How To Record iPhone Screen Without Jailbreak

How To Record iPhone Screen Without Jailbreak

Hey guys, welcome to the video. nNow how many of you know how to record a
video of your iPhone screen without having to use jailbreak or having to use some kind
of extra device or recording software to be able to do it? Well I’m sure not very many of you know so
I’m not going to show you how to do it. Last year Apple actually released an update
that allows people to record their iPhone screen by accessing the control center of
their iPhone. I think this is a very good update for people
who want to make gaming videos and stuff like that. Now the way you access the control center
is by scrolling up on the bottom of your iPhone which I’m sure most of you know, and you’ll
see a bunch of different controls. Here on the bottom right-hand corner you’ll
see the screen recording function but some of you may look at this and realize, “hey
I don’t have the screen recording function there so what do I do?” Well the way you do this is by going into
your settings. And when that loads to go to your control
go to control center, customize controls and you basically want to add screen recording
to the list of controls that by default are already included such a timer, camera, and
flashlight. You basically do this by scrolling through
the additional controls you can add and you push the button to add screen recording to
the list. You can also add other ones such as the alarm,
the stopwatch or and I’ll also add the wallet. And if you scroll up and go to the control
center you can now see the three controls that I added the way to start a screen recording
is to press and hold the button with the red dot. You’ll have the option to turn on your microphone
like if you want to record your voice or something, and then you just push start recording and
you’re free to go. Thank you guys for watching the video! If you want to get notifications as to when
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