How To Record Skype Calls and Interviews in HD –  BEST Skype Call Recorders

How To Record Skype Calls and Interviews in HD – BEST Skype Call Recorders

– Video interviews are
a great way to generate awesome content for your viewers. You can easily interview
experts from all over the world, quickly and easily online,
and get great quality results with some very basic
software and equipment. Of course, there are a number
of options that you’ve got when it comes to running your calls. Things like Skype, Google
Hangouts, FaceTime, Viber, but Skype seems to be the most popular, and it’s pretty much the standard for any sort of online interview. Skype also happens to have
some great third-party software available for
high-definition call recording. And that’s what we’ll be running
through in today’s video. First off, remember we’re
going to be recording in HD, so that’s two HD video streams, so one for each participant of the call. So your results are always
going to be dependent on the internet speed and reliability
of everyone on the call. So always make sure you
got a good connection before you start, because it can easily ruin a great interview. Now I did do a very quick video previously on the recommended speeds
for Skype, and I’ll put a link onscreen now, and
in the description below. Now, jumping straight to the software. There are a few free
options for both Mac and PC. I’ve tried a few, but honestly
none of them really compare to the paid versions, which
I’m about to get into. For example, if you’re on
a Mac, you could just use QuickTime’s built in
Screen Recording function to record your Skype call that way. The biggest issue with that is you don’t have any control over
your audio, and you’re also recording only what you’re
seeing on the screen. One of you will be really big, and the other one will be really small. So not ideal for a really professional-looking Skype interview. So on Mac, my go-to software
is called Skype Call Recorder, and it’s by a company by Ecamm. I’ll put a link in the
description below as well. This is by far the best call
recording software I’ve used, and I recommend it to all my clients. But it does only work on Mac. If you’re a Windows user, I’d suggest checking out a program called Pamela. As a Skype video call recorder, it does do a good job,
but it’s not quite as good as the Skype Call Recorder on Mac. Okay, so now we’ll run
through how to record a video call using Skype Call Recorder, and a few of the settings are options that you should be aware of. Alright, you’ll see that
when Skype loads up, you’ve got your call recorder
that pops up straightaway. So the first thing to check
when you’ve just installed it is that your settings are correct, and you should also double-check these before you actually make your call. So click Settings here, and it’s always a good
idea to check for updates so that you’re running the latest version. Audio encoding, I’m just
gonna quickly run through the settings here with you,
just to show you the options. I use AAC Compression. Video quality should be set to high, then you select your
video image size, so here you can choose what size
you actually want to record. I’d suggest selecting the highest, so in my case it’s 1280 by 720, widescreen, which is 720p,
so that’s the one I use. Video frame rate, maximum. Again, you want to set the settings to the highest your computer can handle, but really we’re not putting
it under a great deal of load here, so set it to
maximum and give it a go, but I’m sure it’ll be fine for you. Your recording options. Now this is one setting that
you will want to play with. In my case, I like to use the Multi-track, which is the advanced setting, so what that does is it
records two full-screen video, so your screen, your
picture full screen, and the person that you’re
interviewing, full screen as well, so that way you can edit the two together in your editing software,
and you just choose and switch between full screen
one or full screen the other, so that’s why I use Multi-track,
or Advanced setting. The other ones that you can choose for are Local, which is you on your end, so only record yours. Remote only, a split screen, so it’s
kind of a 50/50 split, you’re on one side, they’re on the other, picture-in-picture, or you got the Multi-track, as I explained previously. And the rest of the settings you can show the recording indicator on the video if you’d like to show that
the video’s been recorded. For me, I have it selected so it shows the recording controls,
which is the box over here when you start up Skype, and to keep recording controls
in front during the call. So for me, if I need to stop recording or change any settings
as the call’s going, we can do that there. I also have it set to record
the calls automatically. The other important thing to
check is that you’re aware of where the video files
are actually saving to, so that you can find
them and edit them later. So now we’ve gone through
the settings there, let’s have a look at
the actual applications that you get with this. So if you open up Applications
and choose Movie Tools, then you’ll see that
the Skype Call Recorder comes with a heap of
extra little handy apps, or programs for you to help
with your call recording. So there’s a few here, Convert
for Internet, it’s gonna convert your call into a
internet-friendly version. Convert to an AAC file,
which is an audio file, convert it to an AIFF file,
which is also an audio file, convert to an MP3, which
is again, an audio file. You’ve got a marker, it’s
where you can add some text to your recording, or markers
for you editing later. The two here that you’re
probably most likely to use are the Split Movie Tracks app, and the Split Sides of Conversation app. So you open that up, you
drag in the call recording that you’ve just done, and it
splits the movie tracks off. And the same for the Split
Sides of Conversation. So these tools are really
awesome to help you get a really professional look, because it’ll split your tracks out, split your conversation
out, so that you can edit your interview down to
look really professional using your editing software. So then it’s just a
matter of making a call, and we know that the Skype Call Recorder is going to record your
call automatically. And when you’re done, you
can grab your recording and drop it into the Split Conversation, and it automatically
creates the clip, Side 1, which is me there, we
can scrub through that. And side two, you’ve got
the full-screen video of the person at the other end. As you can see, it’s easy to record great quality interview footage online. We’ll have a video coming up really soon on the recommended equipment,
so stay tuned for more. If you’ve found this video
helpful, we’d love a thumbs-up. And if you’re feeling really generous, a share would be even better. Make sure you hit that Subscribe button to see more primal videos,
and we’ll see you next time.

Daniel Ostrander

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