How to Monitor Changes in Active Directory Group Policies

How to Monitor Changes in Active Directory Group Policies

Group policies is one of those features
in an active directory domain that’s fantastic for making sure all your
systems behave the same. But, when things change, we want to make sure that we’re
aware. So in this video, I’m going to show you how to set up a group policy
check in SolarWinds SEM. One of the prerequisites for this is that you
actually have the Microsoft group policy management console installed on your
server, which provides the PowerShell module. If we start at your home screen
go to Server Configuration and Server Configuration Summary. Then, click on
Server Configuration Monitor Settings. Let’s go ahead and create a new profile,
so click “Add.” Give it a name. Optionally, give it a description, and then we need to add a PowerShell element. We give it a name and then put
in the PowerShell script. We select how frequently we want this to execute and how long we want to timeout. Add that and add it to the profile. Once the profile is built, the last thing we
need to do is assign it to some nodes. Because this is a PowerShell,
it does require the agent, so you can easily filter and then deploy. And that’s all it takes for monitoring group policy changes using SolarWinds Server Configuration Monitor. For more information, visit

Daniel Ostrander

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