How to Install WordPress on a Subdomain Using Cpanel

how to install WordPress on sub-domain CPanel hello and welcome in this video tutorial session I’m going
to quickly show you how you can install
WordPress content management system inside your subdomain simply head out to WordPress dot org and download latest package of WordPress then we log into our Cpanel then we simply create a sub domain if you’ve
done this bear with me because I’m quickly going to
take you step-by-step showing you how to do everything properly right so when you create
the subdomain although it’s a different URL inside the address bar it still resides inside your
public underscore html folder of your hosting
account right so let’s create a sub-domain now that we’ve created our sub-domain what we need
to do is do couple of things first we need to
create MySQL database so that at our WordPress can use it right so myDatabase surely you can name it to whatever you want to name it simply create that MySQL database once we do we also need to create a user who will used that database so my username my username password simply make your password strong then we create the user now what we’ve done is we’ve created our MySQL
database and also a user for it but we need to tie the user to the database therefore in your C panel simply add user to database so we’re adding the user we’ve created given it permission to use the database right sp simply add user to the database and select all privileges you can read more about user permissions for for your MySQL databases so simply we made changes so what happened now
we’ve got a database user name that’s going to use that
database now the downloaded WordPress package will be zipped therefore we need to unzip it and this is inside our local computer right so we downloaded this what we need to do is open it we need to upload all these files inside our sub-domain you can do that by going into files file manager and as we can see now that sub-domain is actually a folder
within our public underscore html folder right so what we need to do to is upload all
those word press installation packages inside this
folder itself so you can do that manually through your cpanel but that’s going
to take a lot of time therefore I strongly encourage you to use a file transfer program I’m using FileZilla so you can do so use this program as well so what we’ll
do is we’ll log into our hosting account main hosting account now that we are logged in we simply press on
this icon which is forward slash then we locate an our public underscore HTML
folder and inside that as you can see we have our subdomain folder where WordPress installation will reside so let’s locate the locally unzipped version of our WordPress what we need to do is we need to
upload all these files inside this folder so you can either control+A to select all the
folders and then simply place them inside your subdomain folder on your hosting account let me upload
all those files now now that we have all our files inside our sub domain let’s go into our cpanel and simply refresh public HTML and let’s go inside our WordPress installation package within our subdomain folder that we’ve created so now what we need to do is first let’s change this file name as we can see its got sample let’s change
that to not have the sample portion so let’s rename that to let’s rename it as such let’s press on and include details for database name right so our database name was this so simply you replace this text here to have your database name and username simply change this here to have your own user name
for that database and we simply need to change the password as well now we’ve
done this this is all you need to do but let’s
also take it a step further to make it little bit more secure simply copy this URL here copy it place it inside your address bar and hit enter and when you do WordPress is going to give you this script
encryption key simply copy that and then replace all these text here simply delete and then control paste now that we’ve done this I’d like to give you one more quick tip as in default package of wordpress content
management system gives you this table prefix so I strongly encourage you to change that
to something different so it’s not the default right why is
it important because other people create hacking scripts to penetrate your
WordPress installation because WordPress is very famous for for many many website owners therefore a lot of people leave it at default therefore hackers you know kno that and they take advantage of that therefore making this simple change you’re changing your table prefix will only be better for you so therefore once
we’ve included all the details within that WordPress config file we hit save changes now that we’ve saved the changes if we place our sub domain inside the address bar and visit and there we have it site name your site name username okay this little bit tricky now we’ve created MySQL database and the user name okay that’s to do with your hosting account that’s to do with your cpanel so on right but here you can now create additional user and that’s what I would
strongly suggest that you do create a user for your wordpress
installation so that’s different your cpanel and hosting account database user name right myusername password surely you create a strong password right email and then Press install bob’s our uncle we’ve simply installed wordPress inside our subdomain we can now login put our username login and voala there you go its that simple I thank you very much for your visit if you own a wordpress site I have many useful video tutorials that shows you how to do many many things like achieve first position ranking in Google so if you’re managing a WordPress site I
strongly encourage you to subscribe because I will keep adding more useful videos for website owners like yourself
thank you very much for your visit this video tutorial session has been about how to install WordPress on sub-domain in CPanel thank you bye bye

Daniel Ostrander

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