

    Plz make a video on "slide master" option in powerpoint…

  24. Brenda V says:

    So glad to have found this! I needed to create a PPT for a class I'm teaching online and I had no idea how to record myself or my voice in the PowerPoint. Now my students have a nice lecture PPT they can see and hear!

  25. Egaw Ober says:

    possible to do it using android?

  26. Renato Pereira says:

    There is some bugs on that internal powerpoint option: 1) you cannot move webcam image from right botton corner and 2) you cannot move back to a previous slide.

  27. EpicOpMc says:

    You're a life saver! Thank you good sir!

  28. bianca harper says:

    Thanks for the instructions on your video. It helped me do my project.

  29. Dr. ReFit says:

    Hi, Nice video. I want to record my presentation however, when I start recording my slideshow, using the record slideshow button, it start recording the audio & the slides but I am not visible anywhere in the screen. I would like to have video of me speaking somewhere in the screen (just like you have it). Can't figure out what's wrong. Any advice! Thanks

  30. Bitoy generale says:

    I love the video so inspire me a lot.. 👍👍👍

  31. Waldstein Joseph says:

    This feature does not seem to work with Mac

  32. عرب نيويورك says:

    I really need this video.Thanks a lot.

  33. Grit Heart says:

    The world is definitely changing. It's time we all take
    action, and you're doing just like that for one's growth.

  34. Yao Tetey says:

    This is a game changer. Million thanks for the instructions…

  35. judith chicas says:

    how you do this on mac book air ???

  36. Michael Loechel says:

    How do you include the video of the speaker alongside the PPT like you did in this video?

  37. Mahabub Alam says:

    I want to mnow how can i record my presentation as well as recird myself at corner…..

  38. IBRAHIM AKID says:

    Thanks very useful; I just want to ask where can I found exactly the location of the recorded video ? Cause I looked up everywhere but I cannot found it at all ?

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