How to Record Your Webcam in VLC Media Player | Laptop Webcam Recording

How to Record Your Webcam in VLC Media Player | Laptop Webcam Recording

Hi Friends I am Ankit & today we will talk
on how to record your webcam using VLC Media Player normally we use VLC Media Player to
watch movies if VLC Media Player is not installed on your computer then install it from there
official website VLC Media Player is already installed on my computer
so I just open it in VLC Media Player first we need to go to view then select on advance
controls Now as you can see some buttons are added in my VLC Player Now click on Media
click on open captured device in video device name select your webcam my is lenovo easy
camera now click on play now press on this record button now
my webcam is recording press on this recording button to stop the
recording now go to your video library now our recorded file is saved here in video library
I just open it now like this you can very easily record your
webcam by using VLC Media Player I hope you find this video useful.

Daniel Ostrander

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