How to Order Your Airbnb Listing Photos! (behind the scenes)

hello everyone this is Richard founder
of short-term rentals and Airbnb super host in the first segment
we went and we actually drove up to Windham New York and we took a bunch of
photos and this second segment here I’m actually going to go on Airbnb and list
it and walk you through sort of the methodology what’s on my mind how I’m
going to sequence the photos so I’m going to touch up some of the photos and
hopefully some of these tips that I’m doing in real time will help you not
only improve your listing because we constantly want to go back and refresh
and improve but also if you get a second or third listing some of these ideas
might help so without further ado I’m going to get started right now I’m
listing the entire place it’s eat it sleeps a total of 15 and it’s in Windham
New York so here I can upload photos and I’ve already gone through and selected
about 50 which is too many but I’m going to go ahead and upload them now and then
I’m going to sort them and get rid of them so for the interest of this video
I’m going to go ahead and just upload what I have so while we’re waiting for
the photos to upload I thought what I would share with you is a really quick
and simple color correction and things that really will enhance your images
without making them seem fake but in this particular case I have a photo that
I took from my drone and the photo doesn’t quite look as properly exposed
and the colors are a little bit off so click on this little suitcase in the
upper right hand corner that says show the mark-up tool and it’s ever so subtle
but you’ll see it change colors to blue and then here’s the toolbar that we’re
actually going to use and this little prism over here that looks like a
pyramid says adjust color so if you click on that you’ll get this adjust
color over here there’s really three that I think are going to work best in
most instances and again this is really quick and easy but if you change on the
slider here the exposure you’ll see how much brighter
it’ll get and you want to do it to look natural again we’re not trying to
mislead anybody but we’re trying to make it look good to the natural eye the way
you would see it and I just thought that this photo which i think is a really
nice photo from the drone was little too dark and so I’m just going to
brighten it up a little bit to there the other thing that you can play with is
saturation and I think that this color is a little oversaturated so you can go
to the left and you see it gets really cool all the way to blue and then black
or all the way to the right and it will start to turn you know red and green and
so on so just find a place that makes it look the way you think it actually looks
and I think it’s somewhere about right there at this time of the season and
then also the temperature you can change the temperature and you can see all the
way to the right versus all the way to the left and again just find a place
that you think sort of looks best to your natural eye and I think it’s
somewhere right around there and then once you do that it’s saved you don’t
have to save anything but what you can do if you want it as a JPEG is you can
export it and then you can select that you want it not as a PNG but as a JPEG
and just name it whatever you’d like and it’ll save it as well too in this
particular case I’m saving it to my download folder and then I’ll import
this into airbnb so in the interest of full disclosure I am NOT an expert
Photoshop or photo editor or anything like that and that’s probably you know a
very simple approach but that’s all you really need to do because it’ll take a
very dark image that has no appeal and actually make it look really good so I
definitely recommend you do that now I’ve uploaded all the different photos
and it says show travelers what your space will look like and you can see at
the top here the cover photo that they’ve selected is you know just awful
so you want to definitely go through these now delete the ones that you don’t
need or you think are duplicate ‘iv and then go ahead and drag and drop and you
can change the order the other thing that’s really important is add a caption
here and you want to describe again what it is that they’re looking at but try
and set the scene so instead of just saying you know dining room table say
enjoy a feast after a hard hike or whatever it is with your family and
friends right and so like people say wow this is great is exactly what I’m
looking for so I’m going to go ahead and do all of
that right now and I’ve actually seen a tip
from somebody that I thought was really helpful in the caption if you have
listings obviously I don’t this is a brand new place but if you have
five-star reviews from guests that have stayed at your place you can go ahead
and put those here so instead of just saying something like this is the
kitchen if somebody comments about a fabulous meal that they made in your
kitchen and it was wonderful go ahead and attribute it to them and say you
know quote my family had unbelievable Thanksgiving feast we prepared it here
this is a great kitchen thanks so very much for your hospitality end quote
Chris right and again now that builds trust so use that the example I’m going
to give here on this yoga photo I’ve taken it intentionally the light is
shining through the the windows and so while it may not show the room as well
it shows all sorts of brightness and it shows a yoga mats laid out and here I’m
going to paint the picture by saying imagine morning yoga as the Sun rises or
imagine evening yoga as the Sun sets I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to say
but the point is instead of just saying here’s a gym or here’s an open space
where you can lay some mats down I’m going to paint the picture you and your
friends have a private yoga retreat after a hard day hiking or whatever so
let me figure out exactly what it is that I’m going to say but that’s the
point of the caption okay so now the cover photo I think is critical because
that’s the one that everybody’s going to look at and I’m just going to show you a
couple that I think could work just so that you can see the logic
so obviously the exterior of the house is an obvious one here they have their
own little adjust brightness tools so let’s just play with that for a second
and you can see that it you know adjusts it and then also the contrast and the
way that I see the contrast here is in the sky and then also in the shingles
themselves the roof and so on but I don’t think this is the best photo so
let’s get out of there I think that this is a nice potential photo
somebody’s coming out there to be in the wilderness and in the mountains this is
a nice beautiful shot the challenge I have as I mentioned in part one is that
this is a ski-in ski-out house and so the reason we built it where we did
build it is so that we could ski and it has unbelievable location and appeal for
the winter months during ski season we’re also going to be hosting guests
during the offseason like the summer and so the challenge that I’m going to have
is making a listing that has appeal both in the summer and in the winter without
changing the entire listing although I will be going in and changing the
headline and even the cover photo once there’s some snow on the ground
I’ll come back and take more aerial shots and more photos and you should do
the same to the extent that you have seasonality
of course people can book far in advance so somebody could be looking at it in
July and looking for ski season in December but that’s just a challenge
that I will have so I think that that was an interesting potential shot this
drone shot I think is an interesting cover shot they’re probably not used to
seeing too many drone shots so it might stand out right so from like an SEO
perspective when Airbnb puts up the whole tile page of all these thumbnails
this aerial shot even though may not be the best shot of my house might get
people’s interest to get them to click and that’s really what we’re trying to
do so that might be an interesting approach and then I thought that there
might be a shot of the interior of the house that often people will use is sort
of like that best living room shot and that might be this to just sort of show
how wide open house patients who and all of the different glass and so on
so I’m going to look at all these a little bit more carefully and pick one
okay so I’ve selected my cover shot and I’m going to put it up here right now
and the reason I’ve done this is to highlight sort of the wilderness and the
natural beauty in the summer season which is when I’m trying to rent it
it’s a big deck it’s got a grill it’s got unbelievable views
okay so I’ve gone through and I now have all the captions in place and everything
ordered one thing I just want to note on the upper right hand corner here it says
it was saved five minutes ago but there’s also a button it says save and
exit so as you go along you may want to save your work so you don’t lose
anything so let’s just take a look at the few shot that I want to point out
the cover photo here I wrote private deck and grill to enjoy magnificent
unobstructed views with family and friends a perfect way to start and end a
day of hiking or skiing see again I’m setting the sort of the fact that it’s
not only private and magnificent but you’re there with your family and your
friends and it’s a great way to start the day or end the day and to sort of
straddle both seasons I’m saying hiking or skiing the other one that I want to
point out to you is this one which is the artistic shot of just the coffee mug
what I’ve written so far is imagine waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee
and your favorite magazine as the Sun rises whoops
as the Sun rises over your private deck I mean you’re going on vacation you’re
going away for the weekend paint the picture imagine doing this the
other one that I’d like to show you is the yoga enjoy yoga with your family and
friends in the sun-filled Oh ASA it just seems really inviting oh there’s one
more that I want to just point out in this particular actually there’s two
more there’s two more that I’d like to point out one here is the kids slumber
party dream bedroom two bunk beds four twin beds and to pull out trundle beds
which sleep six total and what I’ve done on the next photo here is say this is
the first bed in the slumber party dream bedroom so I like just named this thing
the slumber party dream bedroom I don’t know sounds pretty good to me if I was a
family and I was trying to visit a place and my kids would love to have a slumber
party dream bedroom and so I said bunk bed number one in the slumber party
dream bedroom plus you have your kids bed
friends sleep over in the trundle bed I mean that’s just amazing if you’re
selling this to your kids and you say you can have a friend come and stay also
that’s great the second thing I wrote here was a
second massive entertainment living room with seating for 24 everyone to watch
movies or sporting events and surround sound it doesn’t get any better so just
think about what you’re showing them and why they would use it how they would use
it and paint that picture because although the pictures worth a million
words they don’t know what they’re looking at they’ve never seen this
before right they may not even speak English particularly well so the image
may not be very clear but when you describe to them how they might use it
ah now I know what I’m looking at and then when I laid out the order there’s
those visual details that I talked about so in the corner you’ll see the throw or
the same color couch and then in the next image you’ll see that same couch in
the very corner and then you lead you up the stairs and so just think of this as
a story and I’ve put transition shots of exterior shots or others between sort of
these scenes or the acts if you will and I know there’s been a long video I hope
you enjoyed it I hope you’ve learned from it and I hope it’s been helpful so
if it has please go ahead and like the video leave any comments or feedback or
suggestions that you may have this is about a community and we’re all learning
from one another so I’m really appreciative and I hope that you’ll go
ahead and subscribe to the channel we’ve got great content coming out three days
a week now and I really appreciate your time your interest

Daniel Ostrander

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