How To Record a Podcast on the Podbean Mobile App

How To Record a Podcast on the Podbean Mobile App

hi guys Ileane Smith here and I want to
introduce you to the Podbean mobile app it’s great for listening to podcasts but
you also can use it to record your podcast so let me show you how to record a podcast episode inside of the podbean app sign up for an account of course
it’s absolutely free and when you open up the app you’re going to just tap on
the red record button now this app is available on iOS as well as Android and
you’ll see the interface which is really slick okay you can add effects booing
cheering claps so forth right you can add music we’re going to
come back to the different music tracks you can add there’s echoes so if you
want it to make it sound like you’re at the church or in the classroom it’s just
a different way for your voice to sound like you’re in a different setting I’m
not a fan of that option but you may want to use that just for a specific
segment of your podcast then there’s also tone I would just leave this one at
0 but you can experiment with it if you want okay so now let’s talk about the
music let’s go back into the music tracks they have added so many different
genres of background music now that you can add however when you’re in the
recording mode you only can have three available during a specific recording
now of course you can always delete one and then go back and add another for
each segment that you record you also at the bottom of the screen there you see
that you can import music so if you’ve got music on Dropbox there’s other
locations like Google Drive all right or you could just bring it
from your library on your iPhone so great ways that you can actually import
music into this app to use as your background music now I recommend that
you control the volume level of that background music now we’re not going to
be able to listen to the background music at this time but I’ll add in a
track for you so just take a listen to some of the background tracks they have this one’s called spirit
this one is rise of the king are you ready are you ready to start
your podcast hey everyone it’s Ileane Smith here and
I wanted to talk to you about getting started with a podcast well friends
there you have it from there you can take that file and export it onto your
phone send it over to any of the other apps for example you can send it over to
anchor and publish it as an episode there so thanks so much for joining me
once again it’s your girl Ms. Ileane from
and I’ll see you in the next video happy podcasting

Daniel Ostrander

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10 thoughts on “How To Record a Podcast on the Podbean Mobile App

  1. Jared Byer says:

    Thanks for this, Ileane. You are a great resource.

  2. 411SportsTV says:

    You never cease to amaze me, thank you!

  3. ★The RJB★ says:

    Hola me gusta tu canal

  4. Pho So Social says:

    Love it! You always have the info on the new new apps. I'll have to check it out! What app(s) did you use to record your face and screen at the same time.

  5. Big Mac Sam says:

    Oh wow! I just found your channel. Nice! How do I subscribe? Is it this one? Ahh yes. Done. Cheers! Big Mac Sam.

  6. MrsArtistG says:

    CAN YOU invite others to record on PodBean?

  7. Chris Miller says:

    Great! Thanks for your recommendation. I just use Podbean app. It is very easy to use and record my voice.

  8. Elina Z says:

    I often use Podbean to listen to my favourite podcasts. Streaming and downloading are very fast. I will try to do my own podcast. Yah!

  9. Janice Horner says:

    Thanks Ileane, I'm new to podbean and this has really helped!

  10. Nikki201626 says:

    Can you use another music for the intro?

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