How to Record Video call on IMO, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook on Mobile

How to Record Video call on IMO, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook on Mobile

Hello friends welcome back to another video in this video i am going to show you how to record All video calls on IMO, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Line & whatsapp without root. Now the android has ability to screen recording from a device itself and lot of people dont know about this. Yes you can record your android screen in high definition without the need of rooting & its pretty simple. So lets get started First of all go to the play store, and in search bar type AZ Screen Recorder and here we have the app it says AZ screen recorder No Root. The direct link to this app will be also down below the Thumbs up button. Open it up and install it. It works on devices runing android version 5.0 & up When you run the AZ recorder a little red control circle will appear on your screen which you can drag around and place it where you want When you tap on this button it will open up Five different options Settings, Screen shot, Record option, The output folder, and the hide button In order to start recording simply tap on the Red record button and the countdown begins. 3, 2, 1 and boom. The recording has started from now on whatever is shown on the screen will be recorded along with the music and sound in super high quality with no ads This app also record in both Horizontal and vertical mood. So for test make video call on IMO. After the recording is done simply slide down the notification tab and hit on the stop button and the video that you recorded it will be saved on your phone memory which means you can either the directly watched on the device itself or you acn transfer it to your PC The app also has a lot of cool feautres in the settings you can increase or decrease the video quality to get the best performance with that it can also record for 1080p HD video it also record the sound coming from a device speaker but the cool thing is you can also record your voice to give a live voice. The best part is this app is absolutely free and you can record unlimited hours of video with music and voice over. So i hope this video will be helpful for you Please click on red subscribe button for more videos. Comment down below if you have any question. share this informative video with your friends and i will see you in the next one.

Daniel Ostrander

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    Mere cell phone me install nhi ho rha hai

  3. Ahamed Shareef says:

    hide nahi hoga ye app

  4. AD Anik says:

    Good app.thanks bro??


    i am using this software from 2 weeks but voice of second person are not supported in video or audio calls. I think uploader don't know this.
    i tried with imo and whatsapp but not working

  6. Honeymilkshaxe says:

    What about ios

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    😂😂. ..tor mar hoga

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    Not working

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    How do I get sound on an Android phone on live chat?

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    I tried it but no audio once recorded?? Can you help?

  13. Sudhakar Singanamala says:

    No sound

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    Voice not coming

  16. Imran ahmad says:

    Only video not recored voice why sir?

  17. Mustak Kathat Mustak Kathat says:

    समझ नहीं आया हिन्दी में बताओ

  18. Raja Shahbaz says:

    bhai hum.imo ki video cal.ka recd nikl sakty hy

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    So nice

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    I checked but voice is not working

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    voice nahi ata

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    Source code please

  23. Nasir Gani says:

    Very nice application

  24. Manpreet kaur Mangat says:

    How can delete the other number

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  26. nima tamang says:

    Vidio ricording hoti haina audio na sunta hai

  27. Shaleem Ramdeen says:

    Thanks It Work

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    Samne wale ki Earphone ki awaaz nahi record Hoti Aisa Q plizz answer me

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    bhaiya azar pe screen recoding nhi hoti kya karu

  30. Theater Freak Productions says:

    Can it record discord

  31. Md.shagor khan says:

    Vai imo video call record sound nehe ata..

  32. Sahadat Sahadat says:

    Brother messenger sarakko akjon line take but Ami bojte parina akhon Ami dekte cai ajonno Ami ki korte pari

  33. Aafaq Shaban says:

    Dear how to i download my previous recorded calls please due to i m attend online classes on skype plz.

  34. bsivaramaraju boyana says:

    Video recording but both are audio voice not coming only one person voice comed but you cheated rong

  35. Rocky Handsome says:

    Angrez ke bachche Hindi mein bol

  36. Amin Gurung says:

    Nonsense it does not record audio

  37. محبوب آباد شریف بہاولپور says:

    ye jhot he bhai g jhot he

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    no spund

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    Voice record nhi hoti

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  42. kayyum siddique says:

    Sir my honor 8x mob vedio recorder problem if I m calling imo vedio call and record vedio bt they only record vedio and sound and voice not record and they say… Your microphone is busy if u want record with out sound press OK….. How fix it

  43. Nepal Babu says:

    Sound nano alta kya problem hsin
    Sound nahi sunai deta problem plese solutions

  44. Parasbania information says:

    Sir azar app me vedio chatting record q nhi ho rhi. Only typing show ho rha hain.. Or vedio calling ke time screen black ho jata hai plz help me🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏plz


    It’s not show sound

  46. Muhammad Numan Khalid says:

    Not working

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    sir I need source codes please help me I have made android app it can record simple incoming and outgoing call but I want to add Imo, facebook and WhatsApp also plz help us.

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    this video copy

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    Dont waste time

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    Only record to video not Audi
    So very bad

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    Audio nhi hota gandu

  52. new sauth movie latest says:

    IMO send voice recording download kaise karen

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    Is it possible to record the call when using the headphones? Will it mute the other side?

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    But the sound does not appear

  55. Baby World says:

    This video recording with audio?

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    Vedio ki awaz nhi ati bhi plz je btye

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    May dear how to record the caller vice . May dear i try with different apps . Can i till me

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    hi thank younfor sharing.. can u visit mine plss.. thanks

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    why it's don't work

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    Jisse hm bt kr rhe hote h. Uski awaz nhi ati.?

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    Bhai awaz Nahi record Nahi hota

  65. kasim Ansari says:

    This app not a successful not record a both side only one side

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    Koi aisa app ha jis sa ham online classes jo study karta ha wo record ho jay video ka sath…

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    Sound problm

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