How to Pronounce EVERY English Word – The BEST English Dictionary | How to Speak English

How to Pronounce EVERY English Word – The BEST English Dictionary | How to Speak English

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “How to Pronounce EVERY English Word – The BEST English Dictionary | How to Speak English

  1. Rachel's English says:

    +++ FREE 10-DAY COURSE! +++

  2. Sydney dorono says:

    Wonderful video

  3. Aparecido FERREIRA VAIS says:

    Hi Rachel as always your videos are fantastic and very useful
    I've improved my English a lot by watching your classes
    Thanks a lot and have a lovely day my dear teacher 😉

  4. Luc Landry Alogo says:

    Thanks Rachel, my American accent is getting better

  5. daniele nepoti says:

    Thank you very much for these tips, especially for "youglish" that I didn't know. Why didn't you mention WordReference where you can find different ways to pronounce a single english word, not just in BrE or AmE, but even in US Southern english, Austrialian, etc.? By the way, I checked the "identify" AmE pronunciation and it sounds correct… doesn't it?

  6. Gene Ruiz says:

    Helpful tips! Love it.

  7. Hamada Abbas says:


  8. Cine Casual says:

    Nice tip!!! Thank you!!!

  9. Ravikiran Ganta says:

    nice Explanation.

  10. Blue Road viet nguyen says:

    Thanks so much for your Teaching Miss

  11. ghoummid hamdi says:

    Hello Rachel improvement of speaking english fluently needs really practice , skills comes after, basically i find that your method is fruitful and dynamic thanks always "share".

  12. Alyson Budd says:

    Have you tried phonetic dictionary with audio in British and American English!

  13. Тимур Камилов says:

    Hello! teacher Rachel l've a question. (They are) becomes ( thər) or can l drop the schwa sound, (thr).

  14. Muneermj Muneer says:

    Interesting and useful
    Thanks a lot!!

    from Algeria

  15. Jose Ospino says:

    I always use cambrigde

  16. عبدالله says:

    Good morning. What I really want for me and my son

    pronunciation + All syllable Rules + English Spelling Rules + All alphabet in reading

    Could it help?

    So we can read advanced >> And learn to pronounce the accent of the British and American so as not to mix them

  17. عبدالله says:

    Good morning. What I really want for me and my son

    pronunciation + All syllable Rules + English Spelling Rules + All alphabet in reading

    Could it help?

    So we can read advanced >> And learn to pronounce the accent of the British and American so as not to mix them

  18. victornpb says:

    There's also this website called forvo dot com, it is user submitted pronunciations, not as good as youglish, because sometimes words can be pronounced differently mid sentence. But sometimes it can be useful to double check.

  19. André D' Soares says: is also so good, prof. He's helping me every single day with pronunciation. Thank you so much for whole videos.

  20. jelly liu says:

    thank you so much, rachel

  21. Marah Mraee says:

    Rachel ..i watched two videos for you..and you're gorgeous . and i wanna start learn american accent ….. but there's a lot of videos….It is too many….i don't know where to start…and i know my self ….even if i started from the first one….i'm not gonna complete all of theme …..I can watch maximum 100 but i know my ability I can't do more than that….i want your advice …and thank you 🙂 🙂

  22. sonogo1 says:

    Great tips.
    Thanks and keep the good job.

  23. kulik03 says:

    How do you pronounce the T in "settlement"? Is it a stop T or a flap T, it's hard to make out how natives say it.


    I like your learning style,I was always saying that, " you are always the best youtuber on YouTube "

  25. Said Al Nofli says:

    The best dictionary is the longman dictionary with both British and American pronunciations. Here is the link.

  26. Ghayda Ahmad says:

    Hi rachel i have a question do we use scary to describe feelings like ( i have a scary feelings ) i don't think it's right and there is a lot of other words to describe your terrified feelings with like ( terrifying) , so can you tell me what's right and what's wrong please? , thank you in advance.

  27. fire wood says:

    Thank you Rachel. You are the BEST!!!

  28. Mars Uranüs says:

    So happy for you so close to 2M! You deserved it! Congratulations 🎊🎈

  29. Alonso Figueroa says:

    See these videos and not comment … it's not having seen them !!!…. Rachel is summarized in ……: excellence …. always excellent……

  30. Ika Santamaria says:

    thanks for your kindness

  31. Julia Sasa says:

    Ma'am, could you please share more about how to pronounce a word after Ed sound. For example, i have watchED The movie. Thank you

  32. Safi says:

    Thank you maim for ur sincere contribution…u r my language mantor..

  33. William RAMANARINTSOA says:

    Thank you Rachel you have helped me to improve my English so fast.

  34. Choirul Huda says:

    Saya suka videomu. Saya ingin belajar lebih banyak tentang bahasa Inggris. Terimakasih


    You're great, Rachel

  36. SUDEEP GOSWAMI says:

    Thanks for video

  37. Milorad Mladenovic says:

    I'm curious , how do you pronounce the word spoons, is it a soft z or an s at the ending s in the word?

  38. Bruno Botelho says:

    You repeated that word so much it has lost its sense hahahah

  39. David González says:

    I remember you mentioned Youglish in a video years ago that I didn't check it out 'cause I forgot about it and never remembered it until now. So, thank you so much Rachel for helping us.

  40. Carlo Sara says:

    Thank you for your lessons!

  41. Tina ghecil says:

    Thank you, Richelle very helpful video

  42. Super Noah and dizzybaggy #lit says:


  43. Alonso Figueroa says:

    Rachel, happy mothers day .. !!!!👍👍👍👍😉

  44. Dina Kharamesh says:

    Hello ,your channel is so good and complete, i haven’t time and enough money for course your programs are gerate, i couldn’t practice English for many years this channel helped me to remember and learn more and i can correct my mistakes in pronunciation, god bless you, a Iranian girl from turkey 🌹🙏

  45. Kiet Truong says:

    Can you tell me what's the difference between "the new is more an addition to the old here" and "the new is another addition to the old here".
    I usually use 'another' for single countable noun. Why use 'more' in the above?

  46. K Sagar says:

    I don't speak English please help

  47. Nawar Nawar says:

    Hi Rachel, since English is not a phonetic language, it is almost impossible to speak it well unless we imitate native speakers and read tons of texts out loud.
    By the way I personally use Merriam-Webster dictionary, with which I'm so familiar

  48. rehab di says:

    Can we use the adverb "slowly" with verbs like "talk and speak"
    Thanks in advance.

  49. Suraj Prakash says:

    Thank you make my day wonderful ok do come online when you have time for me ok

  50. Mohsen Srihi says:

    The same happen for:
    The cotton curtain is not in the fountain.
    Interview/ internet/ international/ twenty/ Center.

  51. Adele tube says:

    Please give to me your number l call you back

  52. Adele tube says:

    And use nanbox this appaltion is very good for call

  53. Adele tube says:

    I am your student For two years

  54. Tailton Antônio says:

    That's an excellent way to see how a native speaker pronounces the words and phrases.

  55. Ferreira says:

    very good tip, thanks a lot.

  56. Kevin says:

    Try Wordreference. Its the best one by far.

  57. Abdalla ahmed Abdalla says:

    I think to a lot of new word and become fast understand english i like you

  58. musAKulture says:

    this is going to be so helpful for my students. thanks rachel

  59. Diego Tafur says:

    Amazing!!Thank you very much!!

  60. Suraj Prakash says:

    Good morning

  61. Sim Salabim says:


  62. Iris Chung HK says:

    U r awesome n thx so much, Rachel.

  63. Tx sarina xT says:

    Thank you I'm trying to improve my English because I don't read so fast and my English is not really good .

  64. AlyonaS says:

    Thank you!

  65. Ahmed Osman says:

    I always have troubles with pronounciation that I reached a point where I thought I will never speak fluently then I found this channel by coincidence and I started to feel there is a hope again. Thanks miss Rachel for the amazing channel because by far it is the most perfect channel for learning English language and I would definately recommend it to my friends

  66. Safi says:

    Maim ..if u can tell me about Cambridge dictionary or if u can share it's will be helpful

  67. Arturo Valerio Vera says:

    Amizing job, Rachel.
    I really appreciate your dedication! 👏🏼

  68. Achchuthan Arun says:

    Super thanks a lot

  69. Diego Gorzynski says:

    It's nice to see that over the course of many years studying English I ended up using all the resources you presented on my own, but too bad I didn't watch this video a few years ago, it would have saved me a lot of work.

  70. Jello Fel says:

    Totally agree with Rachel. English dictionaries, like Chinese dictionaries or Japanese dictionaries or any dictionaries, are written with native speakers in mind; native speakers only need to look up the phoneme in order to get an idea how to pronounce the word without being aware of all these hidden pronunciation rules such as the variations of the T sound. I speak Mandarin, Shanghainese, English, Japanese and Korean, so I think I'd show you guys some examples. If you look up the word 佛, which means Buddha in Chinese Japanese and Korean, the Mandarin pronunciation shown in the dictionaries is , but there's a hidden w sound between f and ó , so it's actually pronounced as fwó . As for the Japanese pronunciation, it looks like this when romanized: butsu . Here's the tricky part, the vowel u is always dropped after the consonant s in Tokyo accent aka the standard accent. Let's show Korean some love as well. The pronunciation of 佛 in Korean can be romanized as bul . It doesn't sound like the English word bull , instead you might find it sounds like the word pour , because the b sound is actually an aspirated p in initial position (and the following vowel has a lower tone than the vowel after a true p sound, which is another hidden rule dictionaries never tell you). As you can see, dictionaries don't cater to non-native speakers. Always refer to websites like to have a better understanding of the language you're learning.

  71. Raymond Huang says:

    This is a great great tool! Thank you so much Rachel ! In case you didn’t realize it, you are helping so many people around the world every day and we are so grateful for your hard work. You are amazing!

  72. says:

    Great tips, Rachel, thanks.

  73. Daisy Tian says:

    This is very helpful, thank you!

  74. shaimaa mohamed says:

    You are Amazing Thank you so much

  75. Jeferson Valles says:

    I've been following you for 6 years already. You're the best.

  76. zahra mahdieh says:

    Last week, I had a lecture and this source was very helpful for me. I was able to find the pronunciation of many jargons that I couldn't find elsewhere! I'll keep using it! Thank you, Rachel!

  77. TheFrenchDude says:

    Hey Rachel – on the down, left corner of the player you have a way to change the speed of the player directly.

  78. Jason Yip says:

    thanks, is so great to me.

  79. Suraj Prakash says:

    Good morning mam

  80. Stephanie W. says:

    You have great pronunciation vids, but in this one, why didn't you include the learners' dictionaries online? My favorite is, but Oxford and MacMillian are available too. They include both American and Brit recordings plus a lot more, such as word frequency.

  81. Letus Talk says:

    Awesome as usual! Regards

  82. Hamadi A. Sheikh says: is most definitely the best and biggest when it comes to English native pronunciations, with hundreds of thousands of clips uploaded by volunteer native speakers.

  83. Personal Varios says:

    Awesome resource Rachel! Thanks!!!

  84. Thi Pham Duong says:

    Always liking videos from Rachel's English!

  85. Maria lucia Ramos da silva says:

    Eu estou lendo inglês no YouTube eu amor meu celular e a intenete porque eu aprendo muito mais do que eu possa fazer eu amo legal obrigado yahoo YouTube e as feras que trabalha com seguros em informática e a intenete obrigado a todos os seus amigos yahoo YouTube

  86. Vincent Ronsse says:

    Your class is the very best I've found! Congratulations for your work!

  87. Freeae says: hast IPA pronunciation again! yay!

  88. Suraj Prakash says:

    Good morning have a nice day wonderful day today ok

  89. Suraj Prakash says:

    Could you please give me your what's up no to me.

  90. Suraj Prakash says:

    Hi good morning can come online it give me your what's up no to me

  91. eel lee says:

    very helpful. especially for someone who is turning to advance level from beginning level..that we've just started to use a full English dictionary.

  92. Karl Lober says:

    As you can tell by watching this video Rachel is the best teacher of English that you will find..

  93. lemon lemonov says:

    Hi Rachel! You said that all the dictionaries showed "true t" but this symbol "t̬" in Cambridge dictionary is a flapped T, though it's wrong anyway… Thanks for the video!

  94. Марина Бровкина says:

    Thanks a lot, Rachel!

  95. Furious Cartman says:

    You're the best!☺️

  96. Ignacio Rosas says:

    Dear Rachel, excellent class today ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Youglish is amazing ¡¡¡¡¡¡
    Thanks for contributing to our English progress.

  97. Jose Montoya says:

    Hi, Your channel is amazing you have won a new subscriber. Thank you and God bless you.

  98. Rodolfo Diaz Perez says:

    Thanks Rachel for the information and your lessons. Greetings from Colombia in South America.

  99. Английский по фильмам says:

    thanks so much, Rachel. YouGlish is a very cool thing. thanks for telling me about this

  100. Marlon Davidson says:

    It's simple ..some americans drop a lot of sounds so it's hard to know the true pronunciation eg for "totally" u hear a "d" sound instead of the two "ll" s..

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